Right! We do kick of with alot of interviews this time, but what's a man to do when you receive 23 1/2 intie per week? (A bit overdone, but what the ze hekk!) It's those Colombian deathsters MASACRE yeah, I really do hope they get an album out soon, must shredd and desecrate every individual on thy globe...Insane!! But why am I talkin' bulls-shit, when you can read this informative sickening interview I made with Bull???

I read someplace that you had a 25-30 minute long song. Has it been recorded and released?
-"I think you read it in SLAYER Mag 7! (Where have we heard that name?...Ed.) Well, a long time ago we were thinking on the possibillity to make this long song. But on the end we never did it at all."

What about the deal between you and DSP? Anything turning out?
-"Euronymous and DSP are interested to make an LP with MASACRE. We are also very interested but 'til now nothing has turned out.... We are still waiting, we don't want to hurry up things. Hey Euronymous...We're still waiting!!!"

How is the Colombian scene?? I hear you didn't have any 'zines....?
-"The Colombian scene is growing up fast, lot of bands, lots of 'Zines and Radio shows...............................We have some great mags as NECRO METAL; BESTIAL MASSACRE; SLAUGHTER 'zine and I'm working on my mag called BREAKING THE SILENCE. And on a Radio show also!!!!!!!"

What kinda reviews do you get in 'zines? Are there mostly bad, or mostly good?????
-"All reviews on mags about MASACRE have been very positive ones. Some said that our 1st demo had bad sound and that's true...but wait to hear our new demo.. It's killer!!!!!"

Future plans might be?
-"We will make an LP with "Strangelation records" from France...We will go to studios maybe in April or May. And we're waiting for D.S.P. also."

Would you consider the idea of starting a band called "The colombian blues brothers"????

-"Why not!!! Or maybe "the milky massacre party fuckers of hellish storm from apocalyptic condom war" Don't ya like it?? (Indeed, I must say so indeed!!!...Ed) I think it's catchy!! Hehe! He!! He!!!

Besides of Kylie Monoques, who is your fave bands?
-"What the hell is Kylie Monoque?? A socks trade mark or what?? Well, we love lots of great bands. I love almost all underground bands. But I love also heavy metal and old rock bands!!!!"

Any people you'd like to hail??
-"Yeah!! Hy, eh, sorry.. Hail my brother Euronymous and the killer guys in MAYHEM. Also to you and him and them and those and there and that & it and everyone who's reading all stupid things I'm answering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Speak of death? Or "last words" if you prefer?
Another catchy (catchy rigth! My ears turned in to kabel TV!!...Ed) scream from Bull Metal!!!!! Thans alot for this funny interview and for your cool support HÅVARD..... I think Norway is God, or maybe God's home.. Or satan's home.. Or a.. Hey Bull, you're talking Bull-shitt!! Write to me! Buy our new demo. And help MASACRE 'till DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Allright Gays and other nice creatures!! As you might have realized this intie is over, and what can you do when I demand you to buy their new demo which is more or less godly one!!!!!! That's 5 eifel bux!!!!! As well as you as for T-shirts which needed eveybory needs T-shirt from a sick band... So wont'about getting in touch with colombias godliest god band like this: MASACRE c/o Mauri cio Montoya, AA 056642 Medellin, Colombia.