This interview was done for IMHOTEP #1, and was answered Spring'95...

This is a quite long interview with the band IMPALED NAZARENE. The answers are made by Mr. Mika Luttinen. Also check out DIABOLOS RISING, a project he is doing together with Mr. Magus Vampyr from NECROMANTIA. Here the interview is starting:

Impaled Nazarene

PB 24
1000 BRUSSELS 37

IM: Why did you choose the name IMPALED NAZARENE? Do you put any special meaning behind that name?
IMPNAZ: I got the name this way; I was reading a vampire tale were Lazarus (after Jesus woke him from the dead) turned into vampire... I was toying around with the idea that perhaps Jesus was impaled instead of crucified. It is a very stupid way to find a band name, but that's it.

IM: I guess you started to listen to metal music ages ago. Have you ever been into bands like DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH and RAINBOW? Do these bands mean anything to you? Why, do you think, does a lot of people state VENOM as their main influence? Where would VENOM had been if there was no BLACK SABBATH? (I do not criticise VENOM. They are also one of my great bands)
IMPNAZ: No, before I was into real rock'n'roll a'la Matchbox, Stray Cats & Grazy Cavan. I found (and still do) Black Sabbath the most overrated band in this planet. I hated Deep Purple and still do. I wanted my music to be fast & aggressive. My friends were listening to Scorpions, I was into Metallica & Slayer. I can't hear any B.S. influences on Venom's music, I think they were more influenced by 6O's rock and shit.

IM: As far as I have heard, your life shows are special. Tell us some about it. Do you get sexual excited when you act (almost) naked live? Why do/did you act naked at all when you are/were doing a live show?
IMPNAZ: They used to be "special" but we have dropped it all because a; It became boring, b; It cost money and c; after Black metal hit the trend, everybody started to use the same elements. By the way we got our idea for our stage show from Mayhem, I was reading Dead's interview and we took it from there. We had blood etc., all that shit, actually I never intended go completely naked on stage but one guy ripped-off my underpants!!! I don't get any sexual vibes or whatever as I see sex as very positive energy and when we are on stage it is hate that drives us on.

IM: Is it hard to play live? What happens when you forget the next 20 words in a song? Do you growl along and just hope that the audience do not care? How do you prepare yourself before a live act? Do you drink blood and let the evil take over your brain?
IMPNAZ: No, it is not hard to play live. If I forget lyrics I will just stand on stage looking like a moron and it is indeed very oppressing. Usually I don't forget the lyrics but I sing some wrong lines, I guess nobody is listening what the fuck you are singing anyway. Before the gig we sit on back stage drinking beer and being miserable fucks. And we hope the gig is soon over so we can get drunk.

IM: In BLAZING CORPSE #2 you said that you liked 2 UNLIMITED and KLF. Why? Do you think it is emotional music with any kind of emotions? Don't you agree when I say this is commercial music only made for money?
IMPNAZ: Sometimes I just have a need to listen to this kind of music as well. In my opinion all music is commercial as no record company in the world wants to sign a band/artist that makes them loose money, right? (You are probably right, but there might be companies which don't do this only to make money. I do not think that I will earn any money on my mag, but that is not my intention either - IM) There is lots of different kinds of music in the world and I pick up what like, I don't need somebody to tell me that what I can listen to be true or evil, as I do not give a reeking fuck what people think. (Totally fucking agree - IM) As for these mentioned bands, I like them mainly because of their excellent production standards.

IM: In the same interview you state that a normal person cannot listen to speed, death and trash metal his whole life, the head will not stand it. Why? Are you saying that you will not listen to death metal when you are 40 years old? Who is normal? How will you define a normal person? When a normal person is 50 years old, what kind of music will he then listen to? (Hope I do not sound too negative)
IMPNAZ: Well, OK, it was indeed very stupidly put on that interview. Of course I listen to metal when I am 4O or 5O as metal rules 9O% of my music taste. In one point of my life I just needed to start to listen to different kind of music as well, I started to buy a lot of classical etc. As for normal, well, I have no answer and I am not interested who is normal or not. You got me!

IM: Now about your 1st album, which in my opinion is totally fucking great. Do you dislike the cover on the 1st edition (without bonus tracks)? Why was not the original cover printed at first? Was it too nazi promoting, or what?
IMPNAZ: The original cover got censored by SPV who were afraid to put it out. Yes, we dislike the normal edition cover a lot, it is stupid "satanic gore" drawing. At that time (october'92) there were lots of riots in Germany caused by neo-nazis so SPV backed out. For us it was just a bloody picture, nothing to do with politics. Nuff said.

IM: What is your favourite track on this album? Who played all the keyboard track and samplings?
IMPNAZ: Actually my fave track is Sadogoat as this EP was recorded in the same sessions as the LP and it would show how future material of ours would turn out. Kimmo, our drummer plays always the keyboards in the studio. Samplings were taken out from several different sampler CD's.

IM: This album is quite short, but very explosive! Did it turn out to be so short on purpose? Have you ever received any bad words about your debut album? What does TOL CORMPT NORZ NORZ NORZ mean? What were your main aim with this album?
IMPNAZ: We don't like long LP's. All old speed metal and thrash metal LP's were 28-38 min long so we keep that tradition alive! Sure you can put 75 min of music on CD but that is not for us.
Most of the ug-mags hated our first LP but we did get some good reviews too. The title means YOU ALL SHALL BE NUMBERED 666! We didn't have any aim as we believed we would never even get a fucking record deal anyway. Osmose send contracts and we gave them Tol! (I am glad you released TOL since I like it very much and think it is one of the most original albums ever released - IM)

IM: What do you think about Norway, the people and nature? Have you ever been in Norway? How will you compare the nature between Finland and Norway? Who's nature is wildest in your opinion?
IMPNAZ: Well, this question is kind of hard to answer you know. I have been two times in Norway, once up-north and once in Oslo. As far as I can remember, the nature in both northern Finland & Norway is the same. You see, I was bloody young (9 years) when I was in Norway so I don't have too much memories left. I can't tell whose nature is wildest, I have no idea? As for Norwegian people, what can I say? I don't know anybody from Norway personally so...

IM: "No orders from Normay accepted"!!! This is stated on the CD. Why? Do you not think that even if there was a few people who "hated" you, there might be some "cool" persons in my homeland?
IMPNAZ: OK, let us put this straight here and now: When this fucking idiotic "you are false, we are true» shit started, I was in contact with several Norwegian people from several bands. Suddenly we started getting letters from these people saying we are on their death list etc., they said we are white metal band, eh? How would you react? (I would probably laugh at them. You see, most of them only followed what the «leaders» said because they were not able to think for themselves - IM) Not only my Norwegian pen-pals turned against us, a lot of central European pals did the same thing. Of course we were pissed off, I really couldn't (and still can't) see how somebody can claim I.N. to be a fucking christian metal band? So, that statement was put there actually as half a joke, by the way, we did receive some orders from Norway off which we send the demo normally!!! In the beginning I didn't answer to about 4 letters who wrote asking why we had such a statement on our CD but those sent their $, got their demo.So, indeed it was stupid thing to do but we didn't start this fucking true/false shit, that's my only defence (if I need to have one?).

IM: If I met some persons from Finland who disliked me, would it then be right of me to dislike everybody from Finland? I feel that this is what happened to you, according to this "war". Prejudices are the subject of this question.
IMPNAZ: Yes, you are right but like said, if you are in our position where certain people suddenly claim things about us, without never been in contact with us nor knowing our views in life in general, you start to throw shit back. Of course I don't dislike people from Norway, I just have something against certain people and for a good reason I suppose. Again I admit that the statement on the CD was stupid and childish. (Yes, but I understand your reasons for that statement -IM)

IM: Could you now tell us your meaning about the Norwegian scene, as far as you are familiar with it! Do you refuse to listen to a new band simply because it is from Norway? What is your updated view upon the so-called war that existed a while ago? (This is the last quiz from me concerning you and Norway)
IMPNAZ: Well, I really don't listen to black metal that much (OK, there is other bands too from Norway but at least for me it seems it is mainly b.m.) (Check out THE 3RD AND THE MORTAL - IM) but I went and bought the truly excellent Satyricon CD as you taped me two tracks from it. This band is excellent to say the least. I like good productions on the stuff I buy and mostly for me they sound like 4-track recordings, the new black LP's that is. As for this so called war, I have nothing to say. We have our audience and they have theirs. I really rather go and drink a beer than blaa blaa some shit about certain bands.

IM: What does the song I AL PURG VOMPO deal about? What is your meaning behind this song? Why did you not print the lyrics on your debut album?
IMPNAZ: I AL PURG VONPO(with N) is about kind of description of apocalypse in the form of earthquake! Mainly the lyrics were not printed as we felt they sucked anyway and would cause us problems. Osmose has now available a little lyric sheet containing both Tol & Ugra-Karma lyrics plus all the EP and demo lyrics as well. It costs l$!

IM: Now to the interview you did in ISTEN #6. You said that the whole concept of IMPALED NAZARENE is based on hate and disgust. Why? Why this hate? Do you not love your parents and family? What is it that you exactly hate?
IMPNAZ: How could I love my parents when they hate me? Besides I do not believe in christian love, I believe in deep understanding: Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Since I was a little kid I have been one fucking target by mass so it has fuelled my personal hate against these people. No matter where you live, there is always assholes. Everywhere!! I have been in Greece, Italy, Portugal, England ect. and all of these countries have their share of the most stupid fucks on earth. But we are doing OK now, we have LP's out and some of these assholes are actually paying money to get them. This goes especially to certain Finnish people......

IM: You also said "Now that ABOMINATIONS OF DESOLATION (MORBID ANGEL) has been officially released I'm not even interested in that anymore". Why? Does the music change when an album is re-released? Well, I guess the motive was money, and I do not like the re-releasing. I do have the original LP. This interview was made three-four years ago, but do you still dislike ABOMINATIONS...? Was it MORBID ANGEL who went trendy, or was it EARACHE who made them trendy?
IMPNAZ: Well, first of all, when I did Isten 6 interview I was just released from army (or was still in) and when I did this interview I was totally drunk as fuck. It has some points but it has also lots of bullshit that could have been left out. Anyway, I don't dislike Abominations, I like it a lot as a matter of fact, the same goes for Altars too. I didn't listen to them for a long time and when I picked them up again, it kicked (still) ass and hard. Actually it is no wonder that Abominations was re-released as these bootleggers were making a heavy money from it. I just got a promocopy of new M.A. LP and I can't say it trendy, they still play fast as fuck without compromising into another Sepultura/Obituary clones.

IM: I cannot interview you without speaking about MAYHEM? What do you think about DE MYSTERIES DOM. SATHANAS? Is it a worthy tribute to EURONYMOUS? Many people do/did not like the vocals of ATTILA. What is your opinion? What were your thoughts upon the murder of EURONYMOUS?
IMPNAZ: I like it a lot, it has totally different production than other Norwegian acts do. Vocals to say the least, weird, I would have preferred different style over this. As for is it worthy tribute to Euronymous, I can't tell as I didn't know him, we had just started to write to each other about two months before he was killed, as a matter of fact I am one of the last to get his letter.
Anyway, it was surprise to hear about his death but it was not surprise for me who did it as his letters told me enough about the situation between him and C.G.

IM: Your 2nd album is called UGRA KARMA. What the fucking fuck does it mean? Are you pleased with the album? What is the main difference between the 1st and the 2nd album?
IMPNAZ: U-K = The most horrible act that will lead into demonic civilization. We are very pleased with U-K.
The differences are clear; better production, better musicianship, better songs; Our debut had songs that were written between 1989-1992 whereas U-K contains only material from November`92 to July`93.

IM: In my opinion you sound more aggressive on the 2nd album. Are you more angry now than earlier? When you are about to record the vocals, what the fuck is going on in your mind? Do you think "now I have to sound evil" or is it just something that happens?
IMPNAZ: The only thing I sound more aggressive was due to intensive rehearsing plus the fact that I drank two bottles of Smirnoff vodka when laying down the vocals. When I am about to record, I start to drink heavily as when I am drunk, I get more out of my voice than when being sober.

IM: This brings me over to inspirations. The cover on URGE KARMA, what is it? Are you inspired by Asian religions? It seems to be somewhat Asian, maybe Buddhism or something.
IMPNAZ: We took both the name of the LP and the cover from Hindu religion book. The only reason for this was that we were after something different than normally. We are definitely NOT inspired by any religion, we hate all religions!

IM: What are you inspired by lyricwise? Books? What kind of books? Nature? In what way do you become inspired by your inspirations? Does the SATANIC BIBLE mean anything to you?
IMPNAZ: Nature has never influenced my lyrics. On the SFP I got inspirations from nightmares, just normal hate and thinking. I read a lots of books, nowadays mainly modern weapon technology and WW-II books.
I have satanic bible and it is just a book among books, a good one but no special meaning for me.
Last time I read it was l991. I rarely read occult/satanism books anymore, I am more into cyber/weapon technology as the future lies there, not in the past.

IM: "Gott is tot" (antichrist war mix). Has God ever lived? What about Christ? What is your opinion about christendom and christian people? Are they weak minds who believe in something as abstract as God? Can we say that people who believe in Satan also are weak minds?
IMPNAZ: I don't believe in god nor any other fucking fairytale bullshit. People who believe in inverted christianism i.e. satanic worship are as pathetic as christians. Those who use Satan as a symbol of their strength, I understand and well, I am cynical individualist.

IM: Nowadays, it is Islam which increases mostly. What is your opinion about Islam? They let one book, The Koran, rule their lives. Are all the Islamic people totally stupid who let one book rule their lives? In my Western opinion Islam is brain-washing. Any comments?
IMPNAZ: Whatever religion, they are all brainwashed idiots. Fuck, they all have always only one fucking book who they follow blind and act blind. My opinion about Islam is same as any other religions: Let them fucking kill themselves!!

IM: When people from foreign cultures enter Western Europe, they often bring their culture along with them. Is this right? Why? You see, the mix of several cultures within one country can develop into chaos. Take a look at USA, totally fucking chaos!!!
IMPNAZ: I have never been in the USA so I do not know how mixed their cultures are, besides it was fucking Europeans who stole the land from Indians!!! Well, I don't give a reeking fuck. Cultures nor history has never interested me a lot but I do start to care when some scumfucking assholes from foreign countries starts to steal, rape and commit crimes without getting even thrown out of the country.
Our governments should be protecting their own people, not criminals from outside.

IM: What is satanism to you? Are you a satanist? In what way? Do you agree with MORBID of the mighty NECROMANTIA when he says that satanism demands studying, not worshipping!!!!
IMPNAZ: I call myself cynical individualist. I care about myself and my friends. Morbid is definitely right I think. To worship a non-existent thing is a mark of weakness.

IM: EVIL DEAD!!! What is your felling to this movie, and also DEAD BY DAWN and ARMY OF DARKNESS? Have you seen any other movies by SAM RAIMI?
IMPNAZ: I love Evil Dead but the sequels were pretty shit, especially Army of Darkness sucked as they turned the whole thing into teencomedy bullshit. Sad but true. I have seen Darkman which was OK, I have also seen Intruder were he plays one role and that was excellent movie.

IM: What is your opinion about censorship? Why?
IMPNAZ: I am against any kind of censorship, be it literature, music or movies. Impaled Nazarene is now being censored in France because of lyrics in a song, Winter War. This is the most pathetic shit I have ever heard of. Censorship doesn't belong to free society, specially when knowing the fact that these people who censor things are plus 5O years and belong to christian party. Religion and politics do not mix together. Religion doesn't mix with anything at all!!!

IM: What do you get out of watching a movie? Do you seek any meaning or is it only entertainment? What do you think about the commercialism of violence, especially from HOLLYWOOD films?
IMPNAZ: I have my own coding; If not in the first ten minutes have been shown violence/bare tits, then the movie sucks. I usually just seek for good entertainment, be it horror, comedy, violence or raw sex. I do believe that showing violence on a screen is a good thing as it takes away some inner pressure. If I feel violent, I watch John Woo movies and they help me to cope with my life.

IM: Is the soundtrack important to you? What would BRAM STOKER`S DRACULA been without the music?
IMPNAZ: Ah, finally somebody who agrees with me that Dracula would have been shit without the excellent soundtrack! The film was very disappointing but the soundtrack, that has a class! The same goes f.ex. for Alien 3, I thought the movie sucked a big time but the soundtrack was excellent!
Soundtrack is very important part of a movie and nowadays with DHX system, it can get you close to orgasm, really! Can you imagine classic Nosferatu with modern day digital soundtrack screaming on volume 10!

IM: Tell us about your two favourite movies!
IMPNAZ: This is hard as I am fanatic movie collector... John Woo's HARD BOILED. I have it as a director's cut version, incredible film, over 400 people are getting killed (including old people and children as well) in a marathon of violence. Definitely one of top ten movies ever made!
The other one has to be STAR WARS TRILOGY, all three movies have a big place in my heart. I have seen THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK already over 30 times! Excellent adventure plus magnificent effects combined together. See it on a big cinema if possible.

IM: Name three bands you want us to hear, and shortly why you choose these bands.
IMPNAZ: NORM REJECTION from Malta; Excellent technical death/thrash metal with melodies, good production and great vocals.
INQUISITOR from Holland; Incredible (death) thrash in a old vein. Really catches up old European thrash feeling with vocalist that blows away about 99.99% of today's so-called evil black metal vocalists.
SADISTIK EXEKUTION from Australia; We toured with them and audience didn't seem to understand their music. Incredibly talented musicians and our fucking brothers.
I choose these bands simply because A: They all need promotion B: I love their music.

IM: Do you see any connection between the taste of films and the taste of music? What kind of connection?
I personally like horror movies and I also like dark music very much.
IMPNAZ: Well, it seems that people who are into death/black metal are also into horror books/movies. I guess we all have the same dark "interest" to certain things which mass people think or find as sick and disgusting. We must remember that horror films were made way before metal music and horror books were written way before horror films. Next thing might well be horror internet system combining music, movies and literature in one fucking big package. You never know.

IM: Please, ask three questions. Let me answer those. Ask about anything.
IMPNAZ: 1: You wrote me one of your letters that black metal is your fave music and you would actually like to do an all black metal fanzine but will not because Metalion has Slayer mag. Why? Are you afraid that Metalion will take some action against you? Do you need some kind of permission from "the true" to produce an all black metal fanzine or what? There is already a lot of all black metal fanzines here in Europe, don't you think people get bored to read all the same answers from these bands (=fuck church of satan, our influences are Bathory, old Destruction, old Sodom etc, winter is the best time of the year)???

IM: I have respect for Metalion. He has been great to me, we have letter contact, and his releases on HNF is mostly great.
I will never do an all Black metal mag., but my next mag. will probably include more Black metal bands. Of course, it depends on the bands and if they would like to answer my questions. Yes, it is boring to read the same answers from these bands, but the answers often depends on how the questions are. You see, I personally try to ask questions in an original way, and think I have managed to do that. Another thing is that I want to wait a little to see the development of the scene of today.
I see your irony about this true thing, and fuck, who is true or not is not that interesting, but on the other hand, it has been discussed the last few years.
This thing about Slayer mag. is that this is the best mag. and all other black metal mags will be compared to this. You can call me a coward if you want to, I don't give a fuck, bur I am realistic. Metalion has been in the scene for over ten years, this is only my first mag. One step at the time, you see.

2: The situation in Norway! Can't it be seen that lots of bands are actually taking odinism/vikings as a new religion and following blindly their ancestors? Back then there was no electricity, they didn't have electric guitars/marshalls, tama drums, bass... why do these people think vikings would give a shit about fast & aggressive metal music??? Didn't vikings have beer drinking hymns and stuff? Why try to combine old spirit with new technology, isn't that a bit cheesy? Why not play acoustic then? IM: Actually I am not the right person to ask about this thing, but anyway...
You have a point here. Those who follows this as a religion is weak in my opinion, even if they claim that this is for the strong of us. Thor, Odin and this stuff is really interesting to read about, but to believe in - that is not realistic. Anyway, people are free to believe in what they want to, in my opinion, and these viking bands are creating very great music.
It is not realistic to ask about if the vikings would give a shit about modern music at all, because we will never know. About trying to combine old spirit with new technology, why not? I might ask: Why make a movie about earlier times, like DRACULA? Why make movies about the second world war? I think that it is good to know about earlier times, and the viking bands are often telling us stories from earlier times and fairy tales and beliefs, like the band ENSLAVED are doing.
A lot of black metal bands are including acoustic instruments, check out ULVER.

3: You are doing interview of Impaled Nazarene! Isn't that a bit risky business? Aren't you afraid you will get bad response for featuring "white metal" band on your pages? Or are you going to make fool out of me? Is this interview a good joke among you true? What do you think of Finnish bands in general? Do you know any of new (fucking shitty) Finnish black metal bands who have formed Finnish black metal mafia? These bands are just bad copy of Emperor and have no own ideas at all. How come have the Norwegian bands influenced so many people? Why can't people create something of their own instead of ripping of original bands?
IM: I see your irony. I do interview with bands that I like very much. And of course, I do not see upon you as a white metal band at all, you know. If people won't buy this simply because you are included in my mag, well, there is nothing I can do about it. It is all up to themselves.
Making a fool out of you? No, that was not my intention. To me it seems like you are a person with your own thoughts, and I like that.
Among you true? Well, I don't consider myself true. In fact, you will become surprised if you meet me sometime in the future. I don't look like a true person (but who does anyway?). «Ohhh, I am so true and I will scare you till death».
About Finnish bands, I like you, BEHERIT, UNHOLY, AMORPHIS, BLACK CRUCIFIXION, DISGRACE. Not exactly the most Black bands in the world. About this new Finnish thing you are referring to, I am not so well informed.
I think it is obvious why so many bands are influenced by the Norwegian bands. It is simply because they are so fucking great. In my opinion DARK THRONE`s A Blaze..., SATYRICON`s The Shadowthrone, EMPEROR`s In the Nightside..., IMMORTAL`s Pure Holocaust and MAYHEM`s De Mysteries... are included in my top ten Black metal list. There are also many other bands which are great, like ULVER, GORGOROTH, HADES, IN THE WOODS, ENSLAVED ect.
It is probably hard to be original in these days, and I think the Norwegians are doing OK in being original. If other bands don't manage to be original and only rip-off the Norse bands, well, I don't think the future will be so very bright for them. We'll see.
Thank you for your questions.

IM: Why did Magus vampyr Daoloth and yourself call the DIABOLOS RISING album for 666? What is the aim with DIABOLOS RISING? Are you pleased with the album?
IMPNAZ: We were after simple yet effective album title and therefore we chose 666. 0ur aim was to combine b.m. music with industrial music and let the lyrics be total b.m. way. It is OK for 1st LP but it could have been a lot better though. We had a very tight budget with little time and the result is what it is. We had only lyrics ready when we entered the studio so everything else was done spontaneously. Reactions have been really love/hate which was predictable.

IM: What is your purpose with the song 666? Why the total silence? Do you not think that people might focus too much on this «song»?
IMPNAZ: Ah, you are right that people have really been way too much focusing on this song, we both just had always wanted to do a track like that. (I guess this was not the most difficult track on the album - IM) You see, DIABOLOS RISING 1st LP is full of our ideas that couldn't be used in either NECROMANTIA nor I.N. for obvious reasons.

IM: How can «thoughts of radical mishanthropy inspire through creative alienation»?
IMPNAZ: I can only answer this way: Listen to the CD, read the booklet and find out yourself!!!!

IM: There will be a new album from DIABOLOS RISING in 1995! Do you have any information about it? Will it be similar to 666, or will it be even more experimental?
IMPNAZ: I am leaving to Greece in 6 days to record our follow up to 666. We have lyrics ready and some ideas but mostly it will be done (music) spontaneously again. We have 8 songs, it will be longer for sure and definitely more extreme and sick than 666. It will be out october'95, we have no LP title yet, sorry.

IM: SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE. Why this title? Is this some kind of national tribute to your home country?
IMPNAZ: No. We chose it as when we did our 5-dates of Ugra-Karma tour'94, we were calling our music SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE METAL. This literally means FINLAND FINLAND FUCK! Perkele is old word for devil but nowadays it just means fuck. So, our LP is FINLAND FINLAND FUCK, it doesn't mean fucking anything. We have been even called nazi's because of this!

IM: In my little opinion, this album is fucking great. It is way better than URGE KARMA. Some of your songs are «rock`n roll» (like BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER), and you have also slowed down in some songs. Why? Do you feel that your music is better now than earlier?
IMPNAZ: 0f course we feel it is our best stuff, otherwise we wouldn't be releasing that. Our style has changed as it, a: our 3rd LP, b: Kimmo, our songwriter has far wider influences nowadays than still in 92 or 93. We have got extremely bad feedback for SFP, I guess you are 3rd person who says he likes it, others just hate it. (Why the fuck do they buy it then! Well, I like it and think it is more original than a lot of album released these days - IM)

IM: TOTAL WAR!!! What is your opinion about war in general? Why do we start wars? What are the reasons behind wars? God?
IMPNAZ: Biggest reason nowadays behind wars is religion of course. It just shows how pathetic religions are and how easily people can be manipulated. God is not reason as there is no DOG! War is natures natural way to wipe off some people off this planet. War is floods, storms, whatever. I don't believe in straight influence of nature but it do have its own powers to control things on this planet, namely FIRE, WATER, WIND, EARTH.

IM: What is the song STEELVAGINA about?
IMPNAZ: It is about my nightmare I saw in Greece. I saw this huge metallic vagina sucking the energy of mankind inside of it, destroying everything it met. This kept bothering me for days until I finally wrote down a song about it. One of my fave lyrics on the SFP.

IM: Then there is the song GHETTOBLASTER!!! Has the year 666 been, or is it to come? When will the FINAL WAR take place, and who do you think will be the main actors of this war? USA, China, Japan or somebody else?
IMPNAZ: Well, we are close to millennium... 1999=666 year l. I am sure that there will be more prophets, whatever before the end of this century taking people with them, ordering them to kill. I do not know who will be the beginner of war (WW-III?), it might be attack from outer space? There is weird shit going on. Just like that gas attack in Japan, the mass murder in Switzerland etc.
People are afraid of the future and to escape it, they create their own apocalypses and actually believe in them. None can know what will happen so we will just have to wait and see.

IM: The symbol on the cover, is it some kind of war symbol, or what? Why do you focus so much on war in SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE? Why not focus on more positive subjects in this stinking world?
IMPNAZ: This symbol is our official passport sigil! We just wanted to have something simple, our bass player made it a bit more different than the original design. The lyrics are focused on war as I am so interested in war, as I told you I read a lot of modern weapon technology books and stuff.
Metal music is not positive music, I believe in dark lyrics and leave all the bullshit positive shit to hc/punks. They can sing about «positive» things as long as I care, it will not change a fucking thing, thankfully. Metal music is aggressive and so my lyrics are aggressive as well.

IM: You are a very productive band, and you will release a new album in 1995. Are you pleased with the mighty OSMOSE? What will your next album be like? Any information?
IMPNAZ: Well, as a matter of fact we are going to put out mini-CD titled SEX, CYBER & ROCK'N'ROLL out in November as we have been 5 years together as a band. It will contain 3-4 new cuts, some cover shit and some live shit we recorded during this tour we just did. We are extremely pleased with OSMOSE as they understand completely what we are about and are not trying to market us a blackest band around. We do our shit our way, the others do their shit their way.

IM: Hoped you enjoyed this fucking too long interview, and I really look forward to the next releases from DIABOLOS RISING and IMPALED NAZARENE.
End this in your own words!!!!!!!

IMPNAZ: Well, fuck, this took like a fucking life time to finish. What can I say? I thank you for this excellent interview and wish you all the best with your fanzine. I just doubt if anybody is reading this interview? Hail & Kill!
Thank you for your good answers. I do think and hope that there were some people who read this interview, and might got a different view upon this special band IMPALED NAZARENE. I also did an up-date interview with Mika in Novemeber'96. Here is what he said...


IM: Tell us about the new releases of DIABOLOS RISING and IMPALED NAZARENE! (Blood... , and Hamnasnas)
MIKA: Hopefully when you are reading this, new DIABOLOS RISING album is out. This is totally different to '666' as we dropped all metal elements our. Every song is different to each other and the mood varies from sorrow to total fucking hate. We put our souls into this CD.As for IMPALED NAZARENE, the mini-CD will never be released. We changed our drummer because of musical differences, our new drummer is Reima Kellokoski from BELIAL. At the moment IMPALED NAZARENE is writing material for our 4th CD and we hope to record it sometime in feb'96, but probably this will be delayed. We are going back to the style of Ugra-Karma & Tol....

IM: How did people in general respond to the PERKELE album?
MIKA: It seems that people think it is our worst CD so far.

IM:What do you think of IMHOTEP#1? Be honest!
MIKA: Honestly, I think that with ISTEN #7, this is the best fanzine I have ever read! Your questions to the bands are really well thought!!! The only negative thing is perhaps that the reviews could have been placed a bit differently, I don't know? I am looking forward to # 2.

IM: How did touring went for you?
MIKA: Our tour went both great (Austria, Chez.Rep.Pub.) and total shit (Italy). We had too many problems with everything, and we will not tour unless we get zillion times better conditions for the next tour. We didn't even have our own soundman. But, still it was good that we made this tour as we could test our new drummer in live situation and this is the best IMPALED NAZARENE line-up ever.

IM: Any kind of information you will tell us? Any statement you will spread?
MIKA: Well, look for a DIABOLOS RISING mini-CD that will come out next year plus DIABOLOS RISING movie! This movie will be a 35 minutes soundtrack trip based on Blood....CD and will be filmed in London. Also IMPALED NAZARENE will be back with our most aggressive CD so far, so watch out!!

Yes, I will and hope that the readers will to. Well, thanx for the nice words about my first issue, and yes, the interviews are truly great, but I have tried to make up the mistakes from that issue, and now, here we are. Hope you find this issue even better.