1- Why did you decide to release "Empires de Glace" through Millenium, although you have your own label? Is Sepulchral Productions still alive?

The answer to that is quite simple actually. Carsten from Millenium approached us with this idea of doing a limited series in tribute to the old Black Metal scene, asking if we'd be willing to re-release our demo after doing a new recording. We hadn't thought of re-releasing the demo on CD, and quite frankly we wouldn't have had the money so we just said yes! Plus we figured that even tough this was going to be a limited edition it wouldn't hurt us in terms of visibility since Millenium is a pretty well established label. Sepulchral Productions is definitively still alive, as a matter of fact we should release at least three CDs via my label in the next few months...

2- Why did you rerelease the demo although it's still available?

First of all, when we say that the original demo is still available, it simply means that we have still about 20 copies of our final pressing left. When these are sold the tape version is sold out for good, as simple as that!!! What we liked about the idea of re-recording it is that we could experience on an old thing we had done, and the final result is VERY different than on the original recording. For example we were not satified at all with the way our first guitar player played on "Empires de Glace", so that allowed us to correct this flaw since Alvater (who has been handling the guitars for three years now) is way better on the strings. The whole re-recorded version is a lot more powerful and "in your face", even tough we still kept things very grim. We are quite satisfied with the outcome of "Empires de Glace", and we hope people will see eye to eye with us on that.

3- Your music sounds very nordic. I thought of Norway as I listen to your music for the first time. Does every band from cold, snowy countries sound like this?

I suppose so! Canada (or Quebec to be more precise) has the majestic forests, fjords and raging winters that Scandinavia also has, so there is without a doubt a connection most of us feel with the cold and grim sound from Norway. There's also the fact that we actually have been doing this for quite a long time, before there was even a so-called norwegian sound. I formed my first Black Metal band in 1991, so this sound has always been natural for me.

4- I think your style is a mixture of the brutal guitar sound of Immortal's "Battles in the North" and the majesty of Emperor's "In the nightside eclipse". Are these bands your influences or have you any others?

I think you have summed pretty well what Frozen Shadows is all about, since our aim has always been (and always will be) to make a crossover between the most violent, fast and hateful Black Metal and a more atmospheric/majestic approach. As far as bands go, I don't think we have been overly influenced by a specific one, but I can understand people throwing the old Emperor thing around since we do use choirs in our music. It's also true that we have a pretty powerful yet very dissonant guitar sound for a Black Metal band, the closest thing to this sound possibly being Immortal. Every band begins with influences, despite what many say, and of course this also does apply to us! I believe that over the years though we have polished our style a lot, and that's very important for the survival of a band, because those that are content on remaining clones always vanish sooner or later.

5- In the booklet is mentioned you want to pay tribute for the scene in the early 90's. Do you think of any special?

The whole point of this release is to stand as a tribute to the early 90's scene, and it is meant more as a general theme than towards individual bands. We simply feel more akin to this era than what is going these days in the "Black Metal" circles. There was a spirit back then that is now long gone, replaced by commercialism and a "friendly attitude" that has NOTHING to do with a supposedly dark musical style!!! As a band we are firmly of the old school of thoughts on Black Metal, so this hommage was a very natural thing for us to do. This music still IS a lifestyle for us and we have no intention of changing our attitude any day soon...

6- What are your personal favourites? Do you listen to non-metal music, like many of the norwegian musicians like Fenriz or Maniac?

I mostly listen to metal music, even tough I do appreciate a few non-metal groups like Fields of the Nephilim, old Ministry, Skinny Puppy and a few others. My all time favorite band has to be Iron Maiden, with Bathory coming as a close second. On the modern Black Metal side, OLD Emperor, Mayhem, Marduk, Taake, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Gorgoroth and Burzum are the best in my eyes. As you can see, no melodic stuff here!

7- In the last time I got more and more interested in the US-Black Metal scene because most of the Bands like Vukodlak, Wind of the black Mountains, Ibex Throne and so on still play the old-style Black Metal I love so much. Do you have in Cananda a black metal scene? What other canadian bands do exist? Or are you involved in the US-black metal scene? Tell me about it, Im very interested in that!

The canadian scene is mainly divised in two parts, namely the Quebec scene (Quebec being the french part of Canada that wants to separate from the rest) and the rest of Canada. I'm not that fond of the canadian scene, since many bands are still playing the chaotic Blasphemy style metal. A few bands nonetheless worthy of mention there are Godless North (the best horde from Canada in my eyes), Lust and Axis of Advance. Bands in Quebec are a lot more european/scandinavian like in their approach, altough many bands here are extremely poor. The situation here has improved quite drastically over the last two years tough, and with bands like Esker, Skjul, Arianrhod, Veneficium, Nord and Boreal I think the Quebec scene has a good future.

The US Black Metal scene has also been improving, but in my eyes the scene we have here should take over the American continent soon. The main problem I feel with many US bands is the difficulty they seemingly have to get rid of their death metal influences. After all, nobody wants to her a second rate Death Metal band claiming to play Black Metal! I know a few bands like WOTBM, Bloodstained Dusk, Pantheon, Thy Infernal and others but I can't say that I am involved in their scene at all.

8- What makes you writing poems? They seem to be full of pain and misanthropy.

My poems are an extension of my thoughts and soul I lay on paper, so they are sometimes raging and angry and at other moments sad and painful. I consider them to be Satanic Poetry, and they always come to me as a result of my contemplations of this feeble world where weakness is valued over strenght and the masses are enslaved by hypocritical cults of the "white light"...

9- Is there any chance to see you live in Germany? Maybe on one of the big festivals like "Under the black Sun" or "With full force"?

Playing live is a thing Frozen Shadows has never done, but we are slowly beginning to think about it. On one hand, live shows are often a source of frustration for bands, but on the other hand they also serve as a mean to spread your ideas like a plague onto the masses. Of course, if we do play live one day, europe will be our top priority, including Germany of course. I'm not sure about big festivals tough, since it is hard to project an intensely dark and occult feeling when playing amidst bands that have nothing in common with yourself music-wise...

10- What are your plans for the future?

Right now we are writing new material for our second CD, and we will possibly record a promo CD for interested labels somwhere around june. Since the responses have been overwhelmingly good for our "Dans les Bras des Immortels" CD I think we will have no choice but to look for a bigger label than my own to release our second album. I simply can't keep up with the demands!!!

11- Any last words to the millions [*g*] of our readers?

A loud hail to those who haven't forgotten the Black Metal lifestyle, a fist in the face of the rest! Crush the light, Embrace the Damned...