No introduction is necessary. Fenriz answered

What is as present line-up of DARKTHRONE and the age of your/October '94/?
Zepheryrous-electric guitar, 21. Fenriz-percussion, poetry and bass strings, 23. Nocturno Culto-voice of the Night, 22.

Could you descripe conceptions behing your three last albums "Transilvanian Hunger", "Caravans to Empire Algol" and "Panzerfaust"?
It is satanism. "Caravans to Empire Algol" is not a DARKTHRONE album, it is by NEPTUNE TOWERS, deep space synth atmosphere by Fenriz.

Descripe music from your upcoming albums. When will they be out?
"Panzerfaust" is more in the vein of old CELTIC FROST to make people listen to those old gods. "Panzerfaust" will be out in late '94. The "Goatlord" album/DARKTHRONE's second death metal unreleased album/ will be out soon. DARKTHRONE's "Total Death" will be out in 1995. This album will contain lyrics from 8 different gods from the norwegian Black Metal scene. The music will be rawer/harder/less melodic und uglier than ever.

What persons appear on the covers of your albums?
"A Blaze in the Northern Sky" - Zephyrous
"Under A Funeral Moon" - Nocturno Culto
"Tranislvanian Hunger" - Fenriz
"Panzerfaust" - Nocturno Culto
"Goatlord" - A hanged woman

Can you translate norwegian titles from "Transilvanian Hunger" to english?

What is Darkthrone?
It is the name of the highseathell und coldvoid.

Who is Natassja? Your imagination or a real persons?
Perhaps both. A hymn in many ways.

Do you still deny your demos?
The demos suck.

Who stands behind the number 8.22. What is his name?
No comment. Total Death und coldvoid uber alles!

Lately you have cooperated with Greifi Grishnackh to your last albums. Your opinion on him and his anti-Euronymous propaganda.
He wrote some lyrics for "Transilvanian Hunger", 1 lyric for "Panzerfaust". I still like Euronymous but he ripped me off/1000 USD/. Varg is a great nationalist but her caused too much attention. I support anyone who fights Jesus Christ und Israel, be it Varg or Euronymous or La Vey.

There was to be the "Dawn of the Black Hearts" title written by yourself on MAYHEM's album. It is not...
Euronymous thought the title was "strange". That's the explanation he gave Fenris for not using it. It was a wrong thing to do, when he spesifically asked me to write a lyric for him/MAYHEM.

Do you have any problems with the police? Have you ever been in jail?
We haven't been in jail. No further comment.

There was a strong anti-La Vey prpaganda 2 years ago in Norway. Your opinion on it and the Church of Satan.
The council wasn't to happy with some of the points of views coming from La Vey and his "disciples"/followers. Norwegian Black Metallers are not too concerned with La Vey's views, it's different form of atmosphere and satanism up here.
We don't bother to go against La Vey, who strongly fights jesus anyway.

The present norwegian scene. Your faves...

Once you labelled your music as "Unholy Black Metal". These words are pretty often used and ordinary now. Is it disgust or honour for DARKTHRONE?
The Antichristian hordes are rising...

If you had to write epitaphs on Dead's and Euronymous tombstones...
Gee, it is not for me to think of.

What is the pure Evil?
Satan. Total Death.

Future plans of DARKTHRONE and ISENGARD...
Fight jesus through our art.
With my art I am a fist in the face of god.

Final Words...
Kill all

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