These questions were anwered by Mikka Luttinen of Impaled Nazarene. The latest news on Impaled Nazarene is that Mikka left the band and now lives in Belgium

What is the current line up and can you give us some advantages and disadvantages of working with sesson members?
The actual line-up is the smae as on the LP but when we tour on December it will be again a diffirent line-up. Since it is impossible to find suitable members we took the advange and abused our friends who could play and a fact is that our stuff ain't hard to learn. If anybody is interested the tour line-up is Holocausto (Beherit) on bass, and Belial drummer Repe on guitar.

Are you satisfied with the CD and 7" you released and don't you think 30 min. is to short for a CD?
Eh, the lenght seems to be problem for everybody. I hate long LPs and if you can't stand it, don't buy it. Sure we could do fucking 8 minute epos shit but it ain't for Impaled Nazarene, short shit is better. Music wise I am satisfied but lay-out is crap, besides printer made world record: 43 misspellings on CD.

What is the menaing of Tol cormpt norz norz norz?
Learn Enochian to fing out

The music of Impaled Nazarene is quite original, who writes it and what are the influences?
Kommi (drums) doess all the music, from the beginning the influences has been Venom but probably it's hard to notice.

Where do your lyrics deal with?
Hate and perversion, personal experience/things we have done- this goes mostly for second LP.

Are you into satanism, do you follow Church of Satan?
This must be cleared out. WE DON'T FOLLOW CHURCH OF SATAN, none of us has ever been member of it nor will be. I go my own way, I need no organisation. Leaders and idols tell me what to do, I stand above, Fuckheads.

Why aren't you taking demo orders from Norway
Rational thinking: Some poor kid might think we are true in Norway, so we help them not to get in contact with us, therefore everybody is satisfied.

Are there any plans to promote the new CD live in Europe?
We do a European mini tour in December with Blasphemy and Rotting Christ, I believe we have nothing special there since you can't bring all the shit on plane over there.

What do you think about the black metal revial?

Black metal doesn't interest me at all, let the Norwegian rule over as they are the best in it.

Are you in contact with any dutch bands?
No I am not, besides I have only couple of pen-palls anymore, the less they are into us the better, I write only with women as then I don't have to hear about new "Killer bands" or other same kind of "scene" shit.

Anybody you want to warn us for (rip off)?
Adipocer is selling our "BOOTLEG" t-shirt for 17 US$, don't order it, besides I heard he has printed out Goat Perversion EP again, don't order it neither, Osmose has now out our offical t-shirt for 16$ or 18$ (abroad), we don't sell them, only Osmose.

Any last words?
Don't write us, thank you.