Here we have an interview with Morbid of Necromantia, he is also in Rotting Christ and Thou Art Lord, to my opinion Necromantia is one of the most orginal bands of the whole black metal scene, lets see what Morbid has to say...

Are you satisfied with the new demo and why us ut limited to only 500 copies?
Our demo is true orginal dark satanic art its limited because it is basicly a promo for our forthcoming album, just a venomous taste before the lp!.

I read some months ago that Necromantia was planning a fulllength album for mid. 92 why isn't it out yet?
Our LP is already recorded! A hymn to darkness! Dark, epic, evil, weird stuff, there were various offers but none was reliable the future will show.

Can you tell us a bit about Thou Art Lord?
Thou art Lord is fucking brutal black metal! Its a project band I formed with Necromayhem of Rotting Christ. Thou art Lord is an answer to all the current black metal trends!, our 7"EP and demo are out now, I am not sure if we will continue.

Can you give us some info about the new LP?
As I said before the Necromantia LP is ready, its entitled "Crossing the fiery Path" it will be out in LP/CD in september probably on Decapitated rec.

Why is there no guitar player in Necromantia?
We do not have one because we dont want one!! 8-string bass its very satisfying raw, personal sound!
Thats what we like though we have a solo guitarist.

Do you totally agree with the satanic bible?
Not totally but with most of it. Dark book of wisdom.

Please state some of your favorite satanic/occult books except for the satanic bible.
All of La Vey's Books, Runemagic, The Vampire bible, Black book of satan, and Nietches books etc.

What is the message of Necromantia?
The world is ready to explode! The new order soon upon us join us or suffer!, rule or serve, SATANAS WILL REIGN.

What do you think about the black metal revival of today?
Unfortunaly black metal is becoming a trend! Most of the new bands are unoriginal and untrue! I hope that will perish soon but there are also some great bands emerged.

Have you ever played live?
No! We don't like it much.

Dont you see any problem with Necromantia for gigs because of the lack of an guitar player?
It depends on what you play and how.

Do you have a stage show/act?
If we ever do a live show it will definatly be a black mass!

What are your future plans?
To release our unholy LP.

Any last words
Breed hate! Praise the dragon!