In the following lines, you can read about pure feelings. about mournful lives, about people really knowing what they're dealing with and also about a forthcoming death to the weak christian-followers. MONUMENTUM is the "code-word". For sure the Gods of Italy, and also some of the best and purest music avaible. This view was done by an immortal friend friend of mine, Morten, and if you read further on you can study the MONUMENTUM ways... If you dear. Drown in your tears....

First of all Roberto, please give us a few words about your band's history and who's playing at the moment?
"MUSAEUM HERMETICUM", getting a quite goo response in Italy, but a Monomentum is a project born back in 1988. Various people have been involved and the band was split up too for several months (1 year and half...) I creatd it with Duman on bass, Moxx on drums and Mark on vocals (I played guitar and synth.) We recorded in 1989 the demo poor followings in the rest of the world. After the demo was recorded, several negative situations came in the band, carrying us to a more or less definite split-up, I wished to reform the band (or better, to re-start the project) in late 1991, but I'm the only original member. We are actually in three creatures.

I know the mesterpiece "MONOMENTUM/ROTTING CHRIST split 7". Have Monomentum released other demo's, EP's?
I basically avscered this in the previous question, still about the EP, it was just a "HISTORICAL_EXHUMATION", as all the songs are quite old, (the Rotting Christ one too, even if specially recorded). The sound quality is poor to, as the master tape was hanging around the catacombs of my castle for something like 3 years....a real mummy...the only meaning of this record is: The Monomentum coffin has been open again....

I believe you have some connection to OBSCURE PLASME Rec. or..?
Eh, it seems like! No well, it's my label, we only have released six 7" and one live LP (of the best band of the planet...), but we're going to become more serious in 1993. This doesn't mean wimping out, 'coz we'll sign only true DARK_DOOM_BLACK bands, but that we'll try to make things faster and more serious (only LP+CD's and no more 7").

How is the scene in Italy now, talking about Black/Melancholic bands?
We had a quite good dark metal/melancholic wave bands in the years 1985-88. Actually there's only one black metal band, called Mortuary Drape. Iconoclast is maybe the best death metal band, but it we're talking about strictly dark- lack. There are few good death metal bands, but they are looking for american, death metal sounds, which pisses me off. (Me too, it's so fucken boring and standard!!....-ed). You know, people who pass their days hoping that one morning the mail box will enclose a record deal from Earache or Nuclear Blast. Oh, italian little dreamers....

You are going to release your debut album "IN ABSENTIA CHRISTI" on DSP in 1993. How did you actually get that deal?
It's a kind of secret between me and Euronymous, but substantially, I guess that Euronymous liked our music! It's always a strange and courageous choice for DPS, because actually we are nothing in the actual "scene" (if this word has a meaning...), and he could sell lot's more records of a typical swedish death metal band...we praise him.

< such create to person depressive very a be have that seems it me mean I lives. personal your from back reflects something Isa mournful. and extremely is music>
Yes it does. The persons involved in Monumentum both in the past and present are not examples of happiness of living. Mark for example, is one of the most frustrated and depressive person I ever known. Hereally can't find a meaning for an earthly human life. Actually he works in Milano's Central Morgue: He washes and dresses cadavers after car accidents and autopsy. And this increased his completaly cold personality. I think that you must feel this kind of music in your body and brain yet before handling the instruments. It's not music just for perfect musicians and skilled composers: Gloom mood before technique.

MONOMENTUM's lyric seems to be quite mystical. What are they about? Take for instance a song like "NEPHTALI"?
Nephtali is a really particular lyric co-written with a great friend of mine called "Derec from the fog". Monomentum lyrics are based on various subjects, but with a common shade: a deep to the bones-depression of living, and a fereocious anticrhistian devotion. We live maybe in the most fanatic country of europe concerning christian religion. The vatican lays here...This is our damnation, and this is also a big negative influence on our lyrics. We keep also many historical references from past empires and ncient religions.

Let's discuss another subject. Do you think there will be a WORLD WAR 3? If so, wich countries will start it and when do you think it will happen? Would it be a nuclear war with toal extinction of mankind?
There will be many local civil wars I think. Europe is burning: The fall of communistic goverments in U.R.S.S. Albania, Romania, East Germany, Jugoslavia was not the best thing possible at all. First because the life conditions and economic situations for these countries like Germany, France, Sweden and Italy. This will follow into civil wars I think. I am waiting with anxiety the moment when someone will start to shoot in the stretts in Italy as 20 years ago. Concerning your particual question, I don't think there will be whole W.W. 3, not in the next 10 years at least. Countries have too many internal troubles to figtht with others. At least this is the situation in Europe, while in the middle east and Arabian countries eveything is possible, because they are mentally ill (Yes, once and for all - there is no Allah!!!!....-ed) Anyway, it there would be a W.W. 3, I think Germany would start it or Japan. Jananese are psychopaths and meaningless individuals and I really hope that this country will disappear soon in the pacific ocean...

What Norwegian bands have you heard? I know that you have been to Norway, what do you think about this icy country in the high north? (at least we have great beer here, don't you think?)
Let me say one this first: I have the "mania" of Norway since I was 12 years old. It's something that goes over the presence of so godly bands. Norway has always been my favourite country of the world. (I'm flattered...-ed) Many guys are interested now in it, come there insummer. Just because they are fascinated by Norwegian bands. I would come there to live eternally (You're welcome to stay brother...-ed) Then the fact that there are so many great bands just increase my opinion on Norway. To prove this, I tell you that I have been two times in Norway for one month eact and stayed there hanging thru fjords, forests, lakes, small towns without meeting any of my pals of bands I'm in contact with, I stayed there as a normal norwegian, absorbed by your country. Don't take me for a stupid tourist with the camera hanging on the neck as a jepanese. It's different situation. (What about out beer...-ed). Talking of bands, I would say, too many to mention! But Mayhem, Arcturus, Burzum, Malfeitor, Godsend, Belzebub, Darkthrone...this is hell. Helllll inferno. I dislike something as well: Immortal, Red Harvest....Don't hang me for Immortal, but It's my opinion! It's still a little bit mysterious why and how some bands who are now playing black metal, were playing techno-death with rockers influences a couple your ago....

I don't know if you have heard anything about Norse Mythology (Tor &Odin and the other gods Valhalla) since you're from Italy, but I would be glad if you had. (What a stipid sentence!!????)
I heard, but to tell you the truth I still haven't got the chance to study more deeply the argument. There's a friend of mine here wich is total maniac of your mythology so with his help, I will for sure enter the world of Valhalla knowledge in the near future. (Hey, there has to be some vikingbrlood in this gy!!!..-ed).

O.K say hello to people you like/hate or finish this anyway you want!
Ave Agina Taran, Ave Thamuz, Ave Euronymous, Ave Metallion, Count Grishnachk: WHere are you. (In jail!!!..-ed) Ave Morten. To humanity: Live in Absentia Christi. Don't procreate anymore huma reptiles, I dream a slow self-extinction. I cry for the children not for the dead.

C.P. 19
20010 Vanzago (MI)