Interview of Mika Luttinen (vocals)

    After "Rapture" which took a direction more punk-metal, Impaled Nazarene comes back on its old roots with "Nihil".... New production, new studio, coming of Alexi of Children Of Bodom.... A new Impaled Nazarene ?


  Q - Since few months, a new member and one of the best guitarist in Finland Alexi Laiho of Children Of Bodom, has intergrated Impaled Nazarene. How have you contacted him ? Do you consider that he has intergrated the band in order to give a touch more technical to your music ? We can think that it is not very easy for him to be in this 2 famous bands ?

    M. L. : Since few months?...he has been with us since September 1998!!! We played a show in St. Petersburg in Russia together with C.O.B. After the show we were talking in a hotel and we said that we have been looking for a lead guitarist since 1996. When Alexi heard that, he offered himself because he has always been fan of the band. We thought he was joking, he wasn't, so that's how he became member. It has been fucking nightmare to get our schedules right and it is clear that when we will start touring heavily for NIHIL, we have to hire a session member because the new songs require two guitars. I don't think we became much more technical, I just wanted to have a killer leads and he fucking delivered them. Don't forget that he also plays in Sinergy...he is busy but music is his life and that's the way he prefers it.

    Q - "Nihil", your new album and sixth release of Impaled Nazarene is out since few days. Could you present us this new album ?

    M. L. : It is pure extreme metal record, 10 tracks of pure hell.

    Q - On "Rapture", you took a musical way more punk-metal but it seems that you have drop out this aspect. Why have you not continued in this way ? We can consider, in that case, that you come back on your old roots more "nuclear-metal" for many people...

    M. L. : Well fuck off, Rapture was metal record, there was three songs (out of 16) that had punk elements in them. I basically blame the guitar sound on Rapture, it should have been way heavier and that would have made people realize it is metal record. When we started writing Nihil, we said no more punk because we were sick of people telling us punk this, punk that. You can say that Nihil is an album that has mixture of all the best elements from the previous albums on it.

    Q - All your releases was recorded at the Tico-Tico but "Nihil" has been recorded at Astia Studio. What have brought this new studio to the Impaled Nazarene's music ? Do you think that the Tico-Tico didn't bring to you that you wanted for "Nihil" ?

    M. L. : Nope...we couldn't record at Tico because it was fully booked and we had to record in August last year. We chose Astia on the basis of how Bodom's cd's had sounded. We made very wise decision and moreover this time we rented all the equipment instead of bringing our own shitty backline. Besides it was nice to try something new and we will go back to Astia again because our co-operation with Anssi Kippo was just perfect.

    Q - Your last albums were based on sexe, goats.... but it seems that on "Nihil", you have tried an other approach on the lyrics. Could you tell us more about this ?

    M. L. : I had the lyrics written for Nihil, which were in the old vein, but ten days before the studio I rewrote everything. This album is a mixture of two things. One factor is that my personal life was going straight to hell, my best friend killed himself, we all lost relatives etc. So I realized at some point that in order to survive, one must destroy his/her own conscience. No feelings, no regrets, no nothing. Be a zombie. That's why the title is Nihil because nothing else could describe this albums lyrics. It isn't beautiful, it is filled with hate, misanthrophy, desolation.

    Q - On your new CD, you have composed an heavy and slow song "How The Laughter Died". Could you tell us more about this song ? Have you not afraid to regret a such song because in the past, you have composed a slow song "Blood Is Thicker Than Water" on "Suomi Finland Perkele" that you deny now ?

    M. L. : Rapture there was Phallus Maleficarum that was slow and heavy. We have never said that we wouldn't do slow songs, if a song is good like How The...then we will definitely use it. It is moreover necessary in a live show to have a slower numbers as well, we have seen that. I don't deny Blood...I don't like that track (specially I hate my lyrix) BUT we are playing it live again!!! I have changed the lyrics, hahaa.

    Q - Your last albums was written in Finnish, English... but now, your lyrics are only in English. Why ? Don't you think it is more easy for a band to sing in its mother language ?

    M. L. : I wanted the people to understand what I sing about. For me it is easier to do lyrics in english and for the other bands, I don't give a reeking fuck if it is easier for them or not.

   Q - When "Suomi Finland Perkele" was out, you have known problems with the title "Total War-Winter War". What's happened with this song ? With the time, do you consider that this anecdote is funny or irritating for you ?

    M. L. : Some commie brats took offense in France, that's all. FNAC stores were supposed to take out SFP but fucked up and took out Ugra instead. I don't care about this, it was good promotion anyway.

    Q - The Impaled Nazarene's members have others musical projects, I think to Plan E for exemple, I think it is not necessary to tell about Raism.... Could you tell us more about these projects ?

    M. L. : Alexi plays in Bodom & Sinergy. Our drummer & bass player have Plan E, all the info on the web site; Raism has been dead since 1997.

    Q - Few weeks ago, you have played in New Zealand and in Australia but you have known serious problems. In first you have had a car accident and you have known problems with skin heads (fuck them !). Could you come back on these problems ? In spite of everything, do you keep good remains of this tour ?

    M. L. : That's half a year ago. We had the following things: 1. Show in Wollongong, Australia was cancelled by local city council. 2. Some Maori skin heads were causing some shit in Dunedin, N.Z. and finally we crashed to a mountain while driving to Auckland. Got some bruises, car was smashed totally. The whole tour was fucking great apart from those incidents but shit happens everywhere.

    Q - Could we hope to see you on tour soon ?

    M. L. : We should have french tour in April but I am not sure.

    Q - Thanks to conclude....

    M. L. : Buy Nihil or you are gay!


    -  Shemhamforash (1991, Tape)

    -  Toag Eht Thao Eht(1991, Tape)

    -  Goat Perversion (1991, Nosferatu Records, EP)

    -  Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz (1992, Osmose Productions, C-D)

    -  Sadogoat (1992, Osmose Productions, EP)

    -  Ugra Karma (1993, Osmose Productions, C-D)

    -  Satanic Masowhore (1993, Osmose Productions, EP)

    -  Suomi Finland Perkele (1994, Osmose Productions, C-D)

    -  Latex Cult (1996, Osmose Productions, C-D)

    -  Motörpenis (1996, Osmose Productions, mini C-D)

    -  Rapture (1998, Osmose Productions, C-D)

    -  Nihil (2000, Osmose Productions, C-D)

    Osmose Productions
    BP 57
    62990 Beaurainville