Vomit forth blood, speak your sacrifice, and know the dark tounges well if you are to understand the next most blasphemous phrases. These defilers are blackness in the extreme, reveling in much blood and praise all things that crawl only at the night. I am satanically blessed to have the most extreme occult band in Texas enlighten me. Read carefully, and understand the recipe for murder, for Equitant of ABSU knows it well..

Your bio says when you were formed etc., but when did you take the most evil guissssses you now posses? Perhaps demon possession or something like that gave you the long and aptly evil titles?
Our names are occult inspired. Each name has its own meaning known only to those!! Ave Immortals!!

How has support been in your local area? Are there good turnouts and to people seem to get into your music or do they just sorta stand around?
Its not the best support, most of them are into grind and have no clue of what we are about and what we are. Most of the people get into the show. I guess that is cool. We could rather be playing in Europe somewhere.

What do you thin about the local trend towards "black metal"? Just a phase, or do you thin it is the new style that will be prevalent?
Well, I don't think it is a trend. Yes, there are more and more black metal bands everyday. Every black metal band that I have heard is great so far!! If the bands stay original, its fine with me. I think the best ones are bands like ABRUPTUM, NECROMANTIA, the avant-garde black/occult metal. Greek bands are the best!!

On the topic of black metal, what do you think of Norway's MAYHEM and BURZUM launching all out war on the church of idiots and other bands, namely the most godly IMPALED NAZARENE and BEHERIT?
I really like the music from MAYHEM/BURZUM. And lots of other Norwegian black metal. They can fight with christians etc. if the want. I don't agree with them fighting with BEHERIT/IMAPLED NAZARENE. It is totally childish shit!! (unite against the christian oppressor, fight da power!!! blaash) Grow up gys!!

What has been your most brutal show this far? Did people actually die, or was there just a lot of violence? Maybe a seance or summoning?
Only moonworships, fire, spikes, and an evil atmosphere.. Darkness!!!

Your lp is out or will be out soon, yes? What other merchandise do you currently have avaible?
Yes, out lp/cd (mini) called "Barathrum.." will be out soon on Gothic/Osmose production. It is seven tracks of mythological occult metal. A hymn to the infrnal skies!! We have our old 7"ep "The Temples of Offal" '91 for 6$ world wide. Write to Gothic Records. Also, we have our side band, Equimanthorn demo/promo '92, of total evil avant-garde occult metal. Send blank tape matrial. Hails!!

What would you do if somebody calling himself christ would told you to bow and worship him?
That would never happen. HE IS DEAD.

Your lyrics and flyers seem to lean towards a dark, gothic aura of doom and deth. Does this mean you do not approve of female corpse molestation, necrophilia and goat worship, as is the standard with a good deal of bands these days?
Our lyrics are about occult subjects. Tarot, mythology, witchcraft, magic/sorcery, ancient times and the eternal silver moon. I approve of goarworship. But I think that gore lyrics are fucking stupid!! No meaning just boring shit!!

What are other notable bands in the area of Texas that you know of or have played with?
KATHONIK (gods), DIVINE EVE, MAGUS (rip), AZATOTH, and some others. I wish we could have played with NECROVORE in the early days.

Any tour in the works? What does the immediate future hold?
We have talked about some touring, but not in the near times to come.

When death finally takes you, what do you think will happen?
Eternal sleep. NOTHING MORE.

You said in your bio that your music will be going in a new direction.. Perhabs you could elucidate and give us a few hints of what is to come?
Yes, after the lp come out. We will begin on new material. It will be more to the roots of black/death. More mystical and evil. With lots of synths. And other new things. Wait and see what is to come forth!!

Do the band members lead normal lives? Or is it non-stop holy defilement even after the poetic deathly music is played, like the fanatics in Norway?b
I don't know, we always hail the evil and darkness though.

What do you think of the more commercial and technical bands like deicide, cantaloupe corspe and malevolent insemination?
DEICIDE ok, I guess. They are a bit cheesy with their "satanic image". I like their music.
I don't like CANNIBAL CORPSE or MALEVOLENT CREATION, total shit!! (finally somebody who agrees with me at least a little...blaash)

The moon seems to play a particularly ncessary role in all evil occurrences, could you enlighten the many christian boys and girls out there?
The moon is worshipped, forever!!!!

What does the titles of your upcoming album mean? A trick incantation???
It means "The Abyss - Visit the Inner Earth to find Occultism in the Hidden Stone." It is latin. It fits us.

What do you thik the actual edibility of the human body is, a lot of bands sing about it, I was wondering what your opinion on the matter is?
No comment

Blessed by the dark filth I am, for I now close these minor rambling in the form of blasphemic scripture!! Please feel free to say as your heart does feel... and thanks 100000 times!! I hope to see you in Houston or Dallas soon. Please keep me informed if you are opening for Dismember or Incantation when they come...
I hail you Blaash!!! My Texas brother of the black abyssia!!! Thanks for the interview. Stay evil my brother. Hope to meet soon!! Evil ones are to write us at Absu.


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