Coming from the same state as LIVING SACRIFICE, the band SHREDDED CORPSE surprised the hell out of me (and Jason) with their two tracks on the Frozen Dawn III compilation CD that was reviewed last issue. Fusing extreme brutality with a lingering sense of melancholy, this band has created something very unique in death metal. David Sroczynski was kind enough to do an interview with me about all things Shredded. --goden

Eternal Frost: Could you give a short introduction for the band? How long has SHREDDED CORPSE been around? What are the members' names and who plays what?
David: We've been around since 1991, but we didn't do anything good until late 1992 or early 1993. Shredded Corpse is David Sroczynki - drums and Rocky Gray - guitars, vocals, samples and keyboards.

A while ago, Shredded Corpse released a MCD through Wild Rags Records entitled Exhumed and Molested. How did this deal with Wild Rags come about? The aforementioned establishment doesn't have the greatest reputation around the underground.
We sent Wild Rags a demo and Richard was real cool with us and wanted to do a MCD and it was a good deal for us. We knew about the reputation of Wild Rags, but we were treated well and will continue to deal with Wild Rags until Richard doesn't want us.

Two tracks from Shredded Corpse appeared on the Frozen Dawn III compilation CD ("Dismemberment Erodes" and "Ejaculate on the Soul"). The vocals on these two songs are ultra-deep in certain parts. Were any effects used to alter the vocals?
We try not to use any effects on the vocals besides the standard reverbs and delays. Our early stuff used some pitch shifter. Actually both of the songs on that compilation used a pitch shifter when they were on the Death Brings Erection demo. They were redone when we did the Exhumed and Molested MCD, so the comp tracks do not have have a pitch shifter on them.

Is Shredded Corpse going to release any new material this year? A video or CD?
We are working on a full-length CD for Wild Rags that will hopefully be out in the Spring of 1998, called Total Hate Existence. We don't plan on doing a video any time soon.

Are you looking to get the band signed to a bigger label or will you be releasing Shredded Corpse's releases on Frozen Dawn Records?
We will always put Shredded Corpse bonus tracks on Frozen Dawn releases, but Wild Rags is like our main thing. If another label wanted us, it would have to be something really good, cause Richard hooks us up.

Are you familiar with the band LIVING SACRIFICE? The guitar sound and guitar playing on "Dismemberment Erodes" and "Ejaculate on the Soul" (the only two songs I've heard at the time I wrote these questions) is similar to the sound on Living Sacrifice's album Inhabit.
Yes, we know Living Sacrifice and I'm pretty good friends with their drummer Lance Garvin. They're cool guys. As far as our guitar sound, they use Mesa Boogie and we use Crate. I have never noticed a similarity in sound. Actually, I think we got 'em on the crunch.

Speaking of Living Sacrifice, what is the Arkansas metal scene like? I don't know of many bands from that state. Are there any venues where metal bands can play?
The scene sucks! The only thing here is a radio station that lays death metal and everything else underground. Kiffen and I do a show on Wednesday nights from 10:30 p.m. till whenever.

Do you have a favorite Living Sacrifice album? What do you think of their latest release, as they've lost the harsher vocals and most of the death metal sound?
Rocky's favorites are Inhabit and Nonexistent. My favorite is the self-titled album. They've changed all the way around in their sound but I do like the timings and the vocals on the Reborn album. I could do without an acoustic part after every single song, but . . .

How is the fourth Frozen Dawn compilation coming along? Can you share any names of bands making appearances on it?
The bands appearing on the fourth compilation are MORBID ENTREE, BURNING HUMAN, ARCTIC SYMPHONY, WAKE, CORPSICLE, HOLLOW POINT and two songs off the Shredded Corpse 1997 promo tape. This will be my best comp. I have ever put out, I think. These bands are really excellent. I was very lucky to have a chance to work with them. They are all really cool guys. Any other zines or radio stations who want a promo pack (must show proof), just email me and I will send one. I don't know when I will put out comp. five, but, bands, please send those promos for the comp and send a phone number for a quick reply. I need death/grind/black/doom/hardcore bands. No rip-offs, none wanted. You can call for details, too, at 501.224.2945. Leave a message. The address for Shredded Corpse and Frozen Dawn are the same.

The band SEMINAL DEATH had tracks on the third Frozen Dawn compilation. Are you part of that band?
Yes, we are Seminal Death, unfortunately. Rocky begged me not to put those Songs on there. It was fun when we did it back in 1995.

I think Shredded Corpse's music is very well-done, but the titles seem juvenile in comparison. Will the band continue with the gore theme or will the titles and lyrics be changed to fit the music?
I hope the titles kind of give a little picture of the story we're trying to you. The old titles were good for what we were saying in the lyrics, but we have moved [on] in ways, so the titles are different, but still visual as always.

Will you be making a Shredded Corpse or Frozen Dawn Records website in the future?
We would like to have one but our money always goes toward the studio.

With you and Rocky as the only members in the band, how long does it usually take to record a song? Who writes the lyrics?
It really doesn't take long. We play the song with guitar and drums and then I go back and do the guitars (no bass) and vocals. Rocky writes almost all the lyrics, but I give him ideas and sometimes lyrics, such as for the songs "Erase My Existence", "World Holocaust" and "Mind War".

Do you send promo packs to radio stations for airplay?
Yes, I'm always looking for radio stations and 'zines to send things to. People who are interested should get in touch.

That's it. Thanks for taking the time to answer all these questions. If you have anything else to add or say, now's the time.
Thanks, we appreciate everything. Be on the lookout for the new Shredded Corpse, Total Hate Existence in late Spring/early Summer 1998 on Wild Rags Records.
See ya!