interview with Mika Luttinen, done by Arjan van Exter

LATEX CULT is the title of the new IMPALED NAZARENE album. After the release of SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE a lot of fans thought that it might [be] over, but they're back. Back like never before !!

LATEX CULT is quite different from your earlier work. Are you content with it ?
We are most certainly ! If you compare it with SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE, this album is an absolute masterpiece ! But then again, SUOMI FINLAND PERKELE sucks big time.

LATEX CULT is a bit more groovy than your earlier work. Why have you chosen for this ?
Well, it's not groovy. It might be a bit more catchy, but not groovy. For all ideas we went back to the time of UGRA KARMA. No bullshit, no compromise, just fucking ag[g]ressive !

For the first time IMPALED NAZARENE has done promo video's. How was it making them and how did they turn out ?
That was absolutely SHIT ! The main problem was, that we didn't have anything to say about it. Some producer asshole told us what to do all the time. The result is also SHIT !

On the single MOTORPENIS there are 3 covertracks featured. What's the reason for using covertracks ?
We've always done that. We just love fucking up other peoples' songs. But that wasn't the reason this time. The bands from which the songs came, are close friends of ours and we love their music. We hope that those bands get a little more atten- tion this way because the really deserve it !

You're currently on the longest tour you've ever done. How do you like it so far?
Really great ! This is one of the highlights of our career. The guys of IMMOLATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE were just fucking great!
I still can't believe how professionally everyting worked with those guys. The audience has also been great! Death metal fans make a hell of a crowd. Black metal fans don't need us and we don't need them!

Tanele Jarva left the band for SENTENCED. He's replaced by Jani Lehtosaari. Where did you get him?
Tanele has spoken with him before he left IMPALED NAZARENE. We knew Jani very well so the deal wasn't hard to make. I think we couldn't have made a better choice.

In the past you've done some songs in Finnish. Why was this?
Well, we haven't done too many songs in Finnish. The song ZUM KOTZEN [LATEX CULT] is in German. Why I do this? Well, someti- mes when I have to come up with lyrics to a song, English just doesn't work and then I'll try another language, like German.

What's your opinion about the current black metal scene?
Nothing. I have nothing to say about black metal. If I have to decide between touring with a death or a black metal band, I choose a death metal band.

So there is some rivalry between death and black metal?
I don't know. The only [thing] I know is that in the black metal scene there's always something going on. I don't see IMPALED NAZARENE as a black metal band. The music and my vocals are influenced by old KREATOR and has nothing to do with black metal.

Typed up by Emiel []. [] are his comments.

Coffin: True Metal Magazine Issue 1 Summer 97