Could you present the band to our readers ?

We are The Project Hate MXCMXCIX and we're here to deliver you to evil. Is there a better introduction around, be sure to let me know, hahaha!

Is there a concept behind The Project Hate ?

I think there is. We are all about sheer hate towards Christ and all that is holy. That is our concept. Plain and simple.

I'd say that your music is the perfect middle between Entombed and Samael... Do you agree?

That's not a too far off a description, though I don't think that we've got that much of Entombed in us as they're doing a completely different thing, but with Jorgen playing with me, I think there must be some of Entombed in us, hahaha! I can definitely agree with some of the shit Samael does, though I had never actually heard Samael when i started this band. I've heard them now and I think we've got some similar elements here and there. They're quite good shit I must say, but still i consider us doing something very different from them. We are more Satan. i believe us to have elements from millions of shit which in the end makes our sound somewhat our own without the possibility to actally pinpoint where the fuck we got our sound from. We are a blend of many things, Samael and Entombed might just be two of those things, yes.

Are you satisfied with Massacre Records' job towards TPH ?

Hahaha, what a fucken joke. Massacre are fucken wankers. they don't respond to our e-mails. They don't get the album to the stores promised. They won't even let uss off the label though they won't promote the album for some reason. They are utter unproffesionals and it pisses me off big time. We hope they'll drop us soon coz they suck penis the size Mount Everest. We wish for things to change with them, but appearantly they have no interest in pushing for what we do. Massacre Records are a big FUCKING joke! I don't care if people won't buy the album (if they can find it in the first place), that just means no cash to those fucking losers. Wankers. Jerkoffs. Dickweeds. Cheesecunts. Go on, fill in the blanks with your own words in the same genre as the ones I just mentioned, I promise they will all fit in.

Why can't we see you more often on tour ?

Because we are on Massacre records. That's why. Ask them fucken bastards. They won't even do shirts. A tour?! Oh man, in your dreams as long as we are stuck to these fucken arses. Hopefully they'll read this (send them a copy) and realize SOMETHING. Don't they fucken understand NOTHING?

Your lyrics are really well written, which are your inspirations ?

Thanx alot man, that warmths our hearts. We just draw inspiration from how we feel about the things we write about. The concept is quite clear, is it not. You can write these kind of lyrics in quite a few ways I think. Either you do the straightforward Deicide thing, which is brilliant in it's own way, or you can do like we do. Not spell it out to people with capital letters but let people see your standingpoint using a different way. We're very chuffed with the way our lyrics work out, me and Jorgen work very well together I reckon.

The record is out for a little while now, do you have some new material ? Could you give me some news about it if so?

Oh man, we've got the whole second album ready as i do this, but still i continue to write material for it to make sure it will fucken kill when it gets out. We have the albumtitle ready and the songtitles are done as well. These titles slaughter!!! It might sound ridicolous, but we dont want to start getting this shit out just yet. I promise you that the album title is so fat you will cry! The album will be like an hour long, it's definitely the same style as on the "Cybersonic" album, so if you like that'll fucken ADORE our follow-up. It's going to be HUGE!

How do you see the actual metal scene in Sweden?

I believe us to be the best in the world actually considering the quantity of people living here and the ammount of awesome bands coming from Sweden. I adore bands like 2 Ton Predator, In Flames, Hellchamber, Entombed, Grave, Dismember, At the Gates, Lobotomy, Necrophobic, Opeth, Nasum, Genocide SS and blablablablablablaa, it could go on forever. Sweden fucken rule. Wouldn't you agree?

Just about your guitar and bass stuffs, how do you tune your instruments?

I tune my guitars and basses in B. The axact same tuning that Grave used back in the days. I wouldn't mind giong further down though, hahaha!!!

Which was the thing that gave you the will to play music ?

I've acually thought about this without actually coming up with a decent answer...I just think it's pure luck that I'm able to play and I'm even luckier to be able to play with Jorgen and Mia. I remember i started hitting the drums like in fourth grade or something and found out it was fun, one day it just was there if you know what i mean? Thank god i didn't turn out a soccerplayer or soething silly like that, imagine running around and shit all the time... I would be fucken dead by now. It was meant for me and The Project Hate to play music and I think music was meant to be played bu us for the best result, hahaha!

What do you dislike and like the most in Sweden?

The fucken winters are boring I must say, but the one thing that gets to me the most is the damn prices for alcohol. It's silly actually how expensive we are. Also the traintickets cost a fucken fortune. it's basically too fucken expensive to live in Sweden. That's what gets to me. Things I like though must be that though the alcohol is expensive, it tastes real neat.

Here is the end !! Free Speech:

Thanx fucken millions for the interview. Sorry it took a while to return it but I told you I don't have regular access to a computer.. Thanx alot anyways man, it's highly appreciated. Wait for the second album and listen to our debut in the meantime, ok? Anyone wanna write us? Use Also, don't forget to check out the site at for the lates news and shit. And last off: Could someone pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease kill the people at Massacre?