It's 9 AM Sunday morning. I'm sitting here, fried out of my mind, with 51% of RAMPAGE, the notorious MC Vic Naughty. Since 1989, Vic has pioneered his own form of metal, drawing influences from the past to create the music of the future. Some say big things are in the works for Rampage. Let's listen . . . --Jason

Jason: I'm wasted. Do you like beer?
VIC NAUGHTY: Yeah, now. When I was poor and starving, I acquired a taste for Old English 800 in the 40, but when I started making real money, I started getting into the good heavy english ales, you know, the stuff you drink with a fork. My personal favorite is Newcastle Brown Ale, the same stuff Venom gets tanked on. People who drink Budweiser, or any other american beer, are stupid.

Rampage is unique in all the world. How did your sound/attitude come about?
Catholic school. My parents put me through eleven years of hell. I skipped one year just to get out that much earlier. I went to school with a bunch of hypocritical rich-kid moronic snobs, and they all liked REM and bullshit like that, so it was great that I like abrasive stuff like VENOM, POSSESSED, and stuff like that. Nobody fucked with me, because one, I was so much smarter than all of them, and two, they thought I worshipped Satan. Idiots. Anyway, when I started playing music, I played metal like that, the uglier the better, just to be loud and pissed off, and to freak out those pantywaists. And all of the internal contradictions of religion got me mad too. I mean, people actually BELIEVE that shit? And we let them drive and vote too?

It's tough, living on the bleeding edge of modern metal. What kind of response have you gotten to Rampage?
Mostly, "Turn that damn shit down!" (laughs) We've always tried to be loud and obnoxious when we play, because to play angry music like this while just sitting there and playing quiet to be considerate of your idiot neighbors is just fucking stupid. But for the music itself, people like it a lot. Everyone who hears it says that they've never heard anything like it and that it's entertaining. Even Jeff Becerra said that it's great, which is high praise.

The Rampage catalog strikes me as rather schitzo, with 'funny' albums and 'serious' albums. With most bands it's an either/or proposition. Are the songs grouped according to 'vibe', or were they written at different times?
Well, I'm schizophrenic, so the catalog fits my personality perfectly! Seriously, though, we've always tried to be funny, because those idiots who think everything has to be serious are stupid. But no, they're not really grouped or organized. One day I'll write something like "Kill Ya Tonite," and the next will be something like "Doom Metal" or "Heaven's Gate." It's all got my stamp on it, my humorous slants on whatever I'm writing, but I don't really consciously set out to write anything specific - I just crank up and the songs come out, or I just come up with the song idea. Looking back on what I've written so far, though, there are some basic categories, and when I record this shit for real I'll put the songs on albums that are sort of coherent. I'll put my bitch-hating songs on one album, my satanic death metal on another, Bellum Infinitum on another, and so on.

To my knowledge, ya'll haven't played much since 1993-'94? Was there some trauma that occured back then? Are there places to play in Georgia?
My band died. You know about the "Gore to your Door" tour, right? Well, I had a band going into it. I had Aldo (Eniwan, drums), X (Re, rhy. Guitar), and Sven (Hemlock, bass), the guys from TGWWBTM. I liked their styles so much I drafted them into Rampage for the tour, but then by the time the tour was over, they were all dead. I don't even know how. Every so often we'd just find a body. I had to put the roadies into the show, but then THEY started dying too, so we trimmed down to just drums and me for the last leg. We barely made it. It's not that bad a loss, in retrospect, because Aldo, Sven, and X all sucked. As for Georgia, it's a shit state for metal. In Atlanta there's like two clubs that'll even allow it, and only one, the better one of course, won't let you in unless you can draw a thousand people AND the managers (who are all stupid druggie anti- metal goths who need to die slowly and painfully) like you. There was this cool place called the Wreck Room that rocked, and there were metal shows every weekend with the cheapest beer in town, but they got bought out before the Olympics and turned into a jock and chick bar with shitty altie bands.

What's up with Paul Bearer? He still kickin' it?
Yeah. He just got hitched, and he moved into a trailer. He's also gone from his previous job to selling tires at Goodyear. If you're ever in Savannah, go to the Oglethorpe Mall Goodyear, drop in, and say hi. He's been working on new things for his kit, practicing the old classics, all that kinda stuff. He's even starting to write some songs, so we'll see how that works out. It's hard to work closely when you live four hours apart, though.

I really want to hear about This End Up! Looks to be a wicked pissa' of an album. It's nearly an evil paradigm shift, a festering sore on the face of the world.
I know. I was inspired one day by the cover of Possessed's "Seven Churches" album, and I just came up with it. See, it's serious satanism, but I'm still throwing in the humor with the cover and the title. People think it undercuts the evil of the album, but I think that's bullshit, and people who say that need to go fuck themselves. It's gonna have all my satanic songs, and I'm writing a few new ones just for this album, like "Satanic Death." I'm also going to dredge up some old classics like "Ticket to Hell." It's gonna be evil as fuck. Hail Satan.

I know you have at least one acknowledged side-project, TGWWBTM. Are there any future plans in that direction that you can disclose?
Yeah, the Guys have reformed!
As you know, I got to be good friends with HIGH-C of GORTICIAN on the tour, and he and I both share a love of rap and the fact that we're white. Since the other Guys Who Wear Black Too Much are dead, I talked to High-C, and he's agreed to hook up and we're the new TGWWBTM. We also got a guy in Cali called DOSER to throw down, so it looks like we're transcontinental. We've all been writing and we're planning on putting out an album called "Strapped to the Nines." It's gonna be heavier than B.I.G. and funkier than a locker room!

Remember when....nevermind.
Yeah, that was... okay.

I've already heard ruminations of a 'Gore to Your Door' '98 mini-reunion tour. Have you heard anything about this?
God, I hope it's not like the last one! That nearly killed me! I'd heard that Bob Arctor got out of jail and was trying to scam his way back into the Gortician camp, but after the way he fucked us over on that tour I'd rather have my dick chopped off with piano wire than go through another tour with that asshole. We may try to set something up directly, but that's just talk for now. I'm trying to get some albums recorded to tour behind!

D'ya ever notice how solos are not employed by many bands any more? Doesn't that suck? When I was a kid, it was all about the guitars, man.
You said it! People today who don't know that there are SIX strings and a whammy bar on a guitar need to have their guitars shoved up their asses. Man, I started playing guitar because I wanted to shred the fuck up on solo after solo. I started Rampage just to write songs to solo over. I wrote "Kill Ya Tonite" specifically to play that solo - I had the solo before the song. Man, lead guitar MAKES the band. I mean, shit, look at Ace Frehley, Randy Rhoads, Larry and Mike from Possessed, the H-Team from EXODUS, even Mantas and Euronymous - those bands rocked because those guys ripped shit up in solos. If you're not gonna wail, what the fuck's the point? Oh well, it doesn't matter - the idiots who say guitar solos are a waste of time are usually people too suck-ass to be able to play solos anyway. Fuck 'em.

And what about Possessed? Aren't they fuckin' awesome? Supressed by Sony? Doesn't it just make you want to kill 169 people in the worst terrorist attack in this country? Do you think Jeff Beccera will ever record again?
Man, Possessed fucking RULES!! They are the heaviest fuckers on the earth, bar NONE. NOBODY, not even Rampage, can touch that "Seven Churches" album for evil and heaviness. Those corporate fat-cat cocksuckers at Sony or Relativity or whoever has the fucking rights need to get their fists out of each others' asses and reissue those albums. Makes me want to kill. And as for Jeff, I don't know. You know I talk to him pretty regularly, and we're pretty good friends. He never gave up on music - he still plays, but just for fun, you know? One time he mentioned getting one of those digital hard- disk 8-track machines to record some stuff, but I think it would be just for fun or whatever - he's definitely not looking for another career in music. But, he does want to jam with me if I ever make it out to San Francisco - if I give him my firstborn child's soul or a ton of cash!

I want the double album on CD. When can I get one?
If you mean the "Satanic Symphonies/Bellum Infinitum" double album, don't hold your breath. You can bootleg it, but Mark (Vignati, president of Unsung Heroes Records) isn't interested in burning that to CD yet. To be honest, I'd rather not yet either. I want to get real full-band recordings, and then release those on CD. It'll take a while, since all the stuff I have now looks to be about four albums' worth of material. The advantage to that is that when one is done, it'll get out, so you'll be able to hear some of your old favorites and some new ones while waiting for the next one. As for the order, most likely the first release will be the EP "Misogyny, thy name is Woman." It's the only one that's already set and all the songs are written for. Besides, I want to release it before the bitches I sing about die.

My mind is completely blank.
That's okay - I'm drunk too.

Am I completely mad to smoke this bowl of roaches?
I normally just squash the fuckers. Whatever floats your boat, man.

You're pretty good at that HTML stuff. Are you planning a career in that direction? I'm tellin' ya, the internet is going to be the next big thing.
Well, I'm just a government number-cruncher flunkie right now, and I totally picked up HTML on the side, learning as I went. I don't know about a career, but I'll always carry an internet presence for all my musical exploits.

What other bands do you like? PANTERA? PRIMUS? I think Larry Lalonde is still cool as fuck.
People don't believe me when I say this, but PANTERRIBLE'S first three albums totally ROCK! "I am the Night" is right up there with something by RATT or DOKKEN. Then they got Phil McCrevice for the Power Metal album, and he ruined it, and then it was all downhill from there. And Primus? They're weird, but I can't believe people actually DIG that shit. It's too bad Larry doesn't bring along the satanic stuff, then Primus might be cool. I like "Tommy the Cat," but I'm not a Primus fan. Other bands I like, letís see - definitely Possessed, Venom, DEATH, MEGADETH, IMMORTAL, MARDUK, MAYHEM, some NWOBHM stuff like ANGEL WITCH, the first two DEF LEPPARD albums. PRIEST, SABBATH and MAIDEN, of course, and for non- metal stuff I really dig THIS LIZZY, UFO, KISS, FOREIGNER. "Hot Blooded" rocks! Some doom too, but not the whiney stuff - I dig CANDLEMASS, TROUBLE, and lately thereís this band from Malta called FORSAKEN that has been dominating my CD player. They rock!

Been writing a lot lately? Riffs? Lyrics?
I've been writing lots of lyrics for the reformed GUYS WHO WEAR BLACK TOO MUCH. I'm also in the middle of creating a 20 minute doom metal epic song about Jack the Ripper, and I've got a few satanic death metal songs going, but they're all still cooking. One day I need to get ripped and just finish the damn things. That's always how it goes - I get an idea, some lyrics, and one or two riffs, they stay like that for months, and then I just say 'dammit, I've got to finish this fucking song' and do it. Usually drunk.

Doesn't it suck, having to do things other than play music and fuck with computers and shit, the occasional freak, partying? How do you go on? Is there some sick satisfaction in outliving your enemies?
Yeah, life sucks. I troll for porn on the net, listen to metal every chance I get, and I play Doom. Man, I love that game. I also look forward to getting all the stuff I work for - the four track, the house, the new car, you know, the good shit. I also watch a lot of trash TV - I really dig All My Children, Melrose Place, anything with hot chicks. Erica Kane rules! And the only good thing about outliving your enemies is being the reason you outlive them. I mean, if you outlive them because they die of cancer or a heart attack, whatís the fucking point? If you outlive them because you put an axe through their skull, though, THATís something to shout about.

So it's like what there? Most people don't understand the south. It's really twisted, ain't it?
People only say that because every degenerate you see on Oprah or Jerry Springer has a hick accent and only about half their teeth. The sicker thing is that itís true - people really do fuck their sisters and shit like that. But whatís worse even than that is the religion thing down here. The community consciousness of the south is in BAD need of an enema - and thatís what Rampage is for. We are the colonic for intellectual impactions.

Pending law suits, paternity actions, jail terms, revolutionary activity?
Nope. I hid the bodies well, and as much as america sucks, Iíd rather stick with the known evil than trade it for the unknown one. Besides, when the evil is stupidity, itís easy for someone like me with a brain to rise above it.

Are you a cat person, or a dog person?
Definitely a cat person. Iíve got two cats. Cats donít need to fetch, roll over, or shake, or beg for the masterís approval to feed their egos like dogs do. Cats donít give a fuck about whatís going on around them unless they want something. Dogs are stupid slobbering sycophantic suck-ups who would be dead without someone feeding them, and they donít even have the brains to not shit and piss on the floor. Cats are clean, smart, and independent - just like me. Besides, LaVey liked cats. Hail Satan.

My final inquisition: If you could be a tree OR a serial killer who kills Barbara Walters, what kind of tree or serial killer would you be?
Trees suck. If I were a serial killer, Iíd be Doctor H. H. Holmes. Everyone thinks Jack the Ripper is like THE killer, but he only got five. Dr. Holmes got over 200, and he did it by poisoning them, gassing them, luring them into his deathtrap of a mansion, all that shit. His only problem was that he was caught and hanged. Oh well, nobodyís perfect. Still, Iíd give Jack his due - he took five whores and made himself a legend nobodyís gonna forget - thatís pretty fucking good.

This is the part where you can say whatever you want! I mean you can really go off here. Absolutely go fucking insane, crazy, buckwild cahouchdoches here. Anything you want to say, really, would be fine. What other websites do you run? Satanist? Golfer?
Rampage rules - buy our shit or die! Hail Satan. Other websites - Iíve just got my site for Rampage, the Official Possessed Home Page, some links, thatís about it for now. Iím going to get a TGWWBTM site up soon. Satanists rule, golfers suck. Hail Satan.