This is the Mork Gryning interview

They came from nowhere, but suddenly they became big... Yes, itīs the swedes in Mork Gryning i am talking about! Mork Gryning is a band you either hate or love. Their "demo -94" was not so exiting, and because of it i was not so exited when i heard about their album. But then the rumors told me that their album "Tusen ar har gatt" was a masterpiece. Anyway, Mork Gryning made some extreamly bad statements and some embarecing misstakes, and to straighten it out i sent an interview to Jonas Berndt (alias Goth Gorgon). But in some reason Mr Berndt was coward to answer a few of my questions, but he did some own (!) questions which he answered! This is the full interview...

Hello Jonte. Your first CD "Tusen ar har gatt" is released, how is it going and are you satisfied with the result? But, the title does not fit so good on a band who started in 1994, or?
- Our CD has reached the circle we wanted, and we are satisfied. Ofcause the layout fucked up a bit, all text should have been printed in red. I dont know how many times we told them that, humans... But itīs a small thing anyway. Concerning the title i dont understand your question. What does "Tusen ar har gatt" (1000 year has passed /Akh) got to do with your christian 1994?

The texts on the album fits together and continues to a long story. Can you tell us how you got that idea and make a short abstract of the story, for thos who did not read the texts?
- We do the things we are here to do. It was no "idea" it was predested. The album texts is about your worlds destruction and our wictory. Purchase the album for further information.

Concerning the texts again. Why do you mix swedish and english texts? Would it not be better to ues one language?
- Yes, it would, but i did not care when i wrote them. I wrote what i fellt for, in the language i thought was the best. I think you can understand the message without the swedish texts. I dont think we will use as much in the nextcoming album. The ground is now built and now we can let the pest spread along...

You said in Necroloigium #3 that you had an special power and feeling which most of these days Death/Black metal-bands dont have. Explain further.
- We tried to reach a certain fightingspirit and managed pretty good i think, at least in the texts. The next album will be more powerfull, without limits! We tries as good as possible to catch the darkness in the music. We play warmusic with cosmic darkness

Why did you try to keep your real names secret in Mork Gryning? You must understand that you cant do that in souch a long time...
- (no answere)

Whats the sign in background in the back of the booklet?
- Itīs the sign which the army of darkness carry, and carry high on its banner when it/we comes! The dark dawn...

You are the author of the fanzine Dark Dimmention to... But in D.D. #3 you made a terrible misstake; you reviewed your own demo and gave it top score, you interviewed yourself, and you placed your demo as one of the best domos of the year. Now you must give me a damned good explenation to that!!!
- (no answere)

The albumcover looks like an old bible picture or something like that, why is that and why does it says its an photo in the booklet? And what do u think about covers made by Wahlin, Seagrave and Kurtagic?
- Demon lord took the photo tousand years ago... I like covers made by above-mentioned artists, but Mork Gryning demands something extra.

Ok, you walks in to an recordstore to purcase an demo, which one do you purcase?
A) The newest demo.
B) The one with great coverart and a printet casette.
C) The one with most pentagrams.
D) The one recorded at sunlight (=great sound)

- I would purcase a demo with a good groupname, good titles and a good coverart. Not the one recorded at sunlight, everything sounds the same.

A quotation from a swedish fanzine:
"...the next band we will kick from No Fashion is Mork Gryning. They are the ultimate shame of blackmetal. House of Kicks obviously sighned them for an album, but if they gives out an album on No Fashion we will kill them". Who said it and whatīs your comment?

- I heard it was Blackmoon from Dark Funeral who said it and i called him up. He confessed he called us a shame of blackmetal and so on. But he did not confess that he said anything about killing us. This means that he cant stand for his statement, or that the zine spread false messages. If blackmoon never said that he should kill us, itīs damned stupid statement anyway. We call ourselfs blackmetal because of our texsts. Itīs no special line for what is blackmetal and whatīs not. And itīs totally pointless to discuss. No Fashion never were a special blackmetal-label. But it is only human to fear the unknown... Anyway, if itīs anyone else who want us something, contact us before you make your stupid statements. I heard rumors that i should have talked bullshit about Dark Funeral to, but that is not true. (The quotated zine was Anglablod #1 /RED)

What happend to your old bands Mortifier and Exentor (what kind of covers does Exentor play?)? And how is it going for Peters Hypocrite?
- (No answere)

What do you think of the fanzine Close-up? Teh reviews of your demo and album were pretty diffrent; the demo did get muck shit but the album were raised to the sky. Dont you agree that it is kind of strange? And are you still angry on Sorling beacause of the Manowar-thing?
- Well, yuo cant expect a HC-pig to understand Blackmetal. To bad for Close-up that they didnīt understand this urlier and gave Asa Jonsčn the demo review part.

Well, lets go back to your demo... why did you speak with the stockholmsaccent on the intro, it sounds ridicolus! Was it because of that you chosed to change it on the album???
- We did not know it would be that demo who should take us into human faint, we had recorded it befor without releasing it. Thatīs why we dont were to serious, i wrote those "speaches" the night we went into the studio because i thought we should have an intro who ended with "...och när gryningen kom var det forfarande mörkt" (= and when the dawn came it was still dark /Akh) and "...jag är död" (= I am dead /Akh) in the second song. I agree with you when you says it sounds terrible... but itīs the listener who must concentrate, if you are true you can hear the real woice behind the other shit! (Ha Ha! it was the worst away explenation ever /RED)

Talking about your demo... You sold it wery sheap, only 10sek (about $1.5 /Akh), didnīt you lose some money on it? Some bands takes up to 35sek these days. And thatīs not sheap! What do you think?
- I dont know, it was not so expensive to record it. And our goal is to spread our message. 35sek for a demo is alittle to expensive, but it depends on how many tracs it is and how big the studio cost were. It must be up to the consumer how muck he/she wants to spend.

Ha Ha! Now, confess the misspelling on your old logo (the one on the demo)! How can you do a silly thing like that???
- It is no misspelling itīs just some unusual letters. (yepp, itīs fucking unusual to spell "Gryning" (= dawn /Akh) like "Grynig" (= Corny /Akh))

(The old Mork Gryning logo, but where is the last N?)

Can you tell us alittle about the bunker-studio, is it something to use (you wanted to record the album there first)?? By the way, didnīt you get a damned good deal with Unisound?
- Well, i dont know... I think it was good to not record the album in Bunker-studio anyway, but itīs getting better now i heard. The deal with Unisound has something to do with Swanos misstakes with the Dark Funeral recording, and because of that he gave House of Kicks a damned good price. We have to thank Dark Funeral for that! (As most of you already know, Dark Funeral recorded "The Secrets of the Black Arts at Unisound buit the recording sounded like a rehersalrecording in democlass, and because of that it was rerecorded in the Abyss studio /RED)

An retrospect to your texts again, it seams like you hate christians and christianity, or am i wrong? Anyway, i dont think it sounds to good to be a "true" satanist and live on a street called KYRKVÄRDsvägen (CHURCHHOSTstreet /Akh), if you are "true" and all that shouldnt you move away from there as soon as possible???
- Ofcause we hate those scums! But we hate muslims, jews and all those groups as much as the christians. I dont live on this planet, you should know what is out here...

Hello, how are you?
- Dont this kind of questions use to be in the beginning of the interview? (No, not if your name is "Dork Gorgon" and if you are to cowardly to answere all the questions, and writes your own like this one! /RED)

Ok, what to expect from "Dark Dawn" (=Mork Gryning /Akh) in the future? Some live preformance mayby... eh?
- I dont know, our name is Mork Gryning! Ha Ha! We are mobilizing at the moment. We will mayby test some drumers and guitarists to make a livepreformance.

I think that was all... but as a finsh to the interview, can you tell us why you uses the wierd contactadress to Felm/Albyskolan instead of your own adresses? Thanx and bye!
- Itīs sheaper to have a Boxadress, but what diffrence does it make? Tha old adress is no longer in use! Humans can reach us through:

No Fashion / Mork Gryning
Box 2140
103 40 Stockholm

And you other through telepathic contact...

Akhkharus little note...
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! What to say??? Mork Gryning Plays great music, but acts like some 5 year old kids!