The following, is an interview with Varg Vikernes. The Only one person performing in the band "Burzum". I guess no further introduction is needed, since "The Count" are known worldwide for his threathening answers in several interviews and his actions here in Norway. This one, by the way, was done while Varg was waiting his sentence...


Well, of we go, Varg-man.. Once and for all; would you consider yourself as a "satanist", a heathen, anything else or simply nothing??
-A heathen, but as I'm an opponent of the ludicrous "god" of the effete 'n innept jews, "satanist" can also be used as a correct term for me. (well, well..-ed) I really don't care what people call me. I'm a Norwegian with Norwegian moral. As simple as that. I'm not nothing, I'm everything. Boasting and arrogance are apart of my spirit, my nature. "Norwegianess".
But a lot for people have doubted your knowledge concerning your "out'er"-image, which indeed seems "satanic". Anything you would like to say to those human-beings?
-People read christian's interpretationerroneous interpretation- and misconception of my splednid equivocative utterings. I know my outer image is beyond any truth, but I ingore the fact and continue with my propagnada as before, thought a bit less confusing and equivocative to avoid being misunderstood by mortal men. I say to them; reason and think Norse.

I wouldn't say that corpse-paint is the best propoganda ever, and words should be strong enough to stand alone without a visual reflection of the "victim". Anyhow, we continue this round speaking of astral experiences.. I personally, wouldn't have told anyone, Varg, but maybe you'd like to share your 'viewsI/experiences on it with the readers..
-What's so secret about astral projections? (my reality I do keep inside..-ed) Every person who sleep, experience astral projections. It's the only way to load energy into our ætheric and astral body. It's nature. I have no problems telling you I've had many astral and ætheric projections in my concious state and also an NDE, but I see no point going in detail about it.

How are you able to develope body, spirit and mind within the concrete walls of the prison?
-Development of body occurs when training material arts and lifting weights+jogging in the prison ye-ard whenever I want to. I do about three times a week, so that's my bodily development. Spirit and mind develope when reading books, during self-hypnotic regression therapy, astral and ætheric projections and by the adversity one one experience in prison. Four months on total isolation, made me confused but it hardened me alot. Today I would never be without that time in "everlasting" solitude.
Also I socialize with alot of strange people. That's very informative communication. In prison you find the biggest loosers, but also the most brave and courageous. Vast amount of experience to reason over.

Please tell us your views on women and your feelings about sowing the seeds for next genaration?
-By study of the EKTOPSYCHIC system I can tell female are lesser being than males, but we are mutually interdependent so even though they're much worth as males to our evolution. Females let emotions, control their behaviour, while males reason principally. Reason control our emotions, thus reason is above. Men over women.
Women may be as intelligent as men, but their feelings are in charge almost without exeptions. With reason I won't panic. With emotions in control I will. That's why women have their hysterical reaction to the least danger-mostly. In our contemporary, the Northern race almost faces obliteration due to internationalisation. Bastardisation of nations; races and cultures. So I'm proud to be a with arian man with a white arian daughter (she to have a white arian mother). (most likely..-ed) It's a bit sick and repulsive but to tell the truth, I would like to have most possible white arian children just to save my own race. I feel it's my duty to let there be Norse also in a hundred, or to suit the situation, let's say in "A 1000 YEARS", and forever man exist...
I'm proud of my blue eyes, dark blond hair (coloured black? who said proud??-ed), and white skin. If I know love, it is love for my own race and culture (heathen) and landß The once proud Norway!!!!! Today women have no pride, No self respect, and I hate them for that. Truly. But still I love 'em...... True reason though. Norske jenter over alle!!
Well, that's all for Varg's twisted, as many would proclaim, personality. Another "subject" wich interested me a lot with this burzum'ist, was his different attitudes and opinions on some topics. I was about to say that this also, in reality, goes under one's personality, but what the on..


In your opinin, what is Mother Earth's destiny like?
-"In primam Figuram". Our earth will die sooner or later. Die and turn to dust. Still we are all one and all in all eternity. Another world will always come for us to settle in. Our spirit is forever.
As subtle æther, as Odin the water of the wise.

And now; for a question, asketh abd answered in Norwegian..: Du kaller deg "Pannestjernens Høvding". (om eg ikkje tar feil) I Snorre's Edda, er panneststjerner betegnelsen for øyne. Har dette sammenheng med Cymophane/Eye 1,2, osv? Hva vil du frem til med dette øyet, og hvilke sammenhenger vil det brukes i?
-Pannestjernens Hofding er som du sier, Øyets høvding, og vestlendingen Varg. På Lidskjalv sitter en gammel mann, enøyd, høy og tynn, og på sitt hode har ham hatt. Met sitt ene øye ser han alt som skjer der ute i den vide verden. Ja, tilmed dugg som i dalene faller!
Haner ringenes herre og Draupne er ringen "En ring til å herske" - Odin.
Cymophane er en edelsten formet som et øye. Brun-rød, brun-grønt eller brun. (NS-farge). "Kymo-phane" er gresk, og betyr "Bølge som kommer", og her tales det selvsagt om den hedenske bølge som skal skylle over og legge "guds" syke rike I ruiner. Den brune bølge. NS
Eye 001 & Eye002 osv., er burzum's øyne pannestjernens høvding. Kanskje kan Varg eller Valfar gjennom Varg se med disse øyne? I alle fall vil mitt øye stirre olmt på enhver som har det i sitt hjem, og derfra kanalisere inntrykk til eierens underbevisshet. (ja, det vil vi så gjerne tro..-ed) Mal et øye på veggen, og høvdingen ser deg. Vil du vite mer? (tja..)
OK, øyets høvding er således en hedensk høvding. Vargens stamme er de som støtter ham. Fenriz er Varg's stolte bror og skald over alle skalder. SKALDEKONGEN. Harald, alias Demonaz, er også Varg's bror og den hæ som først fulgte med til sverd-tinget for fire år siden sammen med ulvhednen Varg. Sammen er vi en herlig treenighet (hvem sa trekant??-ed) som alrdi kan brytes. De første er samlet slik Allfar og sine to brødre samlet seg i opphavs tider. Historien skal gjenta seg! Den store jotne kalt "gud" skal drepes, og Aasagaard skal igjen bygges. Odin er "Immortal" på en "Darkthrone" i "Burzum"!!!! Aldri skal han stige ned eller dø hen og vissne vekk. Burzum er lyset, de ynkelige kristnes mørke!!! Jotnenes død!!!! Når det skjer, er ikke jeg lenger Varg.

Back to the good 'ol english.. "A green Norway for white people". Are these white people heathens only?
-I believe in pureness. A pure heathen white arian Norway green (???-ed) as plants can ever be. There shall be no christian dust left in our Norway- or a christian thought. Ay, only heathens.

"I expect from children like Enslaved, that they pull themselves together, and not to let them "be moved" by their love for my enemies", was a sentence you once used. What lies behind this statement?
-When my enemy, the commie-rat, fell, in a most dishonourble way into whatever death may hide, they among others mourned. Samoth of Emperor for instance, cried while telling Mortiis the splindid news. Such behaviour is pathetic, and it surprised me that these people are so christian in emotianal nature. I doubt Enslaved ever suck that low, but they mourned and acted childish. Still I reckon they also did pull themself together and realized the truth; Survival for the fittest!! I hail Enslaved, but offcourse onlu if they hail me. They were children, but happly they are men now? (read int. and judge..-ed)

It was once written by Varg Vikernes; "Jul", which is the "heathen" word for "x-mas". A word which was earlier known as a statement for mid-winter's feast. When you wrote this word, surrounded by quotaion-marks, I gues you meant that Jul was the wrong word for that particular time of the year. Could you explain this a bit further, or am I right?
-I meant that Jul is a heathen mid-winter feast, and not a celebration of jesus' birthday as many men and women believe today. Our heathen Jul is the same as the Pagan Yule I think....... Si meg du dette, siden folk mener du er vis og vet mye!!!!
(Det vil jeg da for all del tro...-edit'en igjen..)

Metalion of the ever-mighty Slayer-mag is now handling the distro of Burzum's releases throughout Scandinavia. Does he share your points of view on most things? or do you only have the low-life christians as your common target?
-I think you should ask Metalion the ever weighty (ha,ha) about this yourself. I have no right to say what he is or isn't. My impression is that we are breathren though!! Read the next issue of the mighty Slayer-mag and find out. (box 447, 1701 Sarpsborg) He is new Cymophane, the Burzum-centre of the North. Only orders from Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland accepted...Other can order from Misanthropy Records. (P.O. box 3641, LONDON E 15 3HP, England) (The newest Misanthropy Rec. address is: P.O. Box 9, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5AU, England..-typer). Slayer-mag is world-wide though.

It is for sure, yes, Let us quickly move over to the next questionary then. I suppose you're highly inspired by Bathory concerning composing, Which one of Bathory's albums do you find most powerfull?
-I'm highly inspired by German underground techno. Transcendental monotoneous electronic "music". I'm not inspired highly by Bathory. There are some very few musical links but indeed the link between Burzum and Darkthrone is a vast in comparison, still minor. The best and most powerfull album of Bathory is without doubt "Hammerheart".


Are you deeply inspired by the language in the elder Edda in your poems/lyrics? It even seems you "act" like a "modern skald", as you write your poems under the statement "Vargsmål" (Vargs-tounge in English that is..) as the old skalds wrote their poems/kvad under statements like "Håvamål"....
-With Burzum I try to hide the heathendom as best as possible to make it seem more like a fantasy. Subconciousness read the archaic elements anyway as it's our archetypical moral and ideology-our nature. But in poems and lyrics for "another band" I'm less secretive if not very clear to make it different. Skaldship is an old Norse tradition I won't let die, thus "Vargsmål" instead of the boring "written by Varg" or tha like. Just like Fenriz in Darkthrone is "skald af satans sol", we fight to keep our archaic spirit alive. I am a skald as with Fenriz- and Demonaz of Immortal. Join us Norsemen, cut the modern crap!!!
This goes for a colourfull poetic Norse speech to. Instead of our simplified modern dull Norwegian. Instead of krig (war), we can say ufred, økstid, nevetid, sverdtid, strid, hjaldingevær and many more. That's an interesting word.... From simplisity to complexity, not otherwise unless it's about increasing reasoning to make the complex appear more simple.


"We won't be stopped by ridiculous police propoaganda and a bit of adversity", were the sentence which opened your first infosheet to the media's; Burzum-up from the ashes. Don't you think it's a bit optimistic to state something like this when you probably are aware of the reality you soon will face?
-Prison won't stop Burzum. That's the big point. I can continue my propoaganda anyway, and that's what's important these days of lost pride, to elucidate our archetypical moral for the masses.

Recently, Burzum released the second fulllength album on your very own label; Cymophane Productions. Have the sales turned out even better that expected in the beginning? Why will your next full-lenght be releshed bu U.K.'s Misanthropy Records?
-Voices of Wonder ripped me off for 20.000 NOK, and DPS ripped me of for about 40.000 NOK. Cymophane was me alone. I'm in jail and broke as a church-rat. Misanthropy hav hitherto done a most surprisingly well jop with "Hvis lyset tar oss", and it's a label with brains (unlike most others (ha, ha..), a fine example of German efficiency. "Hvis lyset tar oss", is a split-release with Misanthropy/Cymophane. The latter concentrating on our proud Northern lands (plus Finland and Denmark). Only thousand copies was printed of the 2nd longplay of Burzum. Sold out in a week, but never re-printed by Cymophane. Unfortunately it's bootleged DEAD by many labels, so I'll never know the sales..
The album is offically being re-released by Necropolis in the U.S. on cassette only. Only for the sales in the U.S. though.....

There has indeed been a lot of rumours going around lately about "the count's" earlier actions as well as his future existance. We asked him to lay all the cards on the table and unveil the "mysteriu"...
-I'm accused of a lot, but I guess you wanna know what I'm charged with? (OK, then. Let's be off..-ed) I'm not sure reallyß (What???!?-ed) I know I'm charged with four cases of church-arson and one attempt. The most timous and splendid salughter of the feeble commie-rat. (A.K.A. Euronymous) Some buglaries, some grave-desecrations (Wow!-ed) and theft and storage of 150 kg of dynamite, but I expect some more minor charges too, like possession of illegal arms- (a carabine, a sawed shotgun, some illegal knifes, and if I'm really un-lucky, some other guns too..) - "very-fast-driving", and some other havoc of non-Norse "things".
I will be found not-guilty in the major and some minor charges anyway..... Don't believe in what Police say!!!! It's pure Juden-Propaganda!!!!

Maybe itÝs so, but let's continue anyway.. You have by now (March '94), released two letters/info-sheets to Norwegian papers, music-stores, media's in general and even some bishop's (?) within the Norwegian borders. Have you obtained any reactions towards them so far?? What's peoples view on this in general, and what's your lawyer's thought about it since he's probably the one whom type them out on the type-writer...
-Actually, it's an aly who did the type-writing. Not my lawyer. Anyway; the reaction has been very positive indeed. The message on the one and only Burzum-propaganda sheet has been fairly clear and digestable for our underground-scene, but as with all Burzum, others find it "a bit" to uncongenial as "chistian-values". Yersinia pestis spiritus.. (the spiritual Black death)
My lawyer is a good lawyer, and good lawyers is not supposed to have any meanings concerning their clients. They're supposed to defend without any prejudies. So he say nothing, he's a lawyer.

We were told that a new wave is rising; Cymophane. Did you really wake the people (as you said) with the first wave, and do you now plan to aware them of their weapns against "the church"?
-Ay, indeed. The wave of heathendom awoke the Norwegian people, and it all began with Darkthrone and Satanel back in '90. (Satanel is Immortal/Burzum today) (I wouldn't actually name that on as a wave of heathendom.. More like some kind of an "anarchistic movement"-ed) WE are a blaze in the Northern sky. In January '93, I made a sacrifice and made us clear to all of Norway, and to many beyond...
Modesty is unknown to me, I'm a viking, as boasting and arrogant as my forefathers. Fuck modesty, it's a christian value.. (Who the hell mentioned modesty as all???-ed)
Today we are stronger that ever. Show Odin to the people and Odin will be lit in their hearts. It's inevitable as Odin is an archetype of our german race. That's what I did, and that's why heathendom grow stronger every hour. The gall of christendom has begun, the heathen wave will wrack it's palace and crush the skull of "god"!!! Hei Wotan!

What's 24 h. in the prison-cell like, knowing youÝre soon entering the Norwegian court of law?
-Prison is like a hotel, and knowing I'm soon entering the Norwegian court of law is a scary as dead jew. I can't see why the hell people's so fucking afraid of prison. Fear is a failure when there's NOTHING to fear. I can even fuck my girlfriend weekly in the visiting-room.. (seems evil -ed) Custody is shit, but when you get a sentence everything is fine.
24 h. in the prison-cell is like 24 h. in a room with toilet, cassette and cd-player, dinner, TV, radio, newspapers and whatever else you want, as books, strategy-games, snacks etc. (Ofcourse, on isolation you have very little! That's real shit, but nothing last forever)

Sure it doesn't, but let us try to sort out few rumour settled by the police themselves! It is said that your fingerprints were found on the railing in the stairs which lead down to Euronymous department. What's your comments on these rumours?
-My trial comes up in April. Any responce to the charge will come then.

A short comment that was, but your relatioship towards this Euronymous seemed like it was going down the drain before he died. Is it, as you said, because he ripped you off and that he worked against you and your ideas??
-Euronymous was a hypocrite and he did whatever his parents told him to do.. (The EVIL Mayhem strikes again, Wow!!-ed) I don't like weak people. A 25 year old "man" doing all his parents tell him to do is weak, and I simply told him.

We disclosed his as the joke he was:
An inept feeple ludicrous poser. I disdained him and told him to shut up and stop posing as a "satanic terrorist". He was nothing but a guitarist with a bit foul mouth. He responded by claiming I had gone mad and started work against me. That's the story.

The exposing of the "true" Euronymous should hereby be delivered to all you readers out there. Await the next subject...


If you had the possibility to travel back in time to about mid-'92, would you then have re-considered the burning of Fantoft stave-"church" near Bergen? I mean, these "churches" are a developement from our elder heathen temples, and they are deeply inspired by them.. Since you often mention "art for buildings", is there by any change that yu regret this act??
-If I had done it, I would not regret it at all. The stavechurches were built in an era of change from proud heathendom to ludicrous christendom. By destroying them, we set for a new change. From ludicrous christendom to proud heathendom. ("god"-danmed!! These mentioned temples were build from the very beginning of the 11's and up-wards! So you're going to change the history too, now??-ed) It's symbolic. (I bet..-ed)
Only fools do things they later regret. For by reasoning, one can read the future. Regret manifest lack on reasoning before a thing is done!
And alas, I have never burned a church and I will prove that in court, Still I hail all who do, or did. WITHOUT REGRET!!!

Some say these temples were built by christian people, but I surely don't agree on this in full. Maybe these "Northsmen" were "baptised", but still they had respect enough for their fathers, and their own former believes. to put some details from the Norse mythology in it. What's your view on this?
-No Norseman can be a true christian, we are heathen whether we want it or not-by nature. (instincts I would maintain, and I agree for sure! Applause??-ed) It is within us forever as long as we breed our race.
To built a christian "temple"-or whatever on our heathen soil, is desecration of the land of Odin. Were they "christians" or heathens matters nay. They desecrated our earth with their art, and we shall not tolerate that.

Clear speech from "Varg "behing barrs" as they tent to call it in the low-life lands of the united states.., but the discussion goes on & on & on...... In some of these temples, the christian symbols are situated down by the floor, and the heathen symbols are more or les placed under the celing. Why do you think this is? Could is be that the heathen-symbolism were moved later?
-Probably some un-willing crafters who made fin of christendom by placing the Ases and the Ases symbols above the christian one. The Ases above "god" even in his own temples ay? Ha, ha. I find that reasonable. If forced to build a church, I would do that. Thor's (an "h" in Tor? fy skamme seg.._editoreren) Hammer on the top.

I assume the low-life race wouldn't have allowed that, but it's another story though..


In the end of this interview with Varg, we wanted to check out if this "anti-fun-mafia-shit" still was in charge within his mind and if he had some humour left by asking him what kind of shampoo he uses these days: The answer followed as; "Eh??? Do you actually think I wash myself?? Hah, you disgusting!!!!"
Bingo, that was.. Anyway, heathenism regards goes to Varg for his time and support when answering the questions we asked his...