Quite interesting to see a band crossing from the dark industrial setting into a black metal one... it was inevitable, I suppose. Anyway, MZ.412 succeed in creating some interesting harsh experiences... however things are not always as the seem...

To start, I admit that I was a bit surprised to see an established industrial band take up some of black metal's trappings. Usually it is the other way around (save that it is normally moronic kids whom take up a Casio keyboard)... why the corpse paint? What does it signify to MZ.412, simply a mask or is it something more?
The (corpse) war-paint serves two purposes: 1. You get another feeling of "being". Behind your mask you can easier release your true feelings and powers... 2. We can't show our true faces, people would recognize us and destroy us. It's a was we're fighting... the enymy is everywhere.

Also, apparently the interest in Satanism is a recent development in MZ.412 as well. What attracted you to the treasures it's paths hold (whatever forms), and is this merely a phase brought on from the standart black metal "evil" attitude or something much more developed and real?
The interest is not new, I have always been into the BLACK ARTS. It is not just image or some "evil attitude", we practice magic to gain power over people's sub-conscious, and make them realize that they have been fooled by our Judeo-Christian society. What we are trying to do is raise awarenes and force people to act!

Is Satanism, to you, a form of worship of a "higher" power or or a philosophical path? How do you feel about the flip side of the coin from where you stand, or is your impression of the art something different?
"Satanism" is more philosophical path. Christianity is the greatest lie on earth, it's fascinating how many people who have "bought" it's lies! If goes totally against the true nature of man and it tells you to suffer throughout your whole life. The only way to make things right is to fight against Christianity-based morals and laws based on Christian values/traditions. We must break down the society and start over again with new values and new laws. The war has just begun...

I find that term "Satanism" is too general a term, to me it brings to mind a worhtless desert religion that is a bit hard for me to understand. I'm sure that for northern man such as youreself the worship of a Judaic myth must be a bit confusing at times, right? After all it seems to be a bit foreign to your blood...
True! "Satanism" is maybe not the best word for our beliefs... but we use the infernal names in our rituals and base (partly) our beliefs on Church of Satan philisophy... We, People of the North, also have a mythical background which is very important to us, the Asatru. I think I could call "our way" a mix of ancient magick/northern mythology/satanism and racial awareness.

You are also taking the name of a great classic occultic power as your own.... Shaitan (also a Judaic based concept). What is the purpose of this? Isn't it a bit dangerous.... or perhaps it is a bit more appropriate than most people would think? You tell me?
Well, let me give you a comparison: "Hell" is a Christian myth, plain bullshit made up to scare people with. Still we use the word to scare people! You can use Christian myths to scare Christians with... "Shaitan" represents evil in the Judaic-dogma, and evil is what we will bring to them!

Your current album is entitled "Burning the Temple of God" and also one of your members is imprisoned for the attempting the same act.... what do you find beneficial about burning down a church? After all the insurance money allows the christians to build up new ones almost immediately...... do you really think this harms the christian faith as a whole at all? Seems a bit hopeless to me beyond a symbolic action.
"Burning the temple" (the title) is more a symbolic name for the album (We will burn his temple down together with his nonsense-bible!). Torching churches is not something I recommend unless there is a thought behind... here in Scandinavia the Christians killed people who didn't want to become Christians (where didn't they do that?) and built churches on the previous holy sites. On places where a church is places directly over an ancient northern cult site, it is our right to reclaim and de-christianize that piece of land! Hail Valhalla!

How do you feel about the popular concept (within blak metal) of waging a "War against christianity" through music? To me this seems to be the quivalent of "preaching to the already converted"... otherwise, hopeless. Do you really believe that through such inaccessible forms of music as extreme metal and industrial that christianity will be vanquashed? I think this is ridiculous and a pipe dream... one should focus only upon themselves and very few whom really mean something to them.... after all society is in a downfall already, right? Why not just ride it out with a smile?
Interesting point of view... I think you can motivate people thru music, making them more confident that what we are saying is the truth. I do not think you can erase Christianity thru music, that war must be fought on other levels...

Apparently (according to your interview in Karmanik's newletter, there are a few "guys from the black metal scene" in MZ.412... also MARDUK is thanked on your Cd, something I find quite surprising. How did you wonder into the black metal crowd? Also, can you introduce us to the two previously mentioned individuals as well as the other two members of MZ.412?
We got into the black metal scene thru friends... we also had problems with people leaving us for other projects. When we were looking for replacements, it felt natural to offer those "B.M. friends" the chance to join us, as they shared our beliefs...
(I will not discuss MZ.412 members further due to personal safety)

Under what circumstances were the tracks for "Burning the Temple of God" recorded? You mentioned that you incorporate rituals and invocations into your songs... this reminds me of another Swedish band (black metal that is) called ABRUPTUM. Are you using qabbalic system as might be suggested by your imagery?
We record song/parts of songs during actual ritual. I will not further discuss the nature of the rituals as it would effect the magick.

Interesting to learn that you intented to cover a DARKTHRONE track on one of your albums... great idea! I know it hasn't been done yet.... tell me more about MZ.412's future and current plans.
We had plans recording a DARKTHRONE cover but we didn't get it right... besides it's almost impossible to make D.T. song better than the original version - so what's the use of doing it? Right now we are compiling old MZ.412 material for the re-release of the "Malfeitor" LP on CD. It will (probably) contain 6-8 unrealesed old (remastered ) songs... I'm also working with Roger K on the design of the "Burning the temple..." CD. The first edition (412 copies) has a black plastic cover, so we're doing the orignal cover now.

I am wondering if you are planning to play live performances... from reading about what the tracks are truly based upon (invocations, etc.) I imagine this could end up being a very incredible event to see. Tell me what your preformances shall hold.
Live performances will be held during 1996 in Germany. The performance will include ritual, theatrical epilgues, sacrifice and lots of (christian) blood!

Also, you mentioned that you already have another albums worth of material prepared following "B.T.T.O.G.". Which direction(s) will the band head on this next release..... towards a more metal sound or further into the destructive nihilistic where you now dwell?
The future sound will be somewhere between the industrial ambience and black metal... "TRUE SWEDISH BLACK INDUSTRIAL" , mixing the ambient black soundscapes with harsh voices and battling drums and guitars!

Your music is quite destructive and raw.... yet soothing at the same moment (to me anyways). Where do you gain inspiration musically? Are there any particular bands or musicans whom stand the test of time to continue to fuel your creativity? Whom do you find to be the most interesting at the moment, if not the most important or generally recognized?
We make music "instant"= we do not rehearse or pre-write any material. We get together, brainstorm, prepare the ritual, improvise rhythms, etc... until we get into the right mood. Then we structure our "broth" and mix/record it. This way we get only our own feelings (and hopefully the called upon entities) into our music... inspiration is no problem- the war against the judeo - christian society gives us more inspiration than we need. Most interesting at the moment (answered by all 4 of us) WONGRAVEN, DěDHEIMSGARD, DOWNLOAD, BRIGHTER DEATH NOW, IMMORTAL, BENEATH THE MOOR.

There has been some argument over the past few years in certain Satanic circle over the topic of Satanism + Fascism/NS.... there seems to be a segment whom feel the two have nothing to due with each other, Do you agree with me when I describe the perfect purely Satanic empire as not being a democracy but rather a hierarchal, aristocratic, fascist system? Or perhaps total anarchy might be more appropriate... what is you view of a perfect society?
The perfect society is a society based upon the ancient beliefs of that region, not based upon some other (Judaic) tradition, that means that we have to de-christianize the whole Scandinavians... it is not logical that, for examble, as african man should worship and celebrate the old Nordic traditions/gods... he has his own gods! Some might call this fascism, we call it "Right people at the right place." (And by the way, "Satanic Empires" are just fantasies.)