The french OSMOSE label is today's most popular and most selling black-minded record company due to great releases eg. IMMORTAL, SAMAEL, MASTER'S HAMMER, ROTTING CHRIST, etc etc. Now as the norwegian DEATHLIKE SILENCE Productions disappeared from the Black/Occult music market, Osmose got a sort of monopol...The chief of this company, namely Herve, made this interview possible, but I must say that it was already made at the end of October, so that it isn't that actual anymore.

How came the idea of starting your label specialized on occult music?
Herve: Eight years ago we had the will to do a company and since two years we realized it. We've just done it to proove that we can do more and more extreme bands.

How did you manage it financially? I think of all the costs (production adverds,...)...
Herve: When Osmose started we had no money, only just enough to do 1000 LPs and 1000 CDs of Samael's "Worship Him" with only a few promotion. Now we manage everything very clear, I suppose.

The most extreme bands in the scene aren't on Osmose, I'm thinking of Mayhem, Burzum, Emperor,...but with Profanatica and Immortal, you've two bands that are extreme in lyrics and pictures (Last EP from Prof.). What do you think of all the insanity and acting of few bands, especially from Norway..? How far can you accept this on your label?
Herve: Do you really think they are extreme??? They use any kind of things just for propaganda! (Well, you must admit that they just pose? -ed.)
I remember when Dead and Euronymous where together it all wasn't the same!! Dead did control everything and finally I totally don't care. It is just boring and I'm tired of hearing or reading something concerning every shit. (Take it easy, I was just asking - ed.) We are able to accept tons of bands if bands don't rip us off. I mean that we totally don't care, but something can't be acceptable at Osmose!

You are the most necessary label nowadays within the scene. Aren't you afraid that the black metal renaissance will be sold out very soon, because there are a lot of people out there making money with every fucking shit that perhaps sales?
Herve: Why are we necessery? It seems that because of getting more popular, kids told shit of our label. We just do what we want to do and give a fuck off to all who try to rip us off. Black Metal extremely seems to enter especially into head with brains. (I don't think so because there are still a lot of "Hail Lucifer" and typical fools out there disdurbing the scene-ed.) I mean you have to be a bit crazy to listen B.M.! And to listen to earlier Death Metal, too. I remember when Venom started, kids who were into them were crazy. I'm one of those who did not end their lifes at that time. Anyway, most of the new bands are crap.

I think you are very responsible for the scene. I believe that it is not so easy for you having no problems with any organizations (police, church,.) Has anything ever happened in that case?
Herve: We are responsible for nothing, just for the kids who want to hear different and more intense bands. In front of organization and police we don't have any problems or just few.

What are you favoured bands of all time?
Herve: Most of my fave bands are worse and false like Bathory, Impaled Nazarene,...You know what I mean? (Actually no -ed.) I hope so, because I believe more in them for they are true, not using any media propagande.

Have you ever thought about Osmose getting a big label as you started the whole thing?
Herve: We aren't a big label. Only three work at Osmose. It's a normal development of our ind and of our releases when we look at us.
A question: Do you believe in what I'm answering here?
Your anwer: - Well, in some thing I don't agree with you that much, but I certainly understand that there are some people out there not willing you to become a bit successful with your work, so I can respect some of your slightly aggressive answers.

Thank for answering this interview that soon. Hope you'll keep on releasing lots of great albums in 1994. -ed.)

Osmose Productions
BP 57.
62990 Beaurainville.