Could you start with telling me a bit about your activities since you left Immortal, what happened to your project Perfect Visions and Visionary Studios?
- "At the moment I have my own business which Iive been doing for 2 years now. I run my own marketing / advertising agency . My plan after quitting IMMORTAL was to open the studio VISIONARY but I decided to work for my band Perfect Visions only instead. And after a while I decided to start my own business and its working out really well!"

What can we expect from Perfect Visions in the future?
- "I write alot of music at the moment and its really exciting. All my material reflect my personal musical taste, and it feels very good indeed to do everything the way I myself want it to be. People ask me all the time when there is to be an album out, but I like to spend a lot of time creating things the best way. I've had interesting offers from labels, but as you might understand I don't want or need to rush things. The whole idea behind Perfect Visions is to make the music that I personally enjoy without being influenced by any others opinion at all!"

In 1997 you developed tendonities in your arms, due to intensive rehearsing without proper warm-up. How is your injury now?
- "My injury in the arms is still there, but its getting better all the time. The first years I had to work a lot to get rid of the pains, but I will never be painless. So I have no problems living with it, because I'm strong in the mind and never give up on anything. One can do what you want if you really work with things, it may sound like a cliche but so can the absolute truth be!

Will we ever see you returning as a guitarist in Immortal?
- "At the moment it's not realistic to see me back in the band as a guitarist for a long time, but maybe later!"

Wherefrom did you and Abbath get your artist names?
- "Where we got our artist names from is still a secret, why should everybody know everything about us?"

Do you think Immortal would have developed in a different way if you were still a member of the band?
- "I don't think IMMORTAL would be very different if I still played with them, but of course there would be some changes it's not the whole same!"

How did the co-operation between you and Abbath work on Blizzard Beasts?
- "On Blizzard Beasts there were no problems with my arms."

Will you write the lyrics for the band even in the future, or will this be on Abbath's shoulders?
- "I'm still doing the IMMORTAL lyrics and we have a strong feeling about working together!"