Greetings Naihmass, how is your world?
Hail Niall,my world is fine today thank you for asking.

How is your debut album "Imramma" selling?
"Imramma" is selling quite well indeed, although I couldn't give you an exact figure as we have moved from Cacophanous to Misanthrophy, communications are not quite what thet once were. Hopefully once we have toured and around when something comes out on Misanthrophy we should have sold around 10,000... Time shall tell... Although its slowly but surely getting through to people in the scene that a band from Ireland is not a risk when buying an album, rather than opting out for some standard Norwegian crap with a black and white cover, some clown with spikes and paint and a sigil of Baphomet on the back... people are unearthing the secrets of Primordial, rather than the generic and banal.
I would say we are about 75% happy with the sound, production and all that "Imramma" has some unfulfilled potential that our next CD will surpass with immensity.

Are you happy with the sound, production?
Although it must be said,you are your own biggest critic and your own biggest "fan" in a twisted way,so a lot of the flaws on "Imramma" are ones only we would really notice. The next CD will surpass all.

How is the deal with Cacophanous?
The deal with Cacophanous is non-existant as we have since moved to the mighty Misanthropy Records. Hail the Amazons!

You toured in Ireland and the U.K with Sigh in support after Bal-Sagoth dropped from the bill. What was it like to play with Sigh, a Any other touring plans? Who would be ideal for Primordial to tour with?
Sigh are great people and it was a pleasure to play with them indeed,as for them being a D.S.P band? D.S.P. was just another label, nothing special. Actually we played last every night which was unexpected but fine by me. That tour was a strange experience, not without its rewards mind was an experience to sit back and watch proceedings simply unravel before you...despite having to cope with others incompetencies and inadequacies. We have been offered a tour with In The Woods from Norway so if we are able to partake, that wouldbe an excellent thing...we'll see what happens. I guess any band that we could relate to and get on with would be fine to tour with,the likes of Occult, Rotting Christ, Ved Buens Ende, Emperor, Ancient Rites, Katatonia, Sigh..would be fine i would imagine.

Whats your opinion on the current Irish scene? Any bands, zines youd care to recommend? What do you think of the recent claims in Terrorizer Mag made by Deadlock to be "Irelands number 1 Metal act"?
The current Irish scene in many respects leaves a lot to be desired,however it is definitely improving...the bands are improving not only professionality wise but music wise also, there are actually Irish bands around i would listen to now, as opposed to 2 years ago. At the moment. Thy Sinister Bloom, Morphosis(R.I.P), The Fifth Dominion, Graveyard Dirt, Cruachan and Abaddon Incarnate are all doing something worthwhile, Deprived, Lycanthropy and Through Irelands Eye are all decent zines (don't forget your own zine The Oath, Naihmass), as will Velvet Thorns and Ancient Wisdom will be if/when they come out. As for bands/zines I dislike.... I will not soil the page by mentioning their names. Deadlock are a joke,everyone knows that except them! I think in the next year or two the scene is going to make yet more advances.. Soon the world Shall be singing the praises of Eireann....And why not?

At the moment there is an apparent crossover between Goth and Black metal i.e bands like Katatonia, Cradle of Filth etc. Are you a fan of this crossover? Might we see Primordial taking this direction? Or would you involve yourself in a side project of this sort?
Well i guess this crossover was inevitable, Goth and Black Metal are of essence dealing with much of the same subjects and feelings, just from different angles and perspectives, it was only a matter of time, Black Metal is surely more militant, aggressive, chaotic and Satanistic, while Goth is slightly more self-loathing, effeminate, theatrical and dramatic, there's many ways to skin a cat but both are of essence Dark...many Black Metal zines are running features on the likes of Lacrimosa, Sons of Neverland, The Morendoes, Das Ich, Faith and the Muse, Nosferatu etc.. add to that the darkwave, synth, industrial stuff like Ordo Equilibrio, Mortiis, Archon Satani, Allerseelen, Blood Axis and all that and you've got a general crossover between Black Metal, Goth and Darkwave. Industrial, Synth, trance stuff and its producing some interesting developments...
The scene is progressing or venturing in many different directions, which I think is a good it is leading to some very dark sounds...and I think it will continue and travel further. Of course though there will always be the Dark Thrones, Impaled Nazarenes, Rotting Christs, Immortals of this world and that's fine, but also there is Katatonia, Emperor, Moonspell, Cradle of Filth and the like,with some more of a Goth feeling, thats fine...i just appreciate great music.
As for Primordial, nothing we do is intentional, we just create for our own ends and pleasures, it seems like quite a few "Goth" people appreciate and like our music...well thats fine by me, I know of people who are into Pink Floyd, Fsol (future sound of London?), Radiohead and Tangerine Dream and like Primordial also. Nothing is as it seems anymore? I may do a side project,we shall see........ Remember.. Primordial plays whatever the fuck they want exclusively.

Do you think rapists and child molestors should be used for testing instead of lab animals?
I had never really thought about that to be honest...child molestors and rapists should recieve public castrations or something like that...low-life scum. Although sometimes murder is justified .Animals being tested on is sickening sometimes i think i care for animals more than humans when it comes to blood-letting..

What is your opinion on drug taking? Any room for this habit within Satanism Black Dark Metal Scene?
Personally i don't take any drugs at all, it's just not my thing, I think natural mind altering and expanding drugs have immense Shamanistic and also Satanistic properties, however one must be a master not a slave when using them, for as indeed Mother Nature can open gates inside yourself she can also bring a swift and incisive end to those who dare use them and are slaves.. In my book they deserve it. There is of course a place for this in the Majickal, Occult, Satanistic lifecode, as for the Black/Dark metal scene - I don't know, people do what they want?

What is your opinion on the current White Supremist, Aryan vibe, apparent in a lot of Black Metal These days? Do you think there is room for different races within Black Metal, Satanism etc?
A very topical,current and altogether emotive question, Firstly I must state that PRIMORDIAL has nothing to do with politics whatsoever, and in my opinion also black metal and metal in general shoudn't be mixed with politics, however for the purpose of the interview I shall answer this....but this is purely me speaking.
Firstly there is a lot of confusion and ignorance surrounding this, firstly there is nothing wrong with proclaiming...I am European,white and proud of it, being proud of your roots, your culture and your heritage, in these days of modern political correctness it seems blacks are only allowed to say this...which is inherently wrong, however by saying this it does not make me a white supremacist, sure I am white and I hold a supremacist ethic, but I do not conform to the KKK, nigger hanging stereotype that the media portrays. I am solely proud of my culture, my past and race, it has nothing to do with blacks at all...this must be stressed. It is true I do not believe in interbreeding between races, nor would I like to see Ireland flooded with immigrants, with some applied logic we can see that the examples of what happens is England ...where you can feel the tension in the air ...people keep to their own and cultures sit uneasily in a melting pot of violence, unemploymeny and sub-standard, education. America is the prime example of how not to do anything! But bear in mind that by saying this I have nothing particular against these races, I just feel mistakes have been made and problems occur that from my point of view Ireland can do without...we have too many of our own.
People should see through the haze and mire and realise that it is fine and honourable to be white, European and be proud of your race, culture and bloodlines...and strive to protect it, do not kow-tow to bleeding heart liberalism and stereotypical portrayals. Aryanism has been given a bad name in the 20th century...however it simply means european and white?(& proud?!?), we are all aryans, and it has nothing to do with blacks at all ...compareable to the way Satanism has nothing to do with Xtianity...(it predates it). These polar opposite stereotypes have been set up by misinformed and weak ignorants...see through the haze. Europa erwache, By the sign of the Four winds.....

Thanks for the time...
Niall,'twas a good one. Buy our CD/LP on CACOPHONOUS, shirts are available from me. Watch out for future releases on MISANTHROPY RECORDS, and gigs.

See through the haze and realise the will to power...
"Wherever we ride it's metal we bring...!"

Ego Setanas