Beherit from Finland are one of the most interesting Black Metal acts coming from this land at the moment "Drowing down the moon" is a real masterpiece for me: Much more interesting and better that this bootleg made by Turbo music (facists, stay away!), So I'd liked to write to the guy who formed Beherit, Holocausto. He send me the aswers after a short time, but he was very sorry because at the moment he's homeless, so he hasn't the time to send me longer asnwers. It's a real pity, but what can I do? So read and enjoy!

"Drawning down the moon" is your newest release on Spinefarm Records. A better deal? How is the respnse of your new one?
"Yeah, I think it's a cool deal now because I know personally the dudes in Spinefarm. The response has been pretty good."

Why did Turbo Music put your "Oath of the black blood" demo on vinyl? I think it wasn't that good!
"The oath of black blood" was a bootleg, we didn't want it.

Most songs of your new album are slow and much better. Your voice's also much more agressive I think. Realm Blackmetal now, and no blacknoise anymore?
I don't know, is it real Blackmetal but there's a real feeling. I still like Noiz but hope it's okay.

You use a keyboard too for intro's and the background music. Do you need such effects?
No, not really. But it was a good atmosphere processor.

I read in an Impaled Nazarene interview that Mika cll beherit their "brother band". Do you agree?
100%ly!!! (oh hell yes, this was a good answer!-ed.)

Aren't there too much 'zines. Bad 'zines who destroy the whole scene? Do you think the scene need zines?
Too much zine's, but the scene need zines

I'd like to know (and I think some readers too) what do you think about witchcraft, satanism and other occult stuff!
Very interesting...ODINISM/ASATRU

We can see all day long what we're doing wiith this planet and ourselves. How much time do we need to destroy our earth totally?
One hour and fifteen minutes.

Back to your new album again. Who is Beherit now? Any new members? Who left the band after your "first" LP?
No new members, I'm just alone right now, but I move to Helsinki in a couple of months time and there I know some cool freaks to band.

What is life and death for you?
Life is a party, death is a party (hahah, this is really funny! -ed.).

And a boring question, any plans to release something new next time?
Yeah, a 12" underground release in 1994

What do you think happened after the dead? Do you believe in this "Heaven and Hell" story or is it possible for you to live on earth like a ghost?
Hard!!! Valhalla.

Could you tell me something about Iak Sakkakh?
No, what should I?

What means "The gate of Nanna" or "Nuclear girl"? Is there any message behind such songs?
The gate of Nanna, moon, sin... Necronomicon text. Nuclear Girl - metal ambient, the house of A. Crowley in my mind.

Now let's come to an end! Any last things from you?
Thank you and I want to sent greetings to all my friends in Germany (Yep, thanks also to you for this interview, wich is really short, but I can understand your situation). I have had some problems to do the mail and I am homeless still for two months, all contacts to the new Spinefarm adress.

Spinefarm Records
Arkadiankatu 20b
00100 Helsinki