The great band Necromantia from Greece is one of the most original and dark bands that today's underground scene has to offer. There is a countless horde of good reasons why we shall have some discussion going on with Morbid (bass & vocals). But first it is important to know some of the band's background.

The time of Procreation was in September 1989, in order to create something totally new. Baron Blood (8 string bass) and Slow Death (various unreal voices)fulifill the line-up with Morbid. Partly their music is occult Black/Death Metal, partly something really undescribable, and the rest is something between those... Also it must be said that they use session members playingthe drums, the guitar, keyboards and other instruments.

And now, finally, we give the words to Morbid by asking how's life today, anything special happened?
Morbid: "I'm just finished exams! You see I study sound engineering! But anything special hasn't happened, no."

Your split-lp with Varathron is now avaible. When and where did you records it, how went the recording session? Are yous satisfied with the result?
Morbid: "We recorded it in '91 at "+1" studio. The sound is cool but we wanted a heavier and messier sound! You see now is great too, but very, very clear! Next time we'll get a brutaler sound! And the label who should release it is Black Power Records."

What do you think about them, and what about Varathron?
Morbid: "Varathron are great friends and band and we really wanted to release something together . Black Power offered a good deal so we accepted."

Please tell us something about each track of yours on the split. Your personal opinionm the lyrics, anything?
Morbid: "Well; Lord of the Abyss is one of our best tracks so far! It's got darkness, power, brutality, mysticism, lunacy! It's a war anthem for the Satanic age! The Feast of Ghouls is from our first tracks! We wrote it back in '89! Old isn't it? (A few years, yes! -ed.) I'm kind of bord with this song but it's cool and fast! Evil Prayer: This new version truly kills! (That's true! -ed.) Absolute sorrow! Sax makes it really godly! Lycanthropia - Transform!!!"


I've been told that you're going to release a full lenght lp with Penguin records. When is it going to be out? Have you recorded it already? Could you give us any track titles? And have there been any other labels interested?
Morbid: "Really I don't know what will happen! The only certain thing is that we will record our new stuff in October, 'cause Baron Blood has to do his military service, fuck! It will be released somewhere in '93! Probably on nynil. I don't know wich label, we got interested from some!"

The last information considering their lp is that they have signed to Swedis record label No Fashion Records and the album Dominion of fire should be released early 1993!
The promo tape you made in 1990 must have got a good response, at least you seem to be quite well known today.. main reaction about your music like? Can you say how much have you spread that promo tape?
Morbid: "Yeahh, people loved our music (even with not a very good sound) and found it realy dark (That's the way it is! -ed.). Thanx for the support guys! We've spreadit more then 5oo copies."

Do you know how many fanzine or record labels?
Morbid: "I don't know 'cause we never sold a copy! It was not for sale, we recorded it for free!"


In this paragraph the main subject is the process of the written songs for Necromantia. So, who writes the music and what kinds of things do you take as an ispiration?
Morbid: "Me and Baron Blood write the music ! We have no particular inspirations, everything we listen to affects our music."

I'm just wondering, is it possible that Mercyful Fate would have a slight influence on you? What d you think of this band in common?
Morbid: "We ove Mercyful Fate so maybe you can find some of them in our songs."

Yes I though so. But how do yu create your songs? Do you omprovise a lot, or do you perhabs plan the whole song first in you brain like Mozart or something? And one thing more: Do you make the music to the lyrics or vice versa?
Morbid: "First we write the lyrics! They are the things the atmosphere of the song is depending on (This is very well though! - ed.) If it's going to be sorrowful or violentor anything it's upon them! Then we write some basic riffs and plan the song in our minds. And then we're looking on details and small but significant parts of it, we improve it and giving its real shape!"

You, Morbid, play in addition to Necromantia also in Mortify, Coven, and Rotting Christ. But Necromantia is still the most important band for you, isn't it? Does this that you play in many bands disturb you in some way?
Morbid: "Necromantia is my main band! It's the band I give in full my heart and sould! It's cool to play in other bands too! I love music in general so I have no problems."

Yet in addition to all this you also write to Blasphemous Mag! What else do you do, or do you have any spare time left from these at all? This leads to the next question: What do you do in your spare time?
Morbid: "Yes I also make Blasphemous mag with sme other guys! My spare time is very limited 'cause I have my college studies also. But in my free time, I mostly read book of different kinds! I love reading! I manage to do it all! The bad thing is that I leep so little time!"

This should be the 13th question in this interview. Does that number have mean anything special to you?
Morbid: "No, I'm not a suprestitious guy! Do you know that in a lot of Satanic covens the main body of the sect is composed of 13 persons? (Yes, and in witchcraft circles, too.!! -ed.) An Blasphemic answer to Nazarene and his 12 students!"

It that the main reason for it? That's something I didn't know. But as the subjects turned to be more close to Satanism, we might talk a bit more about it. True Satanism is actually atheistic philosophy and magic. Do you thing this has anything to do with Black Metal bands whose members bathe in blood, breathe fire, look evil (facepains, leather and nails!)? (I refer to the article "Satanism, Devil Worship and Death Metal" by Mirabilis Adversarius, it's to be found in our issue 2!) Tell us what you thik about this. (I however consider the image of Black Metal bands interesting and great, if they are true, not trendy...)
Morbid: "First of all Black Metal is music and not a social-religious-political movement as Satanism. Music is supposed to create intense feelings and this bloodbath does! It doesn't mean that every Black Metal band is Satanic! The sure thing is that it is anti-christian (at least the true ones). A Satanist is an anti-christian but an antichristian is not necessert a Satanist! If true band feel comfortable with what they 're doing it's O.K. for mer!"

That was a really intelligent answer! And then...what is your opinion on Satanic organizations? Nowadays, as they fight against each other about who's a real Satanist (and some seem to turn more commercial), they do remind me a bit of some Christian sect...
Morbid: "This is straight to the core question! I'm in contacts with a lot of sects and I aways tell them: Your mian philosophy is the same so why are you spliting everytime? I think that the answer here is not commercialism but priesthood and leadership! If you can be a high priest why can't I? I hope you understand what I mean."

Yes, I think I understand. I hope the readers do so, too.


Then we could discuss about your favourite bands. Let's see how is the direction of your musical taste . Please tell your opinion on each bands/musicians I say, okay?
Morbid: "Different question! Cool!"

Okay, here we go! The first one is f course (?) The Beatles.
Morbid: "Shit."
Then a bit more brutal: Beherit...?
Morbid: "Great"
Napalm Death..."
Morbid: "Fuck."
Sigilium S.
Morbid: "I don't know them! Are they good?"
Really good, really original! You should get to hear them! But the next one looks like the True Mayhem...
Morbid: "Great!"
Darkthrone (I mean their new style...)
Morbid: "Eternal Gods!!!"
I must say that they should quit or create their original line-up and style again! Oh, the number eight is Type of Negative.
Morbid: "I don't care."
Skid Row (ha...)
Morbid "Fuck!"
Black Sabbath
Morbid: "Old tracks rules!"
Army of Lovers (haha..)
Morbid: "Nice girls."
By the way, I first thought that ridiculous three-piece had two girls and a gay with a moustache; You should have seen how surprised I was when I found out that another of the "girls" had sidewhiskers! Haha! Hoho! Oh, I must stop laughing and get off the floor, and say the monicker of the next band that is...oh, not a band at all, but Jean Sibilius!
Morbid: "Magnificent!"
Morbid: "Not bad".
Morbid: "Cool"
Morbid: "Not my cup of tea."
Sabbat (UK - R.I.P.)
Morbid: "Old trax rule! Now Skyclad are better!"
Morbid: "Arch-priests of Death Metal!"
Anthrax? (Hahaha!)
Morbid: "Shiiittt!!"
Really? Kiss...
Morbid: "Some old trax are cool!"
Now, it's almost over, the last is Xysma!
Morbid: "Don't like them much!"
Phew, finally we got rid of that, but most of the readers should have noticed that two extremely important bands were left unmentioned... Bathory and Celtic Frost of course! Now about them. I guess we can surely say that Celtic Frost wimped out after Into The Pandemonium lp, but what did you think about the two latest albums of Bathory? They also differ quite radically from the previous albums, but I think less people say that Bathory has wimped out that was said about Celtic frost...Why?
Morbid: "Becuase Bathory never wimped out! Their music is still powerfull, original and dark! The lyrics are in the same vein, they just changed the symbols! Heavy Metal is not a wimp music! Poser metal as Celtic Frost is!"

Well said. Myself I like very much eveything Bathory has done so far...
Now, if the music of Necromantia was a dinner course, what would it be?

Morbid: "Something original, creative, new and dangerous to your system!"

I think is enough for now. But until you return to your coffin, you might add something if you wish to...
Morbid: "Thanx Niko for this interesting interview. All the best for your mag and Thergothon! Evil prevails!"

Thanks to you, you are welcome and...Bang. Now he's gone and we won't see him until the next sunset. But in the meantime, you can write to him at:

c/o Morbid
p.o. Box 79006
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Athens - Greece