SAMAEL was formed by guitarist/ vocalist Vorphalack in 1987. Xytraguptor joined in on drums shortly after the recording of "Into the Infernal Storm of Evil" rehearsal tape. In 1988, they recorded the "Medieval Prophecy" seven inch. In 1990, they recorded the "Worship Him" album that would later be released on Somose Productions; they recruited Masmisein on bass. The band later signed to Centrury Media, and recorded the "blood Ritual" album, in 1992. At this time, they are about to enter the studios again to record ther third album. Questiones are answered by drummer Xytraguptor.

You have yor second album "Blood Ritual" released by Century Media; how about it?
Well, we did "Blood Ritual" in about ten days. We worked with Waldemar Sorychta as a producer. And about the songs, I still like the half of them.

How do you see the evolution of the band since it first started out?
Like almost every band, we have improved with time.

Looking back to it, are you satisfied with the way "Worship Him" came out, and with the promotion you got from Osmose Productions at the time?
"Worship Him" is an old album by now, but it was good at the time, and I guess that Osmose Productions did the best they could.

How long have you been playing your instruments, and how often do you rehearse?
We have all been playing for six or seven years, and we rehearse about two or three times a week.

Who generally comes up the the most ideas when writings songs?
It used to be Vorphalack, but I wrote the songs of the new album.

What inspires you to write your music and your lyrics?
Everything which is drak. You must believe in what youİre doing, you know...

Can you explain what the lyrics of the new album deal with?
Topics are more various now, but the main ones are still occultism and death.

What have you been doing wince you completed the recording of the album, like have you been playing out in Europe?
We did our first European tour last January with TIAMAT, UNLEASHED; we did a few dates in Germany with GOREFEST, and the dates we just did in France. And how about this Centuray Media package, and the dates you were supposed to do with UNHOLY and ACHERON?
We just did the France dates with this Centuray Media package. And about the UNHOLY and ACHERON shows, you know that both bands could not make it, so the whole thing has been cancelled... Well, we actually played two shows in France, but that was it. We could not expect so many people on this tour because we are not ready to play as headliner yet.

Are you satisfied with Century Media?
So far, so good. I still believe that Century Media was the best label for us, and we have got a better promotion.
What are your best memories, and your worst experiences with the band so far?
The best would be a gig we did in Poland, and the worst would be travelling to Moscow to play there, but somewhere the worst became the best.

What do you like to do besides music?
Well, not much, really...

Do you have some favourite books, movies, or artworks?
Yes, the Satanic Bible by Anton La Vey and Dogmes et Rituels de Haute Magie by Eliphas Levi. And I like movies like The Wall, and the Silence of the Lambs. And I like H.R. Giger too.

How about the scene there in Switzerland?
The Swizz scene is quite poor. We have got a few bands, but nothing special.

Some favourite bands?

What does Satanism represent to you?
Satanism represents a way of life and thought. We do not have any special relations with any organization, but we do keep abreast of what they are doing.

What are your upcoming plans from now on?
Enter the studios and record the new stuff.

Are there some ersonal views you would like to share?
Good question, but I do now like to share (Good answer too -ED.)

Anything else to add to conclude...
Thanks for your time. Choose the dark.

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