The logo you see on the right is of DIMMU BORGIR, not so young, but pretty unknown norwegians. Till now, as their 7"EP and a fill-length masterpiece "For all Tid" are out now. With Shagrath and Tristan I entered the Black Castle...

-I expect that winter has already covered Norway. Of what kind are your december thoughts?
T- While answering this questions we have reached january. Anyway, my "december thoughts" do not suddenly change as the weather becomes either warmer or colder. They are walking a straight path into purity. They are misanthropic and, unfortuantelly, very sad.

-How much do the offer from autumn miseries and depressions? Which season do you prefer?
T- See quest. number one.
S- I cannot say that I prefer the winter before the prelude to this season. Both are mystic and dark, but I would say that the winter is the mightiest. The summer is too warm, and I am alleric to flowers...

-Time to introduce the Dimmu Borgir...
-DIMMUBORGIR play under the category "black metal", but people would rather call it "dark metal". The project is built upon sorrow and cold - and the dreams and visions of E. Silenoz. The project is still very young, but absolutely improving very fast. Next album will hopefully be more satanic and pure, but it is a very individual line-up we are dealing with here, so it will be one hell of a tough job to without arguing. The members are: E. Silenoz, Shagrath, Tjodalv and me + one session member (synth).

-Any special meanings behind the name, reason for choosing such one?
S- Our mission is the deepest sorrow and total loss of happiness. The music is very important, but in a way it is simply a tool we use to get what we want to. We want to make people understand that it is best to put an end to their misery. We like to think that our music is the one little thing that can push them off the edge.
All we want to recall is the medieval magic and the aggression the Vikings were in possession of. When you ask about the future, we have already predicted the future in one of our new songs. It is called "Det Nye Riket" (The New Kingdom) "A kingdom shall rise from the ashes of burnt homes, where only one master rules. We hill you Satan, god of the strong".

-Your CD "For All Tid" is son to be out on No Colours Rec. Translate titles into english and write about the world your music paints...
T- Some titles are impossible to translate, but I shall give you some "Emperor of the hiden truth", "The New Realm", "The path", and "Chamber of sorrow". Our world is sad and beautiful, it is mighty, hateful and ugly. You may die in the world of DIMMU BORGIR.

-Members of FIMBUL WINTER play in you band. Is D.B. the same band under a different monicker? If not, why did FIMBUL WINTER split up? Sum up that period of your life.
-I, Shagrath, am the only member from FIMBULWINTER, who plays in DIMMU BORGIR. D.B. is not the same band as F.W. The music is totally different. F.W. was more brutal, D.B. is sad, it it made out of the deepest depression anyone can imagine. Fimbul Winter split up, because the members moved to far apart, it was impossible to rehearse.
About my period in FIMBULWINTER, I have no need to share my life with ther people, it is now of your concern.

-Are you involved in any other projects except DIMMU BORGIR?
T- E. Silenoz has got a solo project, Tjodalv plays drums in OLD MAN'S CHILD and I am the second part of KOSMOS RØST.

-Did the inquistion of XV-XVIII century cover Norway? Were witches burnt, sorcererrs tortured and killed?
S- Of course some witches were burned in Norway, too, but probably not as many as in the rest of Europe, and I must remind you that most of these "witches" were old ugly women.
It's really not too much to think about.

-If Norway was a woman, how would she look like?
T- In the summer you can find a lot of mushroom in Norway, and rivers stream from holes in the mountains. Wintertime Norway is cold and rejecting. So, who knows, maybe Norway is a woman??

-Descripe the last dreamvision you had...
T- It was a call for me to melt together with "me" again. We are one torn apart. I am Satan.

-Your plans for the following years to come...
S- It is hard for me to picture the future, because I only take one day at the time. I don't know what we will do, but hopefully we will give out many albums, and be succesful enough to get out message out to as many people as possible. And we will maybe play a lot of gigs together with GORGOROTH, GEHENNA, OLD MAN'S CHILD and DØheimsgard.

-Pure Evil. What is it? How do you imagine it? Does it exist?
T- "Evil" is a word that I find hard to explain, but I'll give it a change. To me Satan is everything opposite to lifem love, good and weak. Satan is the cold and the darkness, and it grows when brigth souls are raped and painted black. Satan is the force christians call "evil". It is Satan, my master, who slayes infants and feeed on their innocentsouls. Satan does exist and Satan own this world. Whe the war is won, there will be no more life... anywhere. The veil of life is filled with black oil.

S- Well, out 7"EP "Inni Evighetens Morke (Into Eternal of Darkness) is now out on Necromantic Callery Prod. Buy or Die!!!
Many thanx for this interview. My hail to all true black souls out there. Keep the black flame alive. Kong vinter has kommet for a fryse kristebmanns blod" Contact:

c/o Stian Thorsesen.
Klosterheimevein 9.
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