Rotting Christ us maybe the best BLACK-Metal band on Mother Earth. They have released quite a lot of studiomaterial thourgh the years. I guess also the wimpy-kids have realized that there exists a great band with this ultimate blasphemous name in the scene. Most because of their first album-release 1993 y.a.t.b.o.w. called "Thy migthy contract". While waiting for the next great happening from these mew, you can read the epic writings below.

Please start this chaos of examinations in any way you want Jim!!
In the deepest abyss I life, among the freezing forests of Niath under sorrow of moon emerging Jim Mutilator.

Rotting Christ have kept it going for quite a long time now, getting more and more attention from the underground as time have passed. Tell us a bit about the R.C. history past to present!!
Rotting Christ were formed back in 1987. Today's line-up is also the same as then. Mutilator: Bass, Necromayhem: Guitar & vocals, Savron: Drums. Recently Morbid join to piano. So far we're released: 2 studio demo's: "Sathanas te deum" Demo 1-89, "Ades winds" Promo demo 2-92. 2 split 7". Rotting Christ/Sound Pollution (1988), R. Christ/Monumentum (1991) + mini-LP called "Passage to Arcture" (1991). And also, lately out debut-LP for Osmose called "THY MIGHTY CONTRACT" (1993).

Do you have any final goals with you music? Do you want to create the ultimate darkness for example?
Our music come exactly through our souls. That's black as we feel & completely occult and mystic as our life is.

How did Rotting Christ actually get the deal with the french label Osmose Prod. Did you get any other interests from other labels ceoncerning a record deal?
It was Osmose who asked us and we find it good! We've got some more offers, but we prefer Osmose...

I heard you got some kind of a promised deal with DSP. Why dd you actually choose Osmose, and which one of these labels would you prefer to stay on in the future.
We spoke with DSP a very long time ago, but we finally preferred Osmose as DSP will take a long time to put out our LP. (Well I suppose DSP never will be able to put out an album of R.C. Kind of dificult to run a label in hell....-ed)

Did you get great response from the audience concerning your latest demo "Ade's winds"?
Absolutely yes!! We get tons of orders and great words.

In my opinion, all bands are influenced by the music they play on stereo, in one or another way. What kind of bands/music do you listen to in privacy??
I'm listening to everything true Black/Death/Dark/Occult/MYSTIC.

In Norway we have the Norse Mythology, and in Greece you have Greek Mythology. Do you have any myths as they hail from your own country?
I'm totally interested in Greet Mythology, and I've studied a lot about it! I think it's great, and sometimes I find myself influenced by it on my lyrics. Especially in the language.

I understand that you practice a lot of sorcery, Jim.. Please write anything you want about your own world of sorcery..
I study and practice occult in the most nature and right wat! You know wisdom is the meaning (I agree, but only when the wisdom is used for it's right purpose...-ed)

What do you find attractive with deep and dark woods?About nature in Greece. Is it mostly destroyed and tortured or can you still find peace in mind there..?
I totally like when the night fall above the woods listening to the voices of animals and trees as well as the air sing mournfull songs. (This is were I long to be...-ed) Oh, and those eyes follow you. Yes, a lot of the natural enviroment is destroyed here, but still extist a lot of woods and places you can find your mind-peace

How come you play bass in both R.C. and Varathron, Jim?. Do you create music for both these bands, or is your life totally concentrated around the Rotting Christ theme?
It's easy as we don't release so often with VARATHRON!!! Yes, I create music for both bands.

If you had a chance to get one wish come through, no matter how big it was. WHat would it be like?

Regards to Jim Mutilator and R.C. for the short, BUT freewill interview.