Funeral Winds

Here we have an interview with Dutch black metallers FUNERAL WINDS. They are one of the best black metal bands to come out of Holland and they certainly seem to have a bright future a head of them. The questions were answered by the liar of Golgotha himself, vocalist Gorgoroth.

So what's up with FUNERAL WINDS at the moment?
We are very busy making new songs for our full-lenght album for Lethal Records,seven songs are already ready now. We will record it very soon now.

Why did F.W. break up at one time and why did you form LIAR OF GOLGOTHA?
There were some personal troubles in the band,especially between Hellchrist Xul (guitar) and Esteban (drums). Hellchrist Xul didn't want to work with Esteban anymore,so I had formed my own band L.O.G. first as a one man band but later I asked Esteban to play drums,everything was going well between me and Esteban, so I asked Hellchrist Xul if he was interested to try it again with FUNERAL WINDS. Everything was going good but we got again troubles with Esteban and his childish image so we kicked him out and we found a new drummer. I also kicked Esteban out of L.O.G.,so that band will now be a one man project band forever now.

The LIAR OF GOLGOTHA ep has a speech by Hitler (or someone) at the end,are you guys Nazis or something?
It isn't Hitler speaking but J.Goebels. I'm not a Nazi but I like the war! It was great to see hundreds of people die. That ep was a pure Anti-Peace release.

How is your relationship with other Dutch bands?
I don't want to have contact with a lot of false bands here. I'm in contact with Apator (god of gods-HE),Occult and Liar In Wait. (That last name somehow rings a bell...-HE)

What are your feeling about the following Dutch bands:
Engraved? I'm not in contact with them anymore because Vorpherous has put Xul after his name,but he's not a member of the Xul legion. The guys Vorpherous and Nympherous were O.K. but they also have two disco hippies with sport clothes in the band and so on,so I'm not interested in that band anymore.
Apator? Hail brother! Hope to play soon together again.
Occult? In the last years we were not really good friends with them. But then we played again with them in Belgium and they are cool guys.
Gorefest? The most false band in the world. I had some fights with the drummer because they were talking shit about Euronymous. The last time I met their drummer I gave him a beer with 0,20 beer and 0,15 my piss in the bottle,ha ha. What a nice beer,he he. (That was not very polite of you to do that-HE)
Necroschizma? I'm not interested in that band.

How is a typical F.W. live show?
It's pure mayhem (Who?-HE) on stage, we are cutted on stage,black candles,fireblazing and such things. Wait and see!

What is the best porno film you've ever seen? Could you describe some of the more extreme scenes in it?
I can't remember the name anymore (Shame on you!-HE),but the dick of the man was bleeding and such things. It was really extreme.

What are your beliefs? Why did you become interested in this kind of beliefs?
Satanism is for my 100% my belief. For me there is a god and a devil,but all the weak holiness is destroyed. Most people are saying that it is stupid to believe in such things,the fucking LaVey heads!! I don't fucking care,we worship our dark lord!

Have you never thought of including a keyboard player to your band?
No,never! What bands/albums made you wanna play black metal?
The first three Bathory albums.

What bands would you mostly like to tour with?
Dark Funeral (Hail Ahriman) or to play with Ancient Rites again (we shall drink more Funeral Winds Pinten,Gunther).

If you could put together the ultimate black/death metal band,who would you pick as the members? Pick 1 vocalist,2 guitarists,1 bassist,1 drummer and 1 keyboard player.
Hell,what a difficult question: on vocals Dead (r.i.p.) of the true Mayhem, on guitars Euronymous (r.i.p.) also of the true Mayhem and Hellchrist Xul of Funeral Winds,on bass Abbath Doom Occulta of Immortal,on drums Bard Faust who used to be in Emperor and on keyboards Benjamin of Cradle Of Filth.

The future plans of FUNERAL WINDS and LIAR OF GOLGOTHA...
With F.W. to record the "Godslayer Xul" album and to do a lot of more gigs. With L.O.G. to record the mini-album "Winter Returns" for Witching Hour Productions.

Last words,what you've got for sale,etc...
Thanks for the interview Halldor (Nothing to it-HE),order this stuff now:
Funeral Winds-"Resurrection..." cassette e.p. $6,F.W.-7"e.p. $6,
F.W./Abigail split cd $17,F.W.-"Live In Poland" video $17,
F.W.-"Screaming For Grace" t-shirt $17,
Liar of Golgotha-"The Seventh Winter" 7"e.p. $6,
L.O.G.-re-release of the 7"e.p. on cassette $5.

You can contact Gorgoroth at the following address:
c/o Gorgoroth,
Biezeveld 34,
3085 RE Rotterdam,
The Netherlands.