Here is one of the most popular bands in the black metal genre currently...and one of the best I might add! Emperor have recently had some problems with members being convicted...T'chort (bass) is serving 6 months for assault and Faust has received 14 years for murder. Hellhammer (ex-Mayhem) has stepped in to replace Faust on excellent choice! Guitarist Samoth and Ishahn (vox) still face trial in the weeks ahead. Their debut album "In the Nightside Eclipse" should be out in the meantime on Candlelight Records of Britain. Also Nocturnal Art productions has released a limited 7" by the band...avaible at the band's address for 8$ world. Well, this is a small one but it still gives a little look into Emperor.....

Hello again, Samoth. How are you this eve?
I'm depressed and truly pissed of and my head is drowning in thoughts.

It is no secret that several members of Emperor are to go to trial in Ferbuary. What has brought this on and is there any remorse?
After Euronymous died, the police seriously started to haunt us and everything collapsed. There is no remorse.

It seems that many individuals in Norway's black metal scene are under investigation for various acts of mayhem. Has this hurt the scene at all? Can you mention any god new groups to look for?
Of course it will hurt the scene since several of us have to serve prison. Look out for bands as In The Woods, Gorgoroth, Mysticum, Gehenna, etc.

Will Emperor continue if its members are convicted?
We will be convicted, that's for sure. But it won't stop us. But it will of course, cause several problems. Emperor is my whole existence.

What is the purpose behind church burning? Do you really believe it will start a dark war?
It causes fear and sorrow and if there were a lot more people into our morbid way of thinking, then we probably could start a dark war as well.

As for death metal, it seems that a lot of black metal bands oppose it, while many of them played it only while ago. What is your opinion of death metal. Didn't you turn down a European tour with Morbid Angel?
I truly like some death metal bands, but they mostly sound the same and the concept of death metal has been infected by humanism and so on. We did turn do the Morbid Angel tour, but it has nothing to do with Morbid Angel, wich is a fucking great band I truly respect. But we hadn't any keyboard player at that time and had also just returned froma small shitty UK tour and we had just recorded the album as well, and we weren't really into supporting Dismember (who was the second band for the tour), so we didn't feel like doing it. Even if we said yes. there wouldn't have been anything since some of us were arrested a short time before the tour was supposed to start.

And on to the new album "In the Nightside Eclipse". What can you tell us of the album? And when?
It includes 8 monumental tracts of a souling black metal art. We still need to do the final mix and then get the artwork finished before releasing it (translation: may-july - ed.).

What can you tell us of the mighty Emperor's lyrics? Are there any particula themes or topics that you maynly stick to? Can you tell us of the lyrics/themes on "In the Nightside Eclipse"?
They descripe our longing for the ancient epochs of time; for something different. Our thoughts and emotions for the dark nature (wich truly ensouls us), for unholy realms beyond, for the forces of the night, in the melancholy and hatred inside us, the supreme powers and they all praise darkness and evil.

I know that all of Emperor is Satanic/occultists. When did you decide that this was your path? Wich rites do you practice/perform?
I have always been into heavy metal and was always seeking and attrected to more extreme sides of it. Personally I practice no rites except from my music, which can be seen as a rite.

It seems black metal is the new trend. Is this true? A lot of bands are playing black metal these days.
It seems so, but there are still lot of dark quality bands, but also far too many brainless bands with no feelings or atmosphere...I don't really care - Emperor belongs to the elite anyway.

How important is corpse paint and the black metal "uniform" to you? (Spikes etc.)
Corpse paint, etc.. is not too important for me anymore, since everybody is using it. We don't want to be just another band I the masses.

Your opinion on the following people:
Aleister Crowley:
Quorthon: Genius
Anton LaVey: Intelligent
Count Grishnack. Doomed
Tom. G. Warrior: Fucked up
Euronymous: Dead

What is your biggest source of inspiration for composing infernal Emperor material?
Thoughts and emotions.

When will the true conquer?
To be honest, I think most of our conquering dreams will remain as dreams, at least on this earth.

What's on yor turntable right now? Best release(s) of '93
The depressing sounds of The Cure's amazing "Pornography" album. Best releases of '93, Burzum "Det som engang var", Emperor "Emperor", Morbid Angel "Covenant", Vangelis "Conquering of Paradise", Inanna "Day ov Torment", and so on.

Last chants...
I burn with hate...burn with me.

Emperor Horde/Nocturnal Art productions
box 53
3812 Akkerhaugen