You’ve just released your first album…Can you tell us more about it?

Yeah, that’s it, the CD has finally been released ! And I’m quite happy with the result. The voice sounds really good, as deep as possible, which is not always easy to mix. The result is a panel of varied and catchy songs, from gothic to melodic death, the whole being very symphonic, with abyssal atmopheres.

I’ve heard that the recording wasn’t that easy…Where did you do that? In what conditions?

I’d prefer not to coma back on that. But the problem was especially the timing, because we were not leaving close to each other. We had to see that with the working hours and the studio hours, all the more that it was quite difficult to access it in the woods. But that’s OK, concerning the sound, the result is very correct, and the most important thing is that we’ve had fun doing it !

And James Murphy mastered the album…how did you get in touch? How was that with him?

Mika from Season Of Mist knew him well. James had already made several masterings for him. We had the occasion, and he worked seriously on it. And you can hear it, I’m really satisfied with what he did ! You know, the mastering is more important than you could think for an album. That’s what gives power and opulence. You can have a great sound, but if the master doesn’t follow that, it can ruin everything, especially when your track appears on a sampler with tons of other bands.

Have you finally found a new drummer? Who? How?

Yes, he’s named Gildas, and comes from the ‘Conservatoire’ in Nancy. My friend Gwallam from Anaon knew him and told him we were looking for a drummer, so he contacted me. We got along well, and I have to say he’s got a terrific level ! By the way we also have a new bass player, Bob. He used to play with Gildas, so we just took the pair ! We are gonna go there in order to rehearse, and rage is in our hearts.

So you’re finally gonna play some more gigs? Is a tour or some dates planned?

We all miss the scene, and it’s there that the music shows it all ! The ‘Fog Bringers’ are gonna hit the stage soon ! I am already trying to find dates, and concerning the tour, it’s planned for later. Maybe with Nocturnus and Mayhem. But we’ll talk about that…

Concerning a show with Lord last year, Cйdric (their old bass player) told me that it sucked…What happened? And is that the day when you signed with SOM’s Mika?

Yes, it’s the day when we signed the definitive contract with Mika. Concerning the show, the problem is that in concerts, and especially in black metal concerts, there’s a lot of jerks who try to look ‘evil, to have the most underground tee-shirt, and the worst: to raise the fist as high as possible…sad but true ! There’s no way you can avoid that, but sadly, a politic side is present in music, though it has nothing to do there. And stupidity and ignorance are not punished by the law…But well, there are still some people involved in the underground and who are cool ! All the black metalheads aren’t dickheads !

So, you don’t really like the black metal mentality? Why? And what are you in favour of?

It’s stupidity that I dislike ! I think that the underground spirit is to help small bands and enlarge the scene. The trip ‘I’m alone and I’m bad’, is fun for a while, but…It’s something that old bands invented in order to get known, and it worked. Do you really think that the guys from Venom, Darkthrone, Satyricon or Dark Funeral are guys who live in the forest, sacrificing people and painting their face with unpure blood? No, those guys go to work, come back home in order to feed their kids, and then play with their Playstation while drinking four gallons of beer…normal ! Concerning satanism, people do what they want. If they think they’ll grow stronger by destroying their life…now I hope they won’t destroy the life of their relatives ! Because negativity goes by this kind of shit sooner or later.

But at the same time, with Adipocere, you allow black metal bands to get well-known…Isn’t that a bit paradoxical?

No, because in black metal, there are also interesting persons, as well as good band who can play. And anyway it’s my job… But now I turn the question back to you: are you sure to agree with the mentality and to like ALL the bands that are in your ‘zine? You know, if we distributed only bands that I like, the catalogue would be rather small…..

And about religion, you are quite into bouddhism, right?

In fact I’m into bouddhism because of the aim they want to reach, into the Kabbal for the rituals, and into celtism for the use of the elements. All that only makes one, but it’s easier to explain it like that to a profane.

What have been the changes for you since Akhenaton?

Simply that I now play in a band and not alone anymore ! Accept the tastes of the others and their style of playing, in order to make a real collaboration. Which is a fantastic enrichment. And being able to play live, which was hard when I was on my own.

How is it going with your new solo project, Sangdragon? Is a release date planned? What will be the style?

Some tracks are already pre-recorded. The style will still be into movie soundtrack, but quite atmospherical, and with more guitars. It’s not planned yet, because right now I’m spending a lot of time on WOS. Oh yeah, the artwork is ready too !

Part from that, on WOS promo CD, it’s written –I quote- ‘Solos a la Morbid Angel’…Isn’t it a bit pretentious?

I agree. Fields Of The Nephilim and Mobid Angel are our main influences. You can fin them by listening carefully to the album. About Morbid Angel, listen closely to the rhythmic parts. And the solos are more like King Diamond’s !

OK, thanks mate! One last word?

Thanks for the interview. Support the scene. It’s time for it to get a new breathe, the one of the sacred winds of Sirius !