Yes, I know that some will find it weird to read an interview with Wumpscut, the famous German electro and, in a metal magazine like this one…But you have to be open-minded, don’t you? And as the new album ‘Boeses Junges Fleisch’ is simply excellent, I wanted to know more about it and its creator, Rudy R. , whom I contacted in his bunker…

You just released your new album 'Boeses Junges Fleisch', the 'Fleischbox', and a single CD for 'Ich Will Dich'. Can you please tell us more about it?
This time, I was into the mass murder stuff . . . ‘Ich Will Dich’ is the second MCD out of ‘Boeses Junges Fleisch’, the first MCD is called ‘Totamacher’ and it contains original tracks by :W: and remixes by well-known and unknown bands and projects.

The front cover of 'Boeses Junges Fleisch' is still morbid as usual, but without showing any dead body. Why? Is that to mark a sort of evolution for :W:?
You only know the French version of ‘Boeses Junges Fleisch’. In Germany, the cover is different, it shows a female deadmaker according to the MCD ‘Deadmaker/Totmacher’. Well, the corpse was used because of its simplicity related to the ‘Eevil Young Flesh’ theme. The next release, ‘Blutkind’, will be completely different - Surprise, surprise . . .

With your lyrics and the photo gallery inside the booklet, we can see that you're interested in serial killers. What does interest you in them?
To slip into their psyche. Are they aware of the fact that they do harm? Do they feel the same as a "normal" human being?
Do they know about their defects?

And with your picture of you with the mention 'God Failed', what do you mean? That you represent an evil side of life?
God failed, be sure. Otherwise, he would not have created mass murderers, :W: or Rudy R.

Are you a very gloomy guy in life? Or just a normal guy for which :W: is a sort of way to express your hate?
:W: is kind of balance. I am everything else than gloomy . . .

All in all, you are not very famous in the world of music, but you are very respected by a minority of people. How do you feel about that?
It is ok like that. Just imagine a world in which you would be on top of the world charts with an album like ‘Eevil Young Flesh’ . . .

And do you consider :W: as an underground band or not?
I don't care about that . . .

What are your projects for the future? New album, shows...?
The next album will be ‘Blutkind’, a special release for all collectors with dozens of unreleased songs, partly from the first tapes, as well as two new :W: killers.

Where do you get inspiration in order to create music?
Out of my subconscious.

What bands do you listen to?
Haujobb, Bluemchen and Death In June’s ‘Take Care And Control’

By using German vocals, weird samplers and an image related with the second world war (like 'Bunkertor 7'), don't you fear you could be considered as a Nazi and censored? Have you had any censorship problems by the way?
No, not at all. ‘Bunkertor 7’ shows images out of a short movie which is not "time-related" in its pure form. The pictures always should fit to the music.

You also use English vocals...Do you think you will use French on some occasion? Or another language?
Yes, if the time is right or if I have the occasion for it.

Transit is mostly a metal magazine...What do you think of metal in general?
I was a Judas Priest and Iron Maiden fan in my teenager days - They did a great job! Meanwhile, I cannot follow all new metal releases – No time, no time . . . Unfortunately.

Thanks a lot for answering! What would be your last word?
Don't try to hide - I'll get you alive - And taste your Eevil Young Flesh . . .