What kind of intro can I have on this band? I can say that ABRUPTUM is a mighty strange Godlike Black Metal band. And their "Satanist tunes" Demo is out now!! I think you can get it by sending 5$ to this address: ABURBTUM c/o Tony "It" Särkkä, Profilv. 8a, 61235 Finspå. Sweden

What's the Abruptum story?
-"The story?...You mean my toes (Somebody save NASE mi!! Ed) Eh-just kidding pal!! ABRUPTUM formed-90 but the idea is very old. It were 3 guys from the beginning but the bassplayer found "gods light" so we kicked him. (in the head)."

What about "the satanist tunes" demo? Is it out yet? How is it compared to the "demo 90"?
-"Yes....It's out at last, we did it in Dec. (Pretty outdated eh? I guess that's half a year now!... Ed) But it fucked out a bit!! It's more original and weird but the sound isn't too good. But it's surely evil and dark!!!!!!!!
Hail darkness!!!!!"

Tell me about your new band LEVIATHAN..................?
-"LEVIATHAN formed in '87 or was it '88 (I wouldn't call it a "new" band..Ed) Our bassplayer falled from a window and lied in coma 'till now. But now we can have re-formed. People can get the "old" rehearsal from: LEVIATHAN c/o Robert Gustafson, Oxhagsv.
1E, 612 32 Finspå, Sweden.. For a blank tape + 3 US$! It's fucking brutal!!!!"

Future plans for ABRUPTUM might be....?
-"WEll... We hope to get an Rec. Deal and that our new demo will be weirder, and more brutal. It'll be our third and we'll do it in summer sometime I guess!! Don't know the name yet but we will keep the Latin for sure!!!"

I've noticed that Finspång has a pretty nice scene. Any bands you'd recommend from your area??
-"That's right! EDGE OF SANITY; PAN-THY-MONIUM; BRËNDËDD come from here, and also TRIMMAD ELG and losta more weird stuff!!! And there's LEVIATHAN (question 3). But this is a Fuckin' little boring place-I hate it!!!!"

Do you praise any special bands...?

Does your lyrix deal with darker things, or do I just get the impression of it...?
-"Yes, our lyrix is about darker things like my mothers nose...Just kidding again... (If you don't stop this kidding I'm gona poison you with a german "kongen av danmark"...ed) No, they are real dark with strange weirdness!! And evil for sure.

Have you done any gigs yet...?
-"No, and we won't!!!!!!!!! Everyone else does - we don't!! We can't either we're only two!!!"

Final words to end of this interview?
-"Thanx pal! True satanist should join "the true satanist horde" now!! For info send 1 IRC or 1$ To: ABRUBTUM/TRUE SAT. HORDE.. c/o Jim "All" Berger, Gamla Byavä 14, 96020 Gunnarsby (Boden), Sweden. And only true satanist please!!!! Girls with big tits write now and enclose a photo of you naked so I can masturbate to it. He, he, he, he!! Am I crazy?? Keep bying Z.A.S.T. Mag forever & and evil is around us!!!"

Ok, guys 'n fags! That's it. Support this nice act and buy their stuff!! The they happen to rule in my ears. And I hope they'll get a record deal soon!!!! Here's some prices:
ABRUPTUM - 90 (Demo 1) + the "Satanist tunes" (Demo 2 - 90) For a blank tape + 3$! Or the "satanist tunes" only for 6$ And a nose!!!!!! Look out for T-shirts!!!!!.