Swden is not actually filled to the core with bands with their own identity. Maybe we have some original outfits in our neighbour country, but at least 90% of them are crap!! Sometimes you really get the feeling that something IS really happening over there. I got exactly this feeling when I listened to Katatonia's 1st. studio recording, namely "Jhva elohim meth". So now you don't have to wonder why I asked Blackheim some questions.

Somekind of biography?
Me and Lord started the band from the very beginning in 87/88. We made some songs in the vein of Bathory's "Under the sign.." We didn't record anything professional exept just a couple of rehearsals. The the band split up due to several problems concerning the line up. Katatonia fell into a dead zone. In early '91 me and Lord gathered up again and started to create the new sound of Katatonia, so it's not wrong to claim Katatonias birth around '91. We were very keen on keeping the band alive, so we continued as a two piece. In early July '92 we entered the studio Gorysound to record our latest compositions, the "Jhva elohim meth" demo. In early december '92 we recruited a bassist called Israphel and started to compose new songs which ended up on our debut album entiteled "Dance of december souls". The album was once again recorded in Gorysound around early April. It's just about to come out (late June/early January) on No Fashion rec., so everyone: check it out! Currently we're officially still a three piece band, but we're checking up some guitarists right now, hoever nothing is sure yet.

You deal with a pretty different sound compared to most other Stockholm bands. Why do you think these band copy eachother, instead of striving for an own identity?
Well, I think the studio Sunlight is resposible for that. Ofcourse you can get another sound if you really want to, but there exists a typical Sunilght sound and metal bands want it. Also some of the bands aren't out for originality, they just want this trendy, brutal fucking Entombed sound. I can't see no other theories (I think it's wrong to claim Studio Sunlight for this. Claim the stupid bands instead!!!...-ed)

The concept of Katatonia seems to be walking the paths of the deepest sorrow. Is this something that deals with your personal lives, or is it much improvised?
The whole concept around Katatonias existance is based on the elements of sadness. We all contribute with our different tragical aspects of our own experiences. Katatonia is the musical source which we supply with the most dark sorrows ever. Every feeling is often transformed and can often, but not always, be expressed through music. Ofcourse our souls are just as mournful as our concept. If something is improvised it's not negative. Nothing is not improvised just for the sake though.

Euronymous earlier record shop "helvete",recently moced from Oslo and over to Sweden (Eskiltuna). Any cluess about who's running it now?
Yeah, it's the guys Jon of Dissection and Make of The Black.

Would you fight (and die!!) for your country during a bloody and barbaric war?? Have you, or are you about to serve the military system in Sweden?
I would have in the real ancient days. When thunder was worshipped. My national and patriotical views aren't that strong anymore. The military service and system sucks. Where's the swords and armour? (Buried by time and human greed...-ed) See what I mean?! Fuck this disciplin of todays normal minded bureaucrats. The viking lust is gone, and therefor, I'll never do the military crap...

I don't know how it it in Sweden, but here in Norway we get loaded with this christian shit since we are about six years old. Do you really think a six year old kid can decide what path to choose? For as long as you are loaded with holy words nearly every day, you can't really believe in anythin else, or....?
I'm not sure, but I don't think the Swedish children are loaded with christian crap as much as you Norwegians seems to be. What can I say? (Hmmmmm...-ed) It's great advantage for the christian race. They'll get more if they pervert young and innocent souls with their own spirit like that!! (Who said weakness????...-ed) In situations like these there's no need for love, only arctic hate is the cure...

Five bands in Norway/Sweden?
Norway: Emperor, Enslaved, (old) Darkthrone, Burzum and Carpathian Forest. Sweden: Opeth, Dissection, Unanimated, Ancient and of course the mightiest ever, Bathory!

Does Katatonia consider themselves as satanists and blackmetallers?
No! Infact we're never claimed to be satanists. Personally I just can't let anyone stand above me. I suppose we're not blackmetallers either. (Suppose??...-ed) Remember Katatonia is not a blackmetal band. (Ok...-ed) Our lyrics are not satanic and our music have more or less departed from blackmetal. Completely. (First of all, I don't think you can say that B.M. is a music style, and also since you are not satanic or anything I can not really understand the image with corpse paint and the pentagram in your logo.....-ed) The only thing I could consider myself is, a supreme overbeing.

Maybe it's just a rumour.. but I've heard something about the Norwegian "Black metal mafia" have something against you. Anything to add??
What?? Exactly who in this "mafia" have something against us?? I strongly doubt ot, but if this should be true, we're very into war...

In the past months, Norwegian BM have had a huge amount of free promotion in different medias. (They were even piblished in some big Swedish papers + Kerrang and some others!!) Do you think this has contributed to grow the BM-trend even bigger??
Very likely yes!!!

Have you ever been to Norway? (If you have), how's Norway different from Sweden concerning people, landscape and bands?
Unfortunately I haven't so far, but I'll sooner or later. Well, I guess the landscape are more mountain based in your land. I'll find out about the bands/people when I make my visit.

Personally, I value anicent poems in the Nordic mythology very high. Especially all EDDA poems and the King saga's from Snorri S... What's you opinion about this? Don't you think we should take more care of our ancient culture in the future??
The Nordic mythology is our mythology. We should bring back the lust and desires. swear to serve the riddle of steel. We're vikings for fucking sake! We must take revenge on this christian humanity! Almost no one seems to care about our pastorigin anymore. However we're not obliterated from this world yet (Yet??? NEVER!!!!!!-ed) I urge every dark soul of the Scandinavic race to rise and show some immortality, hail! (and kill!!!...-ed)

Any question you'd like to asnwer, but noone ever asked you??
Yes! I didn't hear any voices...Should I have? I didn't hear anythng...I didn't see anyone...I didn't see anyone... Am I blind? I feel love, a great deal of hate... What am I? I can't indentify myself with a superior species... What am I ???????..... You're human....

Well, it depends, but anyway it was great to view KATATONIA and Blackheim in this first issue of "A 1000 Years". May your swords drink the blood of your enemies......

To contact Katatonia, you better use this address:

c/o Nyström
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