Here we have an interview with Finnish industrial metaller DOGMEAT. The brain behind this one man band is cool guy called Mikko. Let's hear what he has to say...

Well,Mikko,what's up with DOGMEAT at the moment?
Right now there is so much to tell, that I don't know where to start... Well,though there seems to be quite some time since I released the "Bite" ep via Suggestion Records, I haven't been lazy at all that time. Right now I have actually two releases recorded and waiting to come out (Oh,joy!-HE). First one is mini-cd through italian Purity Records. It's titled "Beautiful" and it includes three new tunes,"Erratic Act","Something Beautiful" and "Oh So Beautiful". The songs are more in the vein of my second demo than the "Bite" ep,though there should be enough aggression for all maniacs,too. The second forthcoming release is a cassette-ep through australian Empire Of Fire. That ep includes four new songs,"Monologue?","Silent Deep","Bite By Bite" and "Ultimate". These songs are perhaps a bit more relaxed,in a weird sort of rock'n'rollish way. The sound is a bit different from "Beautiful",though they are recorded in the same place (S'hole Studios). I'm very satisfied with both of these releases,I just can't wait for them to come out (I also can't wait-HE),so that others can check them out too. They both will hopefully be out before summer. I guess the "Bite" ep has sold relatively well. I haven't heard from Suggestion for a long time though. I still have some left,in case anyone is interested.

Onko kauheaa,jos joku teista mokaa lavall?
Yeah right, I guess I'll just skip this,'cause I don't have anything stupid enough to say right now. Perhaps it is.

Isn't it hard to play in a band where you are the only member? I mean in a "normal" band you've got more members to help out with writing music and lyrics. Now it's just you.
I don't think it's any harder writing-wise. I always write most of the material that I'll play wheather it's a "real" band or just me. I do play in band,we play some sort of twisted '70's influenced semi-proge stuff,and for that band I've made all of our songs. Of course the arranging process is easier and faster as you don't have to make every part,e.g. in a band you can tell the drummer what style he should play,and then he just plays it. No boring programming needed. But I like to make it all by myself sometimes too,that's why I do this,it's fun and challenging. But as I have to answer all my mail and these bloody boring interviews (Hey,watch it!-HE) (ha,only kidding of course Halldor,my friend) it sometimes gets boring.

Another thing that must be difficult are gigs. Have you done any yet? If so,how were they. If not,are there any plans to do so?
No,I don't do gigs as DOGMEAT,with my "real" band we've done one. DOGMEAT will remain as a studio-project.

What do you do when you're not playing/writing music?
That should be enough for me, I wouldn't want to do anything else,but I guess I have to as I need money also. Right now I work as a trainee at a local newspaper,and in autumn I wish to get to study.

What are your lyrics about,and are the important to you?
My lyrics are mostly about my feelings. Most of them include quite a lot of negativity, I guess I just let those bad things out this way. Some of the lyrics kinda have some kind of message,e.g. I'm pleased how the ending of "Shrouded Tears" turned out,with some positivity too. The lyrics are important to me to a certain extent,they will never be as important as the music, but in times I am very critical in what I choose to sing/growl about. So sometimes writing the lyrics can be quite hard.

What are your feelings about the following:
Korsenkorva Vodka? I've never liked it so much like some finnish (And Icelandic-HE) people seem to,but I've drank it quite a lot anyway.But generally I don't like alcohol that strong,mainly it's beer or wine. Nowadays I've decided not to drink any alcohol (What?!?!?-HE), so this stuff belongs to my past.
Lapin Kulta Beer? One of my favorite beers (Mine too-HE),but I don't drink beer either nowadays (You're weird-HE).
Miki Berenyi of LUSH? Ha...Halldor,how could you,you naughty boy? Miki is my wet dream, though some may wonder why... But I've always been weak for a beautiful clean female singing and exotic looks that this girl certainly has. And besides being good looking she plays some nice guitar too.
Tracii Lords? This makes me smile a lot,'cause as you probably know she's decided to be a singer now... A real techno queen,ha... Well,her films (the porno ones,I guess she's acted in some others lately,too?!) are quite allright,though she's not my favorite in the field of porno.
Porno movies? I don't really watch these that often,as anyway in my opinion doing it is always nicer than just watching...

Your deal with Suggestion Records,is it only for the 7"?
Yeah,the deal with Suggestion was only for that 7",as these newer ones are also only for that one release. So after those two new releases are out,I'm free for any labels again (a hint,a hint,ha ha!!!!)

Give three good reasons why people should order your 7"...
Ehm,these are quite boring,but they're my three:1) Hurry,as it will soon become a collector's item. (You'll be the lucky one to own my first vinyl and then you can brag about it to your friends when I'm filthy rich and famous). 2) It's probably your last chance to hear the real-thrashy and filthy sounding DOGMEAT,as my new stuff is awful sell-out wimpy shit with all this beautiful singing and almost all no growl (yeah,right). 3) It's a damn good release,ask Halldor if you don't believe me! (He's right,it's damn good!-HE)

What do you think of the Finnish scene? What are the best and what are the worst bands?
I don't actually follow the underground scene that much,which is a damn shame on me,as there are many good bands. There's no point in telling what I don't like as it's all a matter of taste. But here's a short list of my favorites:F,UNHOLY,SOULGRIND, PAKENI,XYSMA etc. And these are not actually that underground anyway,most of them have an album or more out already...

What do you think about the EEC?
Don't know what to say... The finnish people voted out country to EC last fall,so we're there nowadays. It's a shame how little I follow politics and stuff like that. Being a member of EC surely does some things easier for Finland,but some not. It's quite hard to tell...

Describe your inner most sexual fantasy?
Hmh,I'm not that eager to share it with all you perverts,but it includes all these silly clothes,weird positions,funny places and lots of women... And a real care for each other is important too,really!

Is alcohol your biggest influence? If not,what is?
No,definitely not,as I managed to get rid of it and I'm still going strong - in fact stronger than in ages! Alcohol is just a bad vibe for me,it messes up my mind totally,so at least temporarily I'm out of it! I guess I just have this need to play,it's just as simple as that. I like to hear and listen to my own music,and if there wouldn't be anybody to release it,I'd still do it for my own pleasure. But surely it is satisfying and inspiring if someone else likes it too. And I would lie to you if I said that I'd rather listen to a cheesy tape recorded with a cheesy deck in my cheesy room than a cd recorded in real-rock star studio.

No oletteko sitten ansainneet rahaa bandinne avulla?
Hell no,but it's a good hobby,so why not spend some money on it. The money wouldn't last anyway. And I'd rather spend the money on promoting my band than buy a new set of hockey gear for myself (ha ha). (I've heard stories of finnish hockey teams,ha ha-HE)

Last words,what you've got for sale,etc.
There's nothing that much to add,I really really really thanks you Halldor for letting me spoil your pages (Nothing to it-HE). It's always delightful to do that you know?!

DOGMEAT stuff availble:
"A Prayer To The Dog" demo for 5 US$ or your own tape+2-3 IRC's from the bands address only!!!
"Bite" 7"ep for 5 US$ in Europe,6 bucks elsewhere and soon out also: "Beautiful" mini-cd !!Ask for details and price!!!
"Deep" cassette ep !!!Ask for details and price!!!

You can contact Mikko at the following address:
DOGMEAT,c/o Mikko Muranen,
Ruskokuja 2 as.,
17200 Vaaksy,

the "Bite" 7"ep is also available from:
P.O.Box 1403,
58285 Gevelsberg,

"Beautiful" mini-cd soon out from:
Via Alteni 12,
10046 Poirino (TO),

"Deep" (cassette ep) will be out on:
P.O.Box 244,
Kedron QLD 4031,