BHOABHAN SIDHE. They started as creators of very sick and impure form of BlackMetal. Suck were first two releases: a promotape "Cocoon Hides The Immortal" and 7"EP "The New Order". The year 1994 brought "Corpse Crater" demo - the sympetic sound-pollution of keyboards only. The form was changed, but the essence has remained the same. K_Os awaits with open arms...
Conscicide Dominus Arcula. To the Impurity in its purest form...

Introduce your band and explain the meaning of its name.
BHAOBHAN SIDHE consists of two participants: Conscicide Dominus Arcula and Aliborn. Our reason of existence is the decay of immortal values. In our reverse crusade we fight these mainly holy values and laws. We are missionaries of Impurity. Our means of communication is music. Dark, foul, syntethic, non-verbal music. BHAOBHAN SIDHE is ancient Celtic and mean "female vampires". Sucking the purity out of your system.

The "New Order" is your first 7"EP. How does the New Order look in your eyes? What is the way to it?
This is not an individual matter. My visions and wishes are irrelevant. Do not expect words of wisdom to come forth out of my mouth. Think. The gate is easily found. The prophecy has always been there. Always keeŻ one eye pointed at th sky. A mirror will show you your destiny. Only the fools do not fear what the future hides.

"Corpse Crater" is your only demo. What is the Corpse Crater?
"Corpse Crater" stands for the connection between past and future events. It grows. In other words: the mass graves will only get bigger. Man is responsible for his own death, now and forever. Besides, collective burial is a beautiful phenomenon, isn't it? How sociable, to rot away in the mud between your "strong" human comrades.

You played in Bestial Summoning before founding B. Sidhe. Memories of that period.
Finallym a black page out of my life! Memories. I enjoyed all the hatred I recieved for playing in this band. Furthermore it was a waste of time. I have no regrets though.

There were rumours that BESTIAL SUMMONING split up because of your suicide. Comments it. Did you try to commit suicide? Why did you fail?
Wrong. There is no link whatsoever between these - both joyful - events. I cut my wrist ages after BESTIAL SUMMONING split up/ due to internal warfare/. I was in search for another place, solitude and inhumanity. I failed because my body was obviously stronger than my will at this time. But mainly I failed becasue I am a failure, and I understand now that my fate includes a longer way of suffering. I'm proud to undergo a more intense punishment when the time is right. I was wrong acting according to my own will. My case is not closed yet.

Another rumour is about your being in madhouse.
False. I had to undergo psychiatric treatments but I was never locked inside an institution. Also I received medicine against depression. Nothing cured me. Still I currently got released from all medical affairs, wich lasted for exactly one year. I was not aggressively insane, so I was never commited.

Do you consider your ebing born in a human shape as a prize or a punishment? Is it enough for your soul to dwell in a human body?
Being born is in all cases a sin against the law of the filth. Humans have no right to live. The scret of life is paying for this sin. Intelligence and emotions are certainly gifts of weakness and punishemnt is hidden inside of this weakness. I am not satified with the human state of being. Why nit? Who could resist the thought of being transformed into for example a worm and regain his impure dignity. Crawling.

So what is the way you would like to die? What comes after death in your belief?
In the panic of the final seconds of the earth. Because if destiny. Speculations on death...My first choice is to be trapped inside an individual habitat as an un imagiable creature. However, eternal emptyness would suit me fine, too False hope.

Now descripe your reigns as a monarch of the world...
I swear by all Impurity that I would destroy the world and wipe away humanity into oblivion. Who will me the power?

What is the strongest feeling within you? Why is it the strongest?
A self-destructive and mind-eating hatred. This seed gets the most water, so it grows in an ussstoppable way. Eternal solitude would kill the seed. Humans feed it.

What do such words as misanthropy, solitude mean to you? Are you a modern hermit?
True misanthropy comes forth out of inborn depravity. You cannot really hate humanity as a whole when you love yourself. Don't love yourself. Stop seeing yourself as something unique.
Don't be fooled, end individuality! Solitude is a blessing. A hermit is a king as well as a slave of his own mind. I'm not quite isolated enough to be called a hermit. Not yet.

What about sex, passion, lust , perversion - their place in your life.
Top priority. I'm obsessed with pornography in all its sick and twisted details. I have a distinct taste for bizzare ways and a strong fetish fir accessories. Wasting seed by masturbation is a virtue.

The perfect, purest evil. Your imagination of it. How can it be reached by humans?
The sadistic, systematic execution of the world population. But there are other things. The end of all feelings. This can be reached.

Future plans concerning B.S. and your life...
Releasing a 7"EP or MCD in the beginning of 1995 and never stop the Impurificatin.

Last words
Kill your own consciousness, wait and hate...
Unternmensch und stolz!

c/o Conscicide
Baerdijk 79
5062 HS Oisterwijk
The Netherlands