Please, tell me a little about your band. What you (the band) concern this time?

Satanic Slaughter were formed in 1985 by me inspired by bands like Venom, Bathory, Kreator and Destruction. In Dec '89 I put the band to rest. In 1994, Necropolis Records approached me and asked me if I would be interested in re-releasing some of the old demos, or live recordings. However, I felt that these recordings did not sound good enough to release. So in July 1995, I gathered some old and new members and together we entered studio Unisound to record our debut album after 10 years. We have now released 3 studio album, Satanic slaughter(st), Land of the unholy souls and Afterlife kingdom.SATANIC SLAUGHTER

You have been quite a long time around, why are there only 3 cds out, where one is a collection of old material?...

The record labels in the 80ties was not ready for our type of music. Some smaller labels contacted us but WE didnít took the offers seriously. Nothing happened to the band for a while so SS were put on ice between 90-94. In 1994 Paul Thind of NECROPOLIS approach me and asked me if I was interested to release some old SS material.

What is your opinion on your former label Necropolis? Were you disappointed with their work?

We decided to leave Necropolis because they only did promotion for Witchery. They didn't care about their other bands. When Paul Thind of NECROPOLIS approach me 19994 I was playing in a band called MORGUE at that time and we had no record deal. I wanted to record an album. It was a great opportunity to release an album. The re- union of SS motivated me a lot at first time. NECROPOLIS was totally into SS. They supported us totally until JENSEN and the other guys( now Witchery) "left" the band. At first time it seems to be an honest label. Caring about their bands. But in the end itís always business and money. We all know that big labels are in it for money. Necropolis appears to be true metal fans and they promised a lot of things to the bands. I think that isnít honest. It was meant that we should record old songs but JENSEN tried to wrote song sounding old because he didnít like SS old songs. After a while the other members took over more and more of the song writing. They create music I didnít like(WITCHERY).

What's your plans for the future?

After this summer we will enter a studio and record a new album. Hopefully we will do a European tour as well.

I heard you had many problems with ex-members (more then 20 ex guitarists), is it hard to work with you together, as youíre such an individual, or were they just bad musicians?

Were there any famous guys under them (one is now in WITCHERY to my knowledge)? No one has ever been kicked out of the band because of their skills or that they are bad musicians. There has always been a lack of interest from former members. In the early days It was hard to find members to SS who wanted to play our style of music. The Witchery guys (4 of 5) quit the band because of music differences... I don't think it's hard to work with me.

What do you know about Russia? (What do you think about Russia?) Don't you know some Russian metal bands?

When I'm listen to music I donít care wish country the bands are from. Is it good, itís good. That is the reason I donít know much about the Russian scene.

What music do you prefer to listen?

METAL, all kinds of metal. Death, black speed, grind. power, heavy metal, If I like it, I like it. I donít care wish category it is.

What do you think about pirates (CD-pirates)? Here is your pirate CDs in Russia.

Itís not good for small labels. They struggle to survive with a small budget. The smaller labels finding the new bands and they sign bands they believe in. Big labels will always survive they selling millions of albums anyway. If the small labels disappear the scene will die.

What do you think about church & politicy ?

I hate Christianity actually I hate religion. I donít like when people are slaves under a religion. I think people shall think on there own. Politics suck I think all politicians only are in it for money. They telling lies and promise thinks only to get out something in there own advantage.

Why you have chosen such name for the band?

I read an article in Kerrang about SLAYER away back in '85. It stood SLATANIC SLAUGHTER and I put away the L. I was thinking "cool name on a band".

Had you some problems with the censorship(connected with your name)?SATANIC SLAUGHTER

Only when we played in our home town Linkoping. Some politicians tried to stop the concert. Many people had seen the concert poster with the name SATANIC SLAUGHTER and called the authorities. We are now banned to play in Linkoping. We have the mighty NIFELHEIM as guest on stage when we played KREATORS "Flag of hate". They were eating a raw pigheart on stage. It was some fucking punkvegetarians at the gig(I donít know why). They went crazy and stopped us to play in the future in Linkoping.

Tell me, please, about your lyrics. Which themes you touch in your texts?

I'm writing about dreams, horror, my own experience in my life and of course anti Christian lyrics. Some of the lyrics is written by former members and are very satanic. I'm not a Satanist in the way that Iím dealing with rituals and stuff. Of course am I total anti Christian but as I sad before, I donít like when people are slaves under a religion or a God. People shall be open minded and think on there own. For me is Satanism individual Itís a philosophy, a life style.

Playing in the group - Is it only hobby for you? You should like to earn for the life only by music?

Itís a hobby at the moment but I want to live on music.

How long do you play on guitar?

For about 17 years but I'm not very good. Iím not practice so often on solos and technical stuff. I just writing song.

What has forced (in first time) you to take it (guitar) in hands?

Since I was a little kid I have always been interested in music and have always wanted to start art a band. When I discovered VENOM, BATHORY and DESTRUCION I decided to start a band around 1985.

Donít you think extreme Metal is dead? What are you favorites at the moment and what are your all-times faves?

No I donít think itís dead. I have seen so many quit, selling their records, cut their hair off. Itís always younger people taking over. The scene will never die. Old KREATOR is my all time fave. Right now Iím listening a lot at the new Thy primordial.

Tell me, please, about your next album. Have you alresdy composed some songs for it? Will it differ from your previous works?

Next release will be in the vein of the AFTERLIFE KINGDOM album. We have about 4 new songs and tons of riffs wish need to be arranged. We hope to release a new record in early 2001. It will be on a different label, we are in contact with some labels which are interested.

How would you define finally your music?


... and what is for you Black metal?

Anti Christian and hateful lyrics with brutal and raw metal music. An image for some bands a life style for others. Itís personal.

Do you prefer the work in studio or to play on stage?

Play live. Thatís one of the reasons I play in a band.

What are the things that inspire you the most in writing the songs?

Listen to music and watch horror movies. Take a long walk through the forest, in the middle of the night.

Have you ever used corpspainting on your live shows?

Yes, in the 80ties not now.

Why now you refuse to use corpspainting? A lot of black-metal bands say that it's very important and obligatory part of image...

It's important for some bands to get the right feeling when they play live. I don't think it's obligatory, it's personal. The most imported thing is the music. We donít refuse to were paint It doesnít fit the band anymore.

Could you imagine to cut your hairs for a girl? :)

No fucking wayÖIím loosing it anyway

Ok, the last question: what is your opinion on small shitty zines which try to interview you ;-))?

They are great, without them the scene will die.