Here is an interview with Vorphalack of the Swiss black metal bands Samael.

When did you start with Samael and what was your goal?
We started in April '87, at that time we wanted to play the darkest music ever and we still want that.

How is it to play with your brother in the same band?
Better than anybody can suspect, we're very close to each other and it works pretty well.

How's been the response on your second CD "Blood Ritual" and are you satified?
It could be better, but anyway we're still satified with the final result, don't know how it sells but we got some good reviews for it..

How was the tour with Unleashed and Tiamat, in wich country did you get the best reactions from the audience?
The tour was OK, we received a positive responce in almost every place we played, the best reactions was in ex- East Germany.

Have you written any new songs, what are the titles?
We got two new songs but no titles

Are you into satanism? Do you practise it exactly as it is written in the Satanic Bible or do you mix it with personal influences?
I live in the dark side, and I try to break every bridge with the "so called" normal world, I leave the basic satanic philosophy, I am not of those who follow.

What do you think about the Black metal revival?
I don't feel concerned, as we try to keep the band as far as possible from the upcoming trend.

Wich occult book influenced you most?
"Dogme et ritual de la haute magie" from Levi was the book who had the biggest influence on my way of thinking.

Your Medieval prophecy 7" has now been rereleased on cassette, is it a bootleg or did you give permission for that?
The Medieval prophecy is sold out since three years now. So everything wich is sold now is bootleg.

Do you have any contacts with Alastis, Sadness, Misery?
We all come from the same area.

Do you have a job? What do you do besides Samael?
I am in Jazz school since September.

Future plans?
We just released a picture 7" wich includes a Venom cover and a mix with keyboards of the "After the sepulture" song. We are currently looking to go on tour but nothing is planned at the present time.

Last words
Hail to all those who supported us so far, stay dark, stay evil, never change your way.

If you wish to contact Samael send in IRC and letter to:

P.O. Box 558
Ch - 1951 Sion