Czechia shows the first-class job. Their third album is something… Something very good, with doomy atmosphere and melodies. I am sure that you will dig in instrumental themes either. Yes, Themes - is the name of this work. If everyone is ready let's dive to the stream.

Maybe you will find some interesting words about your band…

Radek: I'm afraid the only thing that's interesting on our band is our music, heh. Instead of my crazy thoughts I would really appreciate if every fan of emotional music could listen to our new album "Themes". You won't get left, be sure!

You have played with so many famous bands from all over the world… Do you consider yourselves one of the leading metal bands in your country? What does it mean for you?

Radek: Hard to say if I consider ourselves as one of the best ones being so modest I use to be… But, well, being un-modest a bit, I could say "ye, we are on the top". What it means for us? Really big support as well as obligation. Everybody expect our new album has to be masterpiece… But no matter, we go on our own way and all the time do music as we feel it, it's OK.

And all those bands you mentioned and hailed in the CD's booklet are the friends of yours? You are like brothers (metal brothers)? They are all great guys or maybe there are some badboys among metalstars?

Radek: All of them are friends of ours. We've played with THE GATHERING already 3 times, so we know each other well, even if I'm in contact with Hans Rutten for a long time… ORPHANAGE, my beloved band! I really love them and was very lucky when we played with them last year at some big summer open-air. I boozed a bit with their singer George and I'm in contact with him from that time as well… DARKSIDE, well, what to say about them? We've played so many gigs together that we became real friends. Even Peter, their singer, appears as a guest at our new album "Themes" and Wolf (keys) helped us with lyrics… Thinking about "metalstars" I've met, I can't say about anybody I would like to kick his ass. Unfortunately just this is not the case of many quite unimportant and uninteresting Czech bands that envy and sling mud at us…

About your latest release. I think that Themes album is faster and more… cheerful (not at all, but there is a couple of cheerful melodies). Your previous works were not too depressive either, but there were no so major tunes. How would you comment the changes?

Radek: I think you're quite right… The new album is more mature, sophisticated, integrated… Simply said we're two years older and it has to show on our new album as well, hasn't it?

Looking back, what is your best album? I understand that every has its positive sides…

Radek: Have you ever met any musician who would tell you it's not the new album what's the best?! Of course I like the most the new album "Themes" as I put a part of myself into it. This album is now substantial part of my life and my feelings and emotion - my "themes" - are part of this record…Be sure it happened with the previous albums as well, but it's far away and "Themes" is here right now! Of course I like also some tracks from our previous albums "Iron" and "Behind The Shadows"…

With what thing can you compare your music? (For example death metal is like a couple of big nails in the head…)

Radek: Hey man, I really don't know. Freely flowing emotions, pagan wildness jointed with melancholy? Maybe SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY?

Zuzana: I don't like "labeling", S.S.O.G.E. are simply S.S.O.G.E., do you understand?

By the way, can you classify modern metal styles? (They created neo-sympho-progressive etc. One can easily lost himself in all those trends)

Radek: I don't think of them as of trends. All music genres, even metal styles, are mixing at present 'cause if you want to be authentic, original, especial, you have to look for anything that wasn't here before…So metal joins up symphonic music, jazz, rock'n'roll, ambient, folk elements, whatever that could be used… And that's why it's very hard to classify anything like that except the simple term "music"(but I like it).

You are two brothers in the band I think, Michal and Radek… It makes things easier?

Radek: Ye, partly it does. Especially in communication matters. On the contrary it's sometimes harder, for example when he fights with others, to choose "the right side" for me, you know…

Zuzana: Michal and Radek are brothers, that's true, but all of us know each other very well for these years we use to play together, so we act like a family, at least I feel it.

Besides, there is a very nice girl with a fantastic voice… Is she married or men of your band are fighting for her heart from the beginning?

Radek: Neither of these possibilities. Hey, are you interested in her? To tell the truth Zuzana and Petr walked together for about 4 years, but it's over, and, though it's impolite a bit, I'm glad of it. It brought several problems and the rest of the band wasn't interested in it… So, back to your question, Zuzana is single at the time being, I'm the only one who is married in our band.

Zuzana: Maybe I delight you - I'm not married - I think there's nothing to be in a hurry for… I was in love with Petr, but nothing last forever, you know. Sometimes it's a pity, but life goes on…

I know that Czech beer is really delicious! All the guys must enjoy it and does Zuzana drink beer?

Radek: Oh, you should know that nobody without positive relation to psychotropic stuff and alcohol can play at SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY. Hehe, I'm just kidding… But all of us like beer, that's true.

Zuzana: Czech beer is really good and nothing else can quench thirst in hot days as just our beer. Ye, I drink it - just from time to time - I think it's OK…

Probably you wouldn't withstand it too. 5.000 copies of Behind The Shadows was sold… It's a pretty big number, but not enough for normal life. So, can I make a conclusion that you all have a day job?

Radek: Ye, we have never seen even a crown from our CDs for the present (but I'm sure soon we will), so we had to take a job. After finishing universities (economy and informatics) I took a job at our label Redblack. It's quite fine and I'm very satisfied. Zuzka was studying, but now she works in some geodetic company. My brother Michal is a bricklayer, Petr is welder, Kiril gives lessons of string instruments at art-school and our new member, violinist Pavla Lukasova, studies at secondary school specialized for tourism.

In general, does the day job influence the music, to your mind?

Radek: Ye, you may be so tired that have no want of composing the music. As for me, all the day I'm sitting in front of my computer or something like that, so it's very delightful to caress with my guitar in evening…

Zuzana: Not only your job… In generally, when you are cheerful, it could be felt in your music as well. But how you want to make merry when your heart is just bleeding by grief?

If you'll get the chance to talk to all people of the world what you'll say?

Radek: Make love and children. Enjoy pleasures and face to sufferings. Life and freedom of yours and of your beloveds is the richest what exists in this (mostly cheerless) world…

Zuzana: Make smile on your face. Life is too short and you never know if tomorrow will come… So enjoy the life!!!

Don't you think that doom metal is not on peak now? There are not so much bands… Why is it so?

Radek: Everything has its own "life-cycle", doesn't matter if it concerns music styles or any products… Doom metal (in its beginning form) exhausted itself the same as death metal did before. So bands, which just sponged upon it left it and those who make music from their hearts, stay. It's quite simple. Besides, doom metal joins up other styles, so it becomes something else that in the beginning. So there're few bands you can say about they play "orthodox" doom metal, but a lot of "neo-doom" ones. Anyway, I think the only thing is necessary - to do music truly and to be original. So we go on our own way of doing music not looking on what's "trendy" or anything like that and maybe therefore they say and write we're "kings of Czech doom metal" though relatively young band we are… Being "original" is really the only thing to become (and stay) successful, of course, it's just my opinion…

You know (or not) that MANOWAR recorded Kings Of Metal album, in response TANKARD released Kings Of Beer. What kind of kings you want to be?

Radek: Certainly king of ourselves, of our life. It's the best possibility what I would take…To be master of my time and of my possibilities.

Final message for your Belarussian and Russian fans, please…

Zuzana: We hope to see you on some our gig! Come and perhaps taste our beer, it's up to you…

Radek: Well, what to add… Greetings to all Legion-online readers! Hey, I hope you'll enter the world of our "themes" soon and enjoy it! See ya! Greetings from SILENT STREAM OF GODLES ELEGY! "Dive to the Stream, Listen to the Elegy!"