"Ecstacies over Dreaming Lady" is the title of debut CD of Poland's pride MY INFINITE KINGDOM. Get it through No Colours Rec. if you want enchantsment, temptation, evil fantasies and fairytales, entire gratifications in the deepest pain, darkest delights.
The Gates were open by Prince Mar Hellfrost:

There are worlds never known, there are places never found and lands never discovered. The you can find MY INFINITE KINGDOM. Some unknown elements temptate us, we do not defend and transform the Emotion. We: Prince Mar Hellfrost, Unholy Sirkis, Thorn Chors and Curche Sabesthor.

What is My Infinite Kingdom?
My destiny, the end. There is no more pain, life changes into shadow and I roam. Lost.

What are the Meantime and the Time After Time used in your biography. Any links with the Time Before Time?
The Time Before Time was before us and is of no interest to us. We use to call our epoch the Meantime. It ends when we reach the gate. Behind is the unknown. After our time, beyond our imagination.

You have just recorded your debut CD "Ecstasies over Dreaming Lady". Tell me about it.
It is a fairy-tale. The fairy-tale remembered by old stones, heard by rivers and seen by trees. Listen carefully to the wind blowing, rain descending and bird singing, they will tell you.

Who is the Dreaming Lady?
The Dreaming Lady is a princess I see in my dreams, to whom I sigh in the painland. She rests in the lake. She sleeps and awaits for a man to awake her. No one wants/or is able/ to do it, as the lake will take over everything with a man itself. And there is only one such lake...

There is only one way to MY INFINITE KINGDOM. Why?
There are many ways, as different are paths people follow. But this one must be called oblivion, devotion, obsession, fascination, dream.

There is a Third Era, as well. Red, short and the last...
This is just the other expression of an inflow of the lake. This may be bloody, it may happen in a few seconds and this may be the last as Unknown awaits behind...

You cal your music the Black Nostalgia of Meantime. Why Nostalgia?
This is a strange Nostalgia. Nostalgia for the future. for the gate, for the Infinite Kingdom I believe in, for the unknown feeling of realization. This Nostalgia brings me pain, so it shows me the truth. I stop thinking and start feeling only. I stop pretending, throw the mask out and see my true self. Such pain is like Catharsis.

Why Black Nostalgia? Is your music still Black Metal?
Yes, this is still "Black Metal", and rather a different, new face of it. Why? Because it reflects my true darkself.

You call yourselves a Slavonic band. I have not noticed that in general conceptions of the band...
Estimating history does not belong to us. We are only pale shadows appearing and vanishing in a stream of time. Those, who are interested in history of slavonic lands often forget that it is also created by fairytales and legends full of the old wisdom of our ancestors. The slavonic spirit of MY INFINITE KINGDOM is hidden just there. We use many topics from that old storehouse, e.g. a theme of princes in the lake is based on the old popular legends about temptating beautiful nymphs.
Finally, the song "Dreams of War" is lyrically seperated from the rest. Just listen to the first lines, they explain what follows...

And what is Poland for you?
This is my other mother, I was growing up under her wings. Now she feeds me and needs me, I think. I have this in my heart, that this is our ancestors native soil. They lived, fought and died here. So I will do. Well, days of another fight are coming. Figthing filth, scum and fascists.

We forgot about the Evil. Did, does, will it exist as the pure one?
Evil always was, still exists and will foreever be. Anyway, I cannot imagine the pure Evil, as in the greatest of the greatest Evil I experienced, I felt touches of Good, like every Good os not pure and hides some drops of Evil.

Your final comments...

Darkness on the roads I follow
Makes me closed inside
This land is called Pain
Where my dreams wander
My body desires
And blood burns

I was there, I am, I know I will be

As I am the part of it
Creator and Master
Wind carries away my world
I leave

No Colours
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04541 Borna

c/o Jaroslaw Luczak
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