Black metal ? No. Sado metal ? Possibly. Nuclear metal? Yes!armed with a

new line-up, album and moniker, Impaled Nazarene are back with a

(thermonuclear) bang with "Latex Cult". Satpal Kalsi hears Mikka Luttinen

outline the band's plan of campaign against goats and listens to the

finnish frontman salivate over some juicy slabs of s&m.


Critical mass Impaled Nazarne



Finland's gods of Nuclear Matal lMPALED NAZARENE have got a lot of

lost ground to recover in their continuing onslaught of barbarous violence

across Europe. Atter laying down the law with their blazing 'Ugra Kanma'

CD, which their label Osmose Productions refenred to as 'The Masterpiece of

Violence: lndustrial Cyber Punk Sado Metal', the band were forced into a

hasty retreat with the disastrous (by their own admission) 'Suomi Finland

Perkele' dodo.

Regrouped (including taking on ex-BELIAL bassist Lehtosaari. who

replaced SENTENCED's Taneli Jarva) and pumped up ready for the final push,

lead terrorist Mikka Luttinen let me in on their plan of action, and why

the new CD 'Latex Cult' had to be twice the force everyone was expecting.



The response to the first CD, 'Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz' was good, but

what was to follow was nothing less than a nightmare for the band.

"'Suomi Finland Perkele': that LP I hate myself personally too," Mikka began

in a laid back, deep tone. "Because it is shit. lt doesn't sound like what

lMPALED NAZARENE is supposed to sound. After the 'Ugra Karma' CD, I moved

to Belgium and my brother did all the sounds for 'Suomi..'. And since he

wasn't really into Metal anymote, he was more interested in shit like BJORK

or something, he started to write a completely different kind of style. lt

was kind of weird for me. 1 didn't know what to think of the material,

especially after it was recorded and we started to get the reviews. The

fans come to tell us if**'this shit'. After my brother was kicked out, or

he left-whatever way you want to see it-it was clear we had to go back to

our roots, to continue where 'Urga Karma' left off."

The band were firing on all cylinders, but they had to stoke the cooling

embers of the fans' interest. That's where the label came up with the term

Nuclear Metal.

"We needed a new moniker for it, and I was just thinking Nuclear Metal sums

up everything-it's just explosive, f**ing hard, and extreme shit that we


Sado Metal to Nuclear Metal, the violence is still there. That's lMPALED

NAZARENE's raison d'etre. Getting back into the studio was easy

enough. it's just getting the right atmosphere, that something special with

an edge.

"We know what the hell we want to do. We used Ahti Kortelainen who is the

owner of the Tico Tico Studio, and who we have used since our demo days

here. lt's pretty clear that Tico Tico is the only place where

IMPALED will record because we know what we want and we know we'll get what

we want. lf we went outside to a different producer, l'm sure we will be in

deep shit, because we won't accept anyone who will start telling us 'no,

no, no, you have to do it this way', or'let's have another take'. We don't

give a shit about that. I like CDs that have the rough edge on it."

'Latex Cult' is designer raw. The band always notice mistakes on their

recordings after it's out, but that's okay. The CD's biggest plus point is

in its immediacy: it grabs you, knocks you about, then discards you in a

heap. I like that in any record. lt's all to do with pain, pain that is

administred for pleasure.


Oh bondage! Up yours!

"The first song that we did for the new CD, 'Goat War', which is the

fastest  song on the CD, was written just after a mini-CD recording

session. We came back from the studio and got a new drummer, and after that

it was iff** that, let's show the people that we can still pull it off. We

were thinking our days were over when people heard 'Suomi..'. I think'Latex

Cult' is absolutely the most extreme IMPALED CD. When I started the Iyrics,

we needed to get rid of the bullshit firom the past."

The title 'Latex Cult' is clearly everything to do with bondage and sexual

violence. Just read the song titles: 'Punishment is Absolute', '1 Eat Pussy

For Breakfast', '66.6 S of Foreplay'. I guess it can be offensive on one

level, but it can also be a harsh indictment of the latent nature in all

human society-the side few will admit to.  "Actually, all the band are

pretty much into it. Personally, I collect this underground video series

called 'Pain'. It's a German extreme S&M series, not like sex S&M.

It's just pain for pain's sake. It's the sickest shit I have ever seen in a

movie, they're f***ing torturing and burning with candles and stuff like

this. It's real violence. Here in Belgium, like two months ago, the police

raided some video stores to see what kind of sex movies they are renting,

and after that, certain video stores started to sell off the more extreme

stuff, so they couldn't be prosecuted. So it was very lucky for me to go

out to certain video stores just to see what the hell they're selling. The

idea for the song 'Punishment Is Absolute' came from just seeing the 'Pain'

videos, the sound bite  on it came from some stupid horror movie and it

sounded brilliant. Every man has inside this kind of perverse... you have

two sides of the brain or whatever and everybody has this darker side-some

people become serial killers, some become rapists, and then there's us who

can do it by our own music."

It's no surprise to learn such videos have also influenced the IMPALED


"In some ways, yes. 'When All Golden Turned To Shit' basically has the band

playing, but there's some extreme footage, and 'Kammageddon Waniors'is a

little story but I don't know what the hell is going to be on it, because

there has been filmed some extra footage without us on it. I don't know

what to expect. It should be pretty extreme, but not that extreme so we

can't get airplay, because that would be pretty stupid to do a video that

you cannot get into any TV station which will be exactly the case with

DIABOLOS RlSING's video. That's done by David Palser, who we now use. I

have full confidence in him. Already we are going to have problems with the

English and the German censorship."

As if penis bashing and censorship weren't problems enough, commie-bashing

and censiorship was the icing on the cake. Especially when they described

the Russian invaders of Finland in 1940 as 'Red Scum' on 'Suomi..'

"That was completely misunderstood bv some people. lt was just black tongue

in cheek humour, and we put it in blah blah blah. Honestly, I don't like

Communists because I'm from Finland and I have seen it. There were certain

family members who were total Communists and were hailig the Soviet Union

as some kind of f***king God nation or whatever. And when it fell down,

they saw how wrong they were. Then of course our Cds were taken out of

France's biggest record stores after the local Youth Communist Party

complained that we are anti-communists. I had to send a fax explaining


Not that that helped much. After confusion over the catalogue numbers, it's

now 'Ugra Karma' that's missing from the shelves! If there is a hint of

nationalism in there, Mikka reassured me that he has never been a


"Finland is just like any other country, there's always good point and

negative points in every country. I have been very lucky in that I have

travelled quite a lot. I've seen a lot of cultures"


Punked than thou

Finland does have some cool Punk bands, though - cool enough for the band

to release a CD EP,"Motörpenis", featuring covers of TERVEET KADET and FAFF

BEY songs among others.

"Everybody seems to tell us we sound like a Punk band, so I guess we just

have to accept that as a fact. It's our drummer and myself who love TERVEET

KADET very much. So when we started to think about what the hell we are

going to do for that EP, it was clear that we were going to do a cover of

them. FAFF BEY is one of the older bands from our home town, and they call

their music chainsaw Rock. And the FAFF BEY guitar player plays for TERVEET

KADET, so there is a connection. 'S&M Party' is a great track, it's

absolutely brilliant. On the last tour, we were playing it live, so we were

thinking why the hell don't we put it on the CD as well?"

Though not one to listen to Punk, and not rating GREEN DAY or OFFSPRING at

all, Mikka found recently that there are still some great records to check


"The CD from DRILLER KILLER, the Swedish band, is absolutely f***king

brilliant. When I was writing my song for the CD I took that as a reference

point. This is extreme stuff and I wanted to do it in this style without

ripping it off, to keep it in the impaled context. It turned out that way,

it's kinda Punkish, but it's nothing to do with Punk ideology."

With possible gigs in Mexico and Australia later in the year, following a

massive package tour with a whole load of brutally evil bands, IMPALED

NAZARENE should be well on their way to decimating most of Europe with what

can only be described a scorched earth policy. With a little help from the

sinister 'Latec Cult', of course.